Magdalena Rybarikova vs Kateryna Bondarenko, Australian Open R3 Prediction

Australian Open ?? R3 Prediction
?? (19) Magdalena Rybarikova vs ?? Kateryna Bondarenko

I’m going to give the edge to Rybarikova here. I think Rybarikova has a more reliable and consistent game which should be a big factor in this match given the nerves that both are likely to experience. Rybarikova’s serve is especially more consistent and the Slovakian plays with more margin and versatility from the baseline. Bondarenko will look to dictate and blast her way to victory but I think she will struggle to do that consistently against an in-form Rybarikova. The heat will also be a factor here, I think Rybarikova is the better athlete and will handle the conditions better.

Prediction: Magdalena Rybarikova to defeat Kateryna Bondarenko in 2 sets

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