2019 Membership Subscription

2019 WTAADDICT Membership Subscription 

Become a wtaaddict subscriber to receive expert betting tips and analysis. In 2019 we will be covering WTA, ATP, ITF and challenger events. 
Subscribers will receive daily betting tips sent via email, tips and extra analysis will also be posted on the site under the betting tips tabs. Subscribers also receive access to all preview and prediction posts. For betting tips we use a standard 1-5 unit system. The only way to make a consistent profit betting on tennis is to follow a strict unit system and focus on finding value. Value is key. We look at every match, every day and send out a high volume of tips on a daily basis, most of which are small stake plays. Become a WTAAddict subscriber and let us help you beat the bookmakers.
We are honest and transparent and always happy to chat about tennis. Use our tips and analysis as a guide or strictly follow or tips and unit system, it's up to you. By becoming a subscriber you will gain knowledge from one of the most knowledgeable and experienced tennis analysts on the web.
2018 ended with a positive yield for WTA and ATP, WTA was +0.91% whilst ATP ended at +7.18%. 2018 was mostly a trial and we expect stronger results in 2019. Below are examples of some successful months in 2018: (for recording purposes 1 unit = $20.00) - for more detailed information on betting history or for more information about what we offer, please email me: contact@wtaaddict.com 
2018 betting tips history: http://www.wtaaddict.com/2018-betting-record/


2019 US OPEN Special - Yearly subscription options - (USD) 🗽🍎

WTA/ATP - $19.99 
* All 2019 subscriptions run until the end of November, at which point all subscriptions are cancelled
If you have an issues of questions about signing up, please contact me: contact@wtaaddict.com