About Us

A service built on passion

WTAAddict was originally founded in 2014 as a personal blog that provided coverage to tournaments held by the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA). Nowadays, WTAAddict is a fully commercialised, ultra-professional sports betting advisory website specialising in women’s tennis. Our team endeavours to provide you with comprehensive analysis and information to help you make the best decision.
At WTAAddict, we believe that results count for everything. We work tirelessly behind the scenes by scrutinising every single WTA match with a microscope. It is our commitment to excellent service and reliability that makes us the trusted partner to thousands of punters around the globe. We take absolute pride in helping our clients maximise their wealth and achieve consistently dependable profits.
On our website, you will find previews for upcoming matches and a database of information that is unparalleled in the tennis industry. And best of all, it’s 100% free to join! If that wasn’t enough for you, our premium members also get access to match predictions, betting advice and the latest promotional offers from selected bookmakers.
Most importantly, we are committed to responsible gambling. Do not chase your losses, know when to stop and stay in control.