Ashleigh Barty vs Aryna Sabalenka, Australian Open R1 Prediction

Australian Open ?? R1 Prediction
(18) ?? Ashleigh Barty vs ?? Aryna Sabalenka

In the first time battle between Barty and Sabalenka, I’d give the edge to Barty. I think Barty is the more tactically astute and more complete player at this stage of their respective careers. Both have big weapons and are capable of playing damaging tennis. Sabalenka has more firepower from the baseline and is the more aggressive of the two. However, Sabalenka is very inconsistent throughout matches and can struggle with shot selection. Barty has a much more consistent serve, in a match that will have few long rallies, this gives Barty a big edge. Barty has more margin to her game and is more mentally stable.

Prediction: Ashleigh Barty to defeat Aryna Sabalenka in 2 sets

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