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  1. Wtaaddict,

    I just now saw the betting tips page and saw that you had already answered my questions for the bottom 4 MU questions. They should all be 3-setters as the opponents are closely matched.

    I always do my own research before checking picks of others so as not to be influenced by others picks or logic.

    But your betting tips did not contain logic/analysis for the below 2 MU’s.

    Johanna Larsson defeat Varvara Lepchenko in 3 sets

    Qiang Wang to defeat Lesia Kumkhum in 2 sets

    Eagerly awaiting your reply to my specific questions above.

    • Hi Jaya, yes it is best to go with your own analysis and stick with that before looking at what someone else to say. I agree.

      I have no strong feeling about Lepchenko vs Larsson. Logically, Lepchenko should win, but these tend to be the matches that she can drop, plus I have watched her a few times lately and she is very shaky.

      Wang is more consistent and is in good form, she wins this more often than not, it could go to a third but Wang will win in my opinion.

  2. Thanks for your quick reply wraddict.

    For the Linz Tourney…

    I didn’t see your prediction for the match-

    Viktoriya Tomova vs Viktorija Golubic

    Who do you have?

    I see a 3 setter here. Tomova has the better form here @Linz and will give her the edge. She also a 1 days’s extra rest.

    Golubic is tough and has power. So she can win.

    Experience and power of Golubic or Youth and momentum of Tomova?

    But who will win for sure?

    Taking +1.5 sets Tomova and over.

    Think these bets will win, wtaaddict?

    How many people have become members of your website so far? How many/total you expected? Is “sweet stan” a member yet?

  3. Wtaaddict,
    Do you think Stosur is playing more confidently now after beating Radwanska and enough fire power to beat Wang?

  4. Even though Sabalenka is the better player and a very exciting young prospect., she makes a ton of errors just like Petra Kavitova.

    Before the match we all had picked Kavitova to win right? She was the bookies FAV also. W said that Kavitova had more power and more weapons for the tiny Lin Zhu, right? But didn’t Lin Zhu neutralize all those weapons and win? Can’t Zhu do the same against an inconsistent Sabalenka (whom I like very much esp. her grunts!lol) who makes tons of errors with the help of the complete 100% support of the Chinese crowd? The chinese crowd will pick her up whenever she is down, right?

    Besides, Lin Zhu is big fighter who is the better mover on the court and the better defensive player to frustate sabalenka by putting tons of balls into the court, right?

    I think Lin Zhu has lots if hidden weapons which we are just ignoring. She should be able to steal a set. If Sabalenka played a tight game like Wozniaki with few errors, then we can pick sabalenka outright to win. But she is sometimes “hit or miss” like Ostapenko, right? Besides, Lin ZHU is the more consistent player.

    Sabalenka can and should win because of her greater fire power. But can she use her power with very few errors today unlike Kavitova…who missed a ton of shots against Lin Zhu.

  5. Sabalenkha is playing a great game dominating Lin Zhu with her overwheming power and with fewer errors. So Saba should win in 2 easy sets!

  6. Wtaddict,

    In the Tatjana Maria vs Barbora Strycova match, I think maria can win a set. She is playing extremely well.

    Are we just looking at Strycova’s name and past wins and ignoring maria’s tremendous form here. She is playing with great confidence and as a completely new player. Her serving has become powerful. Her court movement is exceptional. She has become aggressive. Barbora seemed lackluter in her match with fett. Barbora was a big FAV and was supposed to win in 2 sets but struggled to win in 3 sets.

    Maria can upset Barbora also if she continues her devastating form of the last 2 games!

    What do you think Wtaddict?

    • Hi Jaya. Honestly, I haven’t seen much of Maria lately. Strycova is in great form, that i know. I also know that the surface in Linz really suits Strycova.

  7. Wtaddict,

    Stefanie Voegele is playing very well. Can she upset Maria Sharapova? I am liking her chances based on her good form.

    What do you think?

      • Thnx for the quick replies.

        I am just double checking every pick after seeing the spate of upsets of kavitova, venus williams, Upset of Isner by Troicki, upset of Shuai Zhang by Jennifer Brady, upset of Lepchecko by Larsson etc. by the underdogs.

        Wtaddict, do you bet only on the Daily bets that you posted or bet on more/other bets in Tennis?

        What are your bets in ATP today?

  8. Hi Jaya, no worries, happy to clarify!

    I do bet on others bets and with different stakes. ATP, i had Dimitrov over 10.5 games.. that’s it for today

    I may as well add ATP suggestions to the site as well.

  9. Wtaaddict,

    Can you give a couple of strong reasonings why your below picks will win?

    (1) Magdalena Rybarikova to defeat (5) Sorana Cirstea in 3 sets
    Johanna Larsson to defeat Viktorija Golubic-in 3 sets
    (wc) Belinda Bencic to defeat (Q) Mihaela Buzarnescu in 2 sets
    (2) Barbora Strycova to defeat (7) Tatjana Maria in 2 sets

  10. I think my pick of Mihaela Buzarnescu will win in 2 sets instead of

    (wc) Belinda Bencic to defeat (Q) Mihaela Buzarnescu in 2 sets

    I observed that Belinda Bencic is out of shape/very heavy (due to her 4+ months layoff) and her movement is bad which is being correctly exploited by Buzarnescu in many rallies!

    Buzarnescu is also slightly better in shotmaking and finishing off points.

  11. Wtaaddict,
    Do you really think Wang can defeat Pavs ? Though she has played better I think Pavs has more experience which can benefit her at this stage.

    • Brad, I also like Pavs to win here. He not only has experience but power to dominate like Sabalenkha. Wang will definitely fight and make this a 3 setter. Like the over here. Either can win. But giving 51% to Nastia (Anastasia)! I hope she is nasty with her power shots and wins!

      Shuai Peng vs Maria Sharapova looks to be 3-setter. Peng has a heavily taped knee which sharapova will test with her seeply placed power shots and make peng move a lot. I hope peng’s legs holds up! Shara….just reduce your errors and play a clean game, then you can win! Then I will shreik like you do!lol

      Brad,wtaaddict and others here, what are your other bets for today in ATP and WTA?

      Other bettors are saying that Cilic will upset Nadal today. Are you betting on that?

    • I don’t think experience will be a big factor here, Wang has been around long enough and played in enough big matches

  12. Wtaddict & others,

    Why will your below picks win? If you can post the reasonings/logic along with the picks always, I and all here will really appreciate a lot and we can start the discussion early to rat out the winner with 100% confidence!

    (7) Daria Gavrilova to defeat Jennifer Brady in 3 sets
    (1) Magdalena Rybarikova to defeat Viktorija Golubic in 3 sets

    I have Brady and Golubic winning in 3.

    Can you give few lines of reasoning quickly.

    Do any one of the members here follow/bet the doubles matches?

    Who will win in the ATP and Men’s doubles?

    Rojer J./Tecau H. vs Kubot L./Melo M. Who wins? Like Rojer & party to win
    Begu I./Errani S. vs Sabalenka A./Xu Y. Who wins? Like sabalenkha & party to win
    Lu J./Wang Q. vs Adamczak M./Chang K-C. Who wins? Like Lu/wang & party to win
    Bertens K./Larsson J. vs Melichar N./Smith A. Who wins? Like Bertens & party to win
    Dzalamidze N./Knoll X. vs Buzarnescu M./Kalashnikova O. Who wins? Like Dzalamidze & party to win

  13. Wtaddict,

    I am eagerly waiting for for the logic/reasoning for your below picks.

    (7) Daria Gavrilova to defeat Jennifer Brady in 3 sets(didn’tsee your logic and didn’t bet Gavrilova)

    (1) Magdalena Rybarikova to defeat Viktorija Golubic in 3 sets

    Expecting quick reply. match starts in 8 minutes.

  14. Magda has the H2H adv besides her quirky unpredictable game.

    But Golubic has the power to take out any top player.

  15. Sorry for the late reply

    I bet on Nadal as I’m a strong supporter of him. I don’t think Cilic has the game to beat him yet.

    I also went with Gavs beating opponent!! She was in much better form.

    As for Pavs , I bet on her to win, just a gut feeling rather than anything. Hope she does.

  16. Brad, good picks.

    Liked Dasha but was afraid of the better current form (won all her matches in straight sets unlike Dasha who sent the distance in 2 matches) of Brady in HongKong. Brady, should have won if not for her 30 unforced errors compared to 12 for Dasha. Brady was just going for huge winners and missing a lot. Surprised she couldn’t adjust the angle and distance of her shots to make it winners. Because of these errors Brady had only 17 winners compared to 27 for Dasha, which sealed Brady’s fate.

    I hope Nastia smashes dasha tomorrow. Which she will!lol

    How can one predict that after 3 dominating games with few errors, Brady will suddenly come up with such huge number of errors and lose? Was rooting for Brady as an American.

    Brad, you asked me above, “Are you Indian(tamilian)?”

    I am not. I am an American. I just got the name from my adopted parents who speak 10’s of languages! Chapter closed!lol

    Brad, what matches and how much you bet today in ATP and WTA?

  17. Wtaddict, Brad etc.,

    I have the same picks as the 2 recommended in the Betting Tips.

    In Upper Austria Ladies Linz Final Match Prediction,

    Why will?

    (2) Barbora Strycova to defeat (1) Magdalena Rybarikova in 3 sets ?

    Magdalena Rybarikova is ranked nearly the same, having more variety in her shot making and is the bigger, stronger player.

    Then why don’t you think Rybarikova will win today?

    In ATP, you are betting on Nadal or Federer to win today?

    • Hi Jaya. Good to hear you agree with my picks.

      Strycova won in straight sets the last time they played which was just a few weeks ago on a similar surface. I think Strycova is much more consistent and tougher. She has been the better player for a while…

      Nadal should win.

      • wtaaddictcom, I also favor Strycova to win. Just was looking for some strong confirmation.

        I am also aware of the last straight set win. But that is deceptive as the score line was 7-6,7-6. So anybody could have won that match in a tiebreaker. It was the narrowest margin of victory.

        Can we expect the same today?

        We need to note that Rybarikova has been improving everyday with every match and is the top seed here.

        With the above in mind can we expect the over to hit easily again, today?

        In the only H2H played Gavrilova beat Nastia in 3 sets, 7-5, 4-6, 6-3 on 20.10.16 on IHard.

        Are you expecting a close match(3 setter) like that today also? or Nasta to beat Gavri in 2?

        I know Nastia will win but just want some deep analysis confirming the same!

  18. How confident are you of the McHale match? Though McHale is in better form, Tsurenko has more experience playing in Indoor courts than McHale who hardly plays indoors.

  19. Vandeweghe can upset Tsurenko. She is fresh and full of energy now!

    Luxembourg: 4.5 units
    (wc) Andrea Petkovic to defeat (2) Kiki Bertens

    Petkovic may be tired from yesterday’s 3-setter. She should have won in 2 sets but struggled to win in 3 making so many mental mistakes and simple shots also.

    Petkovic is unreliable. But she is a fighter though.

    Bertens I won in 2 sets and should be fresher than Petko. Berts can upset Petko, I think. Berts to win in 3.

    Keeping of Maldenovic until I see 2 consecutive wins from her. Glad to fade Mlad!lol Plan to go small with Sauce!lol

    What do you think wtaaddict, Uriber, JustSayin, etc.

  20. Does anyone think that Natalia Vikhlyantseva can upset Elena Vesnina besides me? Natalia seems to have the better form on IH.

      • Nope! Nat’s win over Vesnina was a one time deal. Cornet is the better player. She will outsmart Nat in the 100’s of rallies and win. Cornet in 3 (or even 2) possible.

  21. @wtaaddict. Also shocked to see high odds on Mertens vs Watson. But what was with giving away that bagel in the 2nd set from Mertens.

    • I think she just lost her concentration, but the good thing was she was able to come back and win the match, which is not easy to do.

    • Mertens may be a bit tired playing too much tennis. She is also playing doubles which keeps taking its tole and depleting your energy and concentration levels with every doubles & singles match.

      So, this might be a 3-setter with Watson who is playing well(so just give her a set!?). Hope Mertens doesn’t eat another Bagel today!

  22. Why will (Q) Vera Lapko defeat Irina-Camelia Begu in 3 sets

    Begu with her vast experience & confidence can win in 3.
    Wtaaddict, can you give a short analysis for each MU just like you did yesterday? That was very helpful!

  23. Hey there wtaAddict,
    I was just wondering why you are giving Thiem the edge in this latest match. As I have seen, Gasquet have been getting back into decent form again and is leading the h2h in the match up.

    Is this due to having defeated Rublev and playing at home?

    Looking forward to your insight,


    • I simply think Thiem is the far better player, as the rankings suggest. Yes, it is a hard court and Thiem has struggled on hard courts but the courts in Vienna seem very slow which the why I think Thiem has the clear edge.. Thiem is better than Gasquet in every way IMO and is desperate to perform at home

  24. Wtaaddict, why will-

    (4) Pablo Carreno Busta defeat Diego Schwartzman?

    Is it because the courts in Vienna are slow and might suit PCB? Schwartzman is also a good clay courter and will suit him too!

    Shouldn’t Schwartzman, the player who is hot and in form win?

  25. Guys how did your bets go today?

    Over 21 on the Mugs match won. Won +3 venus also.

    Ultimately my 1st analysis yelled out by my heart giving Venus the win, won! I think I should listen to my heart more!lol @nd analysis( given by brain fart!lol) of Mugs win lost. Didn’t bet on Mugs as heart’s pick(Venus) was pulling me stronger!

    06:30 AM [ # 338938687 ] STRAIGHT BET ( Risking: 450.00 – To Win: 225.00 ) WIN
    10/26/2017 @ 06:35 AM MU vrs Total and Spreads (Games)[268819] TOTAL o21-120 (G Muguruza vrs V Williams) Score: G Muguruza(9) – V Williams(13) WIN

    06:30 AM [ # 338827688 ] STRAIGHT BET ( Risking: 600.00 – To Win: 550.00 ) WIN
    10/26/2017 @ 06:35 AM MU vrs Total and Spreads (Games)[268820] V Williams +3-109 (G Muguruza vrs V Williams) Score: G Muguruza(9) – V Williams(13) WIN

    Also, the bet on Diego Schwartzman (the player with better form) and over 22.5 won.

    If the over on Gasquet vs Thiem hits, it will be a great day for me.

    Tomorrow, strongly feel Woz will beat Garcia. Just hope Woz doesn’t take Garcia lightly. Garcia will be determined to get a win like Ostapenko.

    Halep and Svitolina match should go over and into the 3rd set probably. More research is needed.

  26. Wtaaddict,

    Your WTA picks for tomorrow (Wozniacki & Halep) looks good for now. Doing more research before I finalize my bets.

    You should be getting back on your winning ways tomorrow. I am praying hard for you and all of us.

    My day finally ended fantastically with the Gasquet win! Thank God.

    My bet on the over 23 games won.

    I also bet a little on a Gasquet win as my research showed that Gasquet is the far superior player compared to Thiem currently on this surface (short summary of my lengthy analysis).

    01:42 PM [ # 339172970 ] STRAIGHT BET ( Risking: 250.00 – To Win: 217.40 ) WIN
    10/26/2017 @ 02:20 PM MU vrs Total and Spreads (Games)[258147] TOTAL o23-115 (R Gasquet vrs D Thiem) Score: R Gasquet(17) – D Thiem(12) WIN

    02:13 PM [ # 339277331 ] STRAIGHT BET ( Risking: 250.00 – To Win: 119.60 ) WIN
    10/26/2017 @ 02:20 PM MU vrs : Set Handicap[957411] R Gasquet +1.5 -209 (R Gasquet vrs D Thiem) Score: R Gasquet(2) – D Thiem(1) WIN

    BOL to all of you guys for tomorrow!

  27. Wow! can’t believe myself! Both my today morning’s picks (after a very, very strong coffee & prayer to god!) Garcia and Svitolina won! Great start to a wonderful day! I know all days will not be like this. I have days of all loses also! Keeping humble and crediting god for the wins in the last few days. God is the real winner, not me!

    • Attila,

      My ATP picks are same as yours. Add Pouille to it.
      In WTA, why you are going with Pliskova. Wasn’t she smashed 6-3,6-1 by Ostapenko just a couple of days ago? I know she might have throw that match to conserve energy (some don’t believe that theory) but still, that doesn’t give Pliskova any match practice and just breeds doubts in her mind about her ability to perform(win consistently on this slow to medium unique Indoor hard court) even if Pliskova played possum in that match with ostapenko!

      Attila, can you give your detailed reasoning explaining Pliskova’s advantages that will seal her a win today?

      I know that Pliskova has power serves. She showed good returning skills in her 1st two matches. But can she bring that form(of 1st two matches) against a tricky opponent like Woz who is a master in returning especially redirecting the pace of her opponents shots for winners!

  28. Wtaaddict, my researched picks of Woz and Venus which coincided with yours won!

    Now you are back on the winning horse again! Congrats Wtaaddict!

    My bets on Tsonga, Federer (-4.5), Pouille and Delpo also won! Great day again!

    Tomorrow, my initial research shows that Woz will beat venus. venus after a hard 3-setter today and after playing 4 matches in 4 days will not have enough in her gas tank to beat a killler minded Woz in the finals tomorrow!

    I am leaning on Woz to win inspite of Venus’s 8 H2H wins so far. But all those 8 wins are of no use as they were achieved before April,2015 and all were on hard. Luckily (for Woz) they are playing on a slow surface (close to clay) which should favour Woz more. Woz with her superb court movement will make Venus run a lot by shooting deep returns, tire her out and win.

    However as Venus has picked up some form on this slow surface will not go down easy. She will fight hard with all her experience and still manage to lose in 2 or 3 tight sets, pushing the over like she did today vs Garcia (which was one of my biggest bets, besides Venus +1.5 sets & games)!

    I will finalize my bets tomorrow after more research and after waking up to 3 or 4 super strong cups of Colombian Coffee!lol

    Congrats Wtaaddict, you are winning again!

  29. Wtaaddict, congrats to both of us on our correct picks of Wozniacki in the WTA Singapore Finals!

    You are back on the winning horse. Don’t get off it!lol

    Any predictions for ATP Paris matches for tomorrow?

  30. Wtaaddict,
    Any reason on the Sugita pick? Krajinovic has won more indoor matches this year. He recently beat Rublev, who is ranked higher than Sugita and he has also come through qualifiers. He would have a better understanding of the court conditions.

    • I personally think Sugita is an underrated player. The conditions in Paris are slow, good movers often do well. Sugita plays well indoors and on this surface I think he can do well..

  31. Any thoughts on the Gasquet vs Paire match?
    I think Gasquet will win in 2 sets.
    He reached the QF in Vienna and has been looking good off late getting wins against Thiem, Chung, Querrey etc. Paire did have a good September but since then has not had two consecutive victories.

  32. 30/10/17 Plays:

    Harrison ML
    Johnson ML
    Paire +4 games
    Sugita ML
    F Lopez / M Lopez + Qureshi/Zverev Parlay

    Good luck with your bets people!

  33. What do you think about my combo with high stake or better the +1,5 sett handicap to the two WTA matches ?!

    – Shuai Peng Shuai Peng +5.5 game.
    – Pavlyuchenkova, Anastasia +4.5 game.
    – Kyle Edmung to win.

    Odds: 2.28

    • Power Fanatics,

      Which bookie offers the below odds to you?

      – Shuai Peng Shuai Peng +5.5 game.
      – Pavlyuchenkova, Anastasia +4.5 game odds.

      I see none of the bookies offering those odds. Max offered for Peng is +2.5 and Nastia NO + odds as she is the FAV. We get only -1.5 on Nastia.

      Let me know the bookie name so that we can grab the above odds(+5.5 and +4.5) with both our hands and legs!

    • I think she is overrated, yes. That’s just my personal opinion. I will stick with it, but you can have your own view

  34. Sorry John,

    Will have to back our fellow Aussie here today. Oi Oi Oi!

    Agree with the Dimitrov pick though.

    Good luck!

  35. Hey bud,

    Can we get an update on your record? I’m assuming you post it quite often since you’re selling picks. Let me know!


    • Hi Tim, I am not recording the last few weeks (probably best), It has not a formal thing for me, I am forcing plays because of the minimal tournaments. Starting next year things would be very different. I do have record for other periods during the year, which were much betting. I can email them to you if you like

  36. 5 units, ATP Paris Masters
    (6) Grigor Dimitrov to defeat (9) John Isner

    Wow! Dimi lost.

    Luckily I went with the over as over hit the last time and Isner is playing very well in this tournament.

    Who wins the below matches guys?

    Sloane Stephens vs Barbora Strycova – > Like Barbora to win. Barbs could not figure out the new powerful Sevastova playing with a different power style. Not finalized yet. Researching on…Checking some tapes.

    Vesnina vs Peng – Like Peng 2 win (will not lose 2 matches in a row especially against an erratic Vesnina who is kinda injured.=Back issues). But Peng has with her whole body. has tape all over her body!lol Still Peng should win with full support from her home fans.

    • Hi Jaya, yepp that was a harsh loss as Dimitrov served for the match.. he would close it out 95% of the time against Isner. Brutal.

      I agree, Strycova and Peng to win, but would be slightly more confident with Strycova.

  37. i think Peng, Julia in straights. Don’t know why anyone thinks mlad is worth a ****. She’s in the worst form you could ever ask for. Can’t believe you guys are even backing a spread on her.

      • I did stry 1set. Won. Sorry left the website when I saw the author was so off. Jack barely won. And Isner lost, I think maybe a few of her bets have been lucky. I’ve yet to get a cohesive response to why such poor value picks.

        • This last month was not the system that will be used going forward.. it was trial for the website and I acknowledge that the last few weeks did not go well. But it’s just 2 weeks.. it’s nothing.

      • You picked everything wrong. Only thing you got right was a few of those.

        Not only was your spread wrong, you tried to go against the most in form player against the worst form player, Julia even admitted giving a set to recover stamina which (80% of first set winners who are close do so they can tire their opponents out, as they’ve already usually seen the end game. No offense but it you haven’t provided any detailed analysis that would show me your a vetted bettor. Especially with that horrible kiki pick. Woah

        • What horrible Kiki pick..? The handicap? She to a fucking tiebreak… it was close.

          I can provide whatever you need.. if you don’t want to continue here, I don’t mind at all. Your loss.

          • that was pure luck it went to a tie break, it could have easily gone into the under, and numbers show it should have. You’re taking perpsnal but you had three weeks of poor picks.

            I’ve been watching the sport as a coach and player and bettor for a while now, so take it with a grain of salt

          • Okay, do what you like.

            A new exciting version of the site is launching in 2018, whatever happened in the past is irrelevant.

    • “T” why do you think Sevastova will beat Georges?

      Do you have any reasons other than that of Wtaaddict?

      Who has the better forehand and who the backhand with more winners with that? (Answer=Georges)

      Who has been more consistent recently? (Answer=Georges)

      Who has the more weapons and power to win? (Answer=Georges)

      You compared all these factors?

      Goerges is the far better player on both hard and I. hard surface and should win barring some sickness or injury or tiredness to Goerges.

      The IH W/L record for Goerges is a 9/2 vs 3/2 for Sevastova.

      Goerges has far more wins and matches under her belt on IH than Sevastova.

      Georges has a 3-1 H2H win record over Sevastova. This shows her complete dominance over Sevastova.

      As if the above advantages are not enough, Georges has won both the IH H2H matches. OK Sevastova retired in one IH match but she was getting smashed 5-2 in the 1st set and Sevastova saw that Georges was on fire that day and quietly retired.

      The power serves and the varied powerful shot making of Georges will be too much for the weaker and defensive minded Sevastova. “Power with superior skills, kills and thrills (in any sport)”!lol

      Sevastova has beaten a1000% out-of-form Slaone Stephens and a Barbora Strycova playing off color and stricken with some unknown disease(tiredness)!lol

      While Georges has beaten 2 players in Rybarikova and Mladenovic (who has madly improved her skills in the last 2 matches) both of whom were in good shape and were going for the kill (upset win). But Georges being more skilled and experienced snuffed out their desire to win. She will do the same to Sevastova, I think.

      My friends (local bettors) are also on Georges and they cannot be wrong as they have been on a winning streak for some time. It might be a close match but Georges should win and the bookies have rightly made Georges the FAV. In buying & selling commodities there is value. But in betting there is no value. 50 or 75% value in tennis will not work. A Tennis player either wins (has 100% value) or loses based on various skill & style match up advantages.

    • Just Sayin, are you just hoping for a Barty smashing win or you think she will win smashingly?

      And are you betting on Barty? Can i ask how much?

      • Either or. I think Barry will win, because Coco tends to fade in semi final matches. Not betting on the Tennis today – cleaned up well in the NBA with the cavs and Celtics winning so quitting while I’m ahead for today. ?

        • Very correctly said Just Sayin.

          It is actually partially correct as CoCo quits in SF’s(USO) or Finals(Stanford) whenever she meets strong players who can match her power and are better in the return game(Like keys). Barty is a far better returner than keys, so CoCo has no chance of winning. If CoCo loses in 2 sets also, won’t be surprised.

          Also, CoCo is satisfied with her last win. She knows she cannot go any further. CoCo’s was talking and focusing on the Fed Cup, where she wants to do well (and not here) and not talking about winning here!

          Congrats on your big NBA exploits(how big?). So, you are taking a mini vacation now?

    • Power Fanatics, I picked Julia Georges(to win in 2 sets) and won biiiiiiig!

      Now waiting for barty to bring home the win.

      Whom did you bet Power Fanatics in the 2 WTA matches for today?

    • Hi Brad,

      I think Goerges is on fire, if she continues she will win.. otherwise a small dip and Vandeweghe cleans up

      Sock should win.. probably in 2

  38. Wtaaddict, congrats on the correct CoCo pick!

    Are you posting the Review for the WTA elite Trophy Finals match between Coco Vandeweghe vs Julia Goerges?

    • Hi Jaya. No I will not be

      I think Goerges is on fire, if she continues she will win.. otherwise a small dip and Vandeweghe cleans up

  39. Wtaaddict, congrats on the correct CoCo pick!

    Are you posting the Review for the WTA elite Trophy Finals match between Coco Vandeweghe vs Julia Goerges?

  40. Wtaaddict, can you pick ONLY one winner in the below match-

    Coco Vandeweghe vs Julia Goerges? And why?

    Will the winner win in 2 or 3 sets?

    I am leaning towards a CoCo win as I see that the current CoCo is not the weak minded CoCo of the 2017 USO.

    CoCo is not only serving and volleying powerfully, she is also attacking the serves & returns of opponents powerfully for winners and demoralizing them as they become helpless.

    Your detailed anlysis will be deeply appreciated.

    • Hi Jaya. My pick is Goerges.

      There is no detailed analysis. She is simply playing great tennis.. but it’s far from certain.

      • wtaaddictcom,

        Thnx for your pick. You are an expert.

        From which year have you been predicting Tennis matches?

        Do you bet on your picks big?

        You seem to have lots of experience.

        I started just this year. A novice compared to your __?___ years of experience !

        • Hi Jaya.. been writing for almost 5 years.. following and analyzing tennis for a bit longer than that.. I occasionally bet big.

  41. I agree with you Goerges pick. The current Julia is too much in form. The only thing stopping her is fatigue as she won her previous tournament also and is playing back to back, Else a fully fit Julia should defeat CoCo pretty easily.

  42. Wtaaddict and other addicted (to Tennis)guys!lol,

    Who are you betting on to win the Fedcup and in QF’s of –




    I think USA are the FAV’s. But can Belarus pull off an upset with the help of their powerful Aryna Sabalenkha and 100% Home crowd support?

    Whom are you betting guys in the above matchup’s?

    Wtaaddict, can you post a nice write up (you are an expert in this area) for the FedCup? I am not familiar with this tournament, rules etc. I think most of your members also do not have much info.

    • Hi Jaya, I am not following the 125K tournaments from a betting perspective..

      I am excited for the upcoming Fed Cup Final.. I agree that Belarus are a chance if Sabalenka can fire. Stephens is vulnerable right now and I think Sabalenka is capable of matching Vandeweghe. Sasnovich is also no pushover.. I think I will be writing about the Fed Cup here

  43. My research is pointing that Sabine Lisicki can be upset by Conny Perrin today @Limoges, France. Do you feel the same?

    I want to double check before I think of betting on Perrin.

    • After further research I went with the over as I saw that Perrin is strong enough to win 1 set but not win the match.

  44. Wtaaddict and other guys, who do you think wins the fed cup?

    I think Belarus wins it.

    I think Belarus will win 3 singles(2 by Sabalenka & 1 by Sasnovich).

    USA will win the doubles. So Belarus wins 3-2 I think.

    Sloane is the weak link in the USA team. She is not in form.

    Kathy must have put Shelby Rogers in BOTH the singles.

    Wtaaddict and other guys, who do you think wins the fed cup?

  45. Hi Jaya,

    Sorry I didn’t reply to you from 04 Nov but I thought this thread was closed for 2017 – looks like it’s still alive.


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