Carina Witthoeft vs Aleksandra Krunic, Brisbane R1 Prediction

Brisbane International R1
?? Carina Witthoeft vs ?? Aleksandra Krunic

Aleksandra Krunic enters this match a slight favourite but I would have to give a small edge to Witthoeft. Yes, Krunic played well towards the end of 2017 but fresh off a long break, her mentality and form is unknown. Witthoeft is also inconsistent but the German’s mindset is a bit stronger. Witthoeft has more firepower from the baseline and should be able to control enough of the match to get on the front foot. This is highly likely to go to a third set, anyone could win but I’d give the edge to the German.

Prediction: Carina Witthoeft to defeat Aleksandra in 3 sets

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