Venus Williams vs Carla Suarez Navarro, Indian Wells QF Prediction

BNP Paribas Open, ??? Indian Wells QF Prediction
?? (8) Venus Williams vs. ?? (27) Carla Suarez Navarro

I’m going to give the slight edge to Suarez Navarro here. I think the surface in Indian Wells favours Carla in this match-up. Many players have commented on how slow the courts are this week and have noted that they are very high bouncing and favour those who like to play on clay. Suarez Navarro is will be very tough to get past in these conditions and I’m still not quite convinced by the level Venus is playing at. Whilst Venus has gotten through a few tough matches, she mainly benefited from unforced errors from her opponents and has not been tested in a lengthy match. Suarez Navarro is playing well enough to push this to a third set where she can outlast the American.

Prediction: Carla Suarez Navarro to defeat Venus Williams in 3 sets

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  1. John, i have the same analysis as yours.

    If CSN can place the ball in far corners accurately and out of reach of Venus then CSN can win in 2 sets also.

    Like +1.5 sets CSN. CSN ML and over can also win.

  2. Correction-

    If CSN can place the ball in far corners accurately and out of reach of Venus with her deadly venomous backhand, then CSN can win in 2 sets also…just like Osaka on in 2 sets!

    Venus is another form of Pliskova with big power but she is a slightly better returner. Venus puts a lot of returns into the net or off the court with her excessive power and aggression. She needs to tone it down to reduce the errors.

    • I think venus has the skills to take down Venus. Can she execute? Can’t be certain. Sevastova had the same skills to expose the Venus weaknesses on this surface. Sevastova did not execute.. can Carla? We will see… can’t be certain that she will.

      • John, you make a lot of TYPO mistakes. You need to PROOF READ before posting them. Forgetting to tell you this for a long time.

        You made a funny TYPO above. i quote it below.

        “I think VENUS has the skills to take down VENUS.”

        Yes, i know Venus can take down Carla Suarez Navarro(CSN) if she is not accurate and aggressive like Sevastova. Venus has not only good power like Pliskova she has decent return skills also. Venus is intelligent also besides being mentally strong.

        CSN has play aggressive tennis attacking Venus’s serve for winners. CSN has to open the court fast (with her powerful one handed backhand shots) and make Venus run a lot and tire her out. This strategy is the shortest path to victory which younger opponents use against older opponents. I hope CSN is smart enough to use the above strategy. Better yet can you ask CSN to read our articles on your website?lol

        I am sure CSN saw, observed and noted the mistakes Sevastova made (made too many UE’s and did not make any effort to correct them) and take steps to avoid the same! CSN needs to adopt the strategy Mugurza (Mugs) adopted to defeat Venus at the 2017 Wimbledon Championships. Mug’s strategy was be aggressive , take time away from Venus, and make Venus run a lot. Don’t feed Venus the ball which Venus will gladly sat it like a fly. Venus needs to struggle and expend a lot of energy for every return. I hope CSN’s coach is intelligent enough to study how Mugs and others defeated Venus and adopt similar strategies. I have outlined the same for CSN above!lol

        I am sure CSN is not dumb and stupid like Sevastova and will do the needful to ensure a safe victory for her. this is a winnable match which is on CSN’s racket. Let’s see what she does with this Golden opportunity. Osaka seized her opportunity with both hands and put away the Sr. Giraffe Pliskova. I hope CSN can also put away the olding dinosaur (Venus)!lol

        Like +1.5 sets CSN. CSN ML and over can also win

        What are your bets John, Just saying, Pieman (where are you? Not heard from you for days now!), Caroline, etc.

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