Elise Mertens vs Alize Cornet, Australian Open R3 Prediction

Australian Open ?? R3 Prediction
?? Elise Mertens vs ?? Alize Cornet

This should be an interesting match, the first time Mertens and Cornet have gone head-to-head. I expect a lot of long rallies in this match-up, Mertens and Cornet are both primarily counter-punchers and both move very well around the court. Mertens has more firepower both from the baseline and behind her serve and I think that will give her the edge here. Mertens can match Cornet in defense and consistency but when needed, Mertens is more capable of stepping up and taking control of rallies. Mertens is in great form right now and I think she will be good enough to get past Cornet.

Prediction: Elise Mertens to defeat Alize Cornet in 3 sets

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