Elina Svitolina vs. Caroline Garcia, Stuttgart QF Prediction

Porsche Tennis GP, Stuttgart QF Prediction
?? (3) Elina Svitolina vs. ?? (6) Caroline Garcia

I’m going to side with Svitolina here despite Garcia beating Svitolina in their two previous matches. Garcia had to play at her very, very best to sneak past Svitolina in her two wins over the Ukrainian last year. I don’t think Garcia is playing close to that level right now and I doubt that she currently has the consistency in her game to beat a determined Svitolina. This is a big match for Svitolina who has generally been quite solid in 2018, I think her base level is too high for Garcia right now. Svitolina to grind out a win seems likely.

Prediction: Elina Svitolina to defeat Caroline Garcia in 3 sets