Angelique Kerber vs Daria Kasatkina, Indian Wells QF Prediction

BNP Paribas Open, ??? Indian Wells QF Preview
?? (10) Angelique Kerber vs. ?? (20) Daria Kasatkina

I’m going to give the slight edge to Kerber here. There is really little to separate these two as the head-to-head record of 2 wins apiece suggests. Expect many long rallies in this match, a slow surface combined with two of the best movers and defensive players on tour means that this is likely to be a long, close match. I give Kerber the slight edge because she is more experienced in big matches and is mentally tougher in big moments. Kerber has the power to hit through Kasatkina, even on this slow surface a little more than Kasatkina has the ability to hit through Kerber which is another key factor.

Prediction: Angelique Kerber to defeat Daria Kasatkina in 3 sets

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  1. Angelique Kerber was red hot in the match vs Caroline Garcia. If Kerber comes into the Kasatkina match with the same hotness then Kerber can win in 2 sets also but the sets may be closer. Like Kerber ML. Over possible if Kasatkina fights intelligently unlike the stupid Garcia!lol

    Why Kerber wins is because of the difference in her strategy.

    Kasatkina usually wins by running and retrieving as many balls as possible (like an excited puppy wanting to please its master!lol) and hoping that her opponent compete with her movement and make errors in returning. So, Kasatkina has a defensive approach to Tennis winning.

    This NEW RED-HOT Kerber is both defensive and offensive minded!

    Kerber has strong defensive and movement like Kasatkina. Besides that Kerber is also offensive minded. She has more variety of shot making. She is aggressive on her returns with the objective of quickly finishing of a game with a safe and spectacular winner! Kasatkina’s aim is to safely put back the ball besides trying to opening up the court and prolonging the game. This strategy will not work with this NEW Kerber who will convert her defensive position into an offensive one with an aggressive return with power (which Kasatkina lacks by 30 to 40%) to hit through her opponent. This strategy enables Kerber to win every game by 60% or more than Kasatkina. With Osaka (who I expect Kerber to face in the finals), Kerber will have a tough time in getting quick winners as Osaka will counter attack with her own mighty power. If Kerber meets Osaka in the finals per my expectations, we can see beautiful power tennis of attack and counter attack of a high level! If Simona can beat Osaka and come to the finals, Kerber will still win because Kerber is currently playing like a ruthless, efficient German killer Panzer battle tank! Simona will be a slightly stronger and faster version of Kasatkina, that’s all!lol

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