Elina Svitolina vs Elise Mertens, Australian Open QF Prediction

Australian Open ?? Quarter-Final Prediction
?? (4) Elina Svitolina vs ?? Elise Mertens

This is huge for both Svitolina and Mertens, both are aiming to reach their first Grand Slam semi-final. It is Svitolina who has more experience at this stage of big events, Svitolina has already played in a couple of Grand Slam quarter-finals and has won big titles in her career. Conversely, Mertens is in unprecedented territory having never previously reached the second week of a Grand Slam before this event. Svitolina is a strong favourite heading into this match, can she get the job done?

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I believe Svitolina will be too strong for Mertens. These two have similar games. Both started as primarily defensive players but have both evolved their games dramatically and now step inside the court and attack whenever possible. Both favour their backhand side and have good first serves. The difference is Svitolina is more experience and is tougher mentally. Svitolina is far more consistent and stable throughout matches. Svitolina is also quicker and better defensively. It was been a long couple of weeks for Mertens, I don’t think she has it In her to step up and consistently challenge a fresh and determined Svitolina.

Prediction: Elina Svitolina to defeat Elise Mertens in 2 sets

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