Garbine Muguruza vs Elina Svitolina, Rome SF Preview

Internationali BNL d’Italia, Rome SF Preview
SF #2: (3) ?? Garbine Muguruza vs (8) ?? Elina Svitolina

Familiar foes, Garbine Muguruza and Elina Svitolina will renew hostilities on Saturday when they meet in the second semi-final of the day at the Internazionali BNL d’Italia in Rome. Muguruza and Svitolina both claimed impressive quarter-final victories to move to the final four, Muguruza came past Venus Williams in three sets whilst Svitolina upset the second seeded Karolina Pliskova in straight sets to set up an intriguing semi-final showdown.

Garbine Muguruza arrived in Rome in poor form having lost three matches in a row, including two first round exits on clay (in Stuttgart and Madrid). Muguruza has shown good determination this week, coming through a couple of tough battles to reach the final four. The third seed started the week with a come from behind win over Jelena Ostapenko before winning five straight games to beat Julia Goerges 7-5 6-4. Muguruza confirmed her spot in the semi-finals by beating Venus Williams 6-2 3-6 6-3.

Elina Svitolina has been one of the most consistent players on tour in 2017 having already won three titles. The eighth seed is now two wins away from a fourth title in 2017, what would be the biggest of the lot. Svitolina came through a tough opener against Alize Cornet, winning 6-4 7-6 before overcoming a slow start to breeze past Mona Barthel 3-6 6-0 6-0. Svitolina’s most impressive win of the week was a 6-2 7-6 win over Karolina Pliskova. Notably, Svitolina has won two extremely tight decisive tiebreaks, showing her mental strength.

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Garbine Muguruza holds a 3-2 head-to-head record over Elina Svitolina. The most recent match between the pair was earlier this year in Indian Wells, Muguruza won 7-6 1-6 6-0. Prior to that match, Svitolina has won two in a row over the Spaniard.

I’m going to give Elina Svitolina the edge heading into this match. Svitolina’s level and mentality heading into this match is predictable, Svitolina will bring a dogged determination and make life very hard for Muguruza. The Spaniard has the weapons to hit through Svitolina but it is hard to know which Muguruza will show up for this match coming off a couple of tough wins. Svitolina’s consistency should get the job done here.

Prediction: Elina Svitolina to defeat Garbine Muguruza in 2 sets

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  1. I think Mugurza will win against Elina Svitolina tomorrow either in 2 or 3 sets depending on the many factors given below.

    1) Mugurza’s (as well as that of kiki Bertens) form and confidence is growing with every match. That of Svitolina is nearly constant or declining slowly.

    2) Svitolina is showing slight signs of tiredness (not able to run fast and take drop shots etc.) after her win in Istanbul and will effect her in another 3 set match as it affected Nadal after a 17 match winning streak. Mugurza needs to exploit this weakness of Svitolina(low energy & motivation levels) to the hilt and win!

    3) Svitolina will break when ever her opponent applies heavy pressure coupled with show of extreme power. That is exactly how Mugurza plays. Saiai Zhang applied tremendous pressure on a tiring Svitolina at the 2017 Madrid masters, broke Svitolina and won. Mugurza can apply the same technique besides smashing Svitolina’s weak serves and returns for easy winners (& demoralizing Svitolina) without errors/missing them!

    4) Svitolina doesn’t have much power in her serves or returns. She just tries to return more balls back and keeps it deep. That’s all. Mugurza with better movement will reach most balls and hit through and away from Svitolina and win many points.

    5) In the H2H matches, Mugurza has beaten Svitolina in 2 easy sets. Though long ago (some advantages are for life), it reflects the level of superiority that Mugurza has on clay against a heavyset and slow moving player like Svitolina. Another player of this type is the Russian Bear Svetlana Kuznetsova. Her lack of movement is the key to her many losses and inability to be World No.1.

    6) Mugurza beat Svitolina in 2017 at the Indian Wells Masters in 3 sets. This win shows who has the advantage currently and reflects what will happen tomorrow.

    7) Mugurza being the defending Champ at the 2017 French Open(FO) wants to enter the FO with extra confidence and motivation. For which she needs to win the next 2 matches and become the 2017 Rome Open Champion. ( A tall order as next up is Kiki Bertens who might upset a tiring Simona Halep, but not an impossibility!)

    So, Mugurza is more motivated to win this match (and the next) than Svitolina (who seems to be very satisfied with her Istanbul win and just wants to go as far as possible at Rome Open with the little energy that is left in her body, post Istanbul!).

    For Mugurza to win: –

    1) She needs to be aggressive and hit winners and take big lead . Should maintain pressure until the game ends.
    2) She needs to be consistent and play close to an error free game. Many of her winners just miss the line by mm’s. So, controlling the unforced errors will be key for playing with confidence and winning.
    3) Needs to play injury free. Not sure exactly the extent of the problem with her left thigh, which is heavily taped.
    4) Svitolina being tired from Istanbul must be tired out further by hitting winners to extreme corners of the court and make Svitolina run a lot and gas her out.

    I am sure that, Mugurza being a clever Champion (2016 French Open Champion) will do the above to a large extent and win.

    I switched allegience from Svitolina to Mugurza after the above deep analysis. There are many more points(minor) which points towards a Mugurza win! Take max points on Mugurza besides the over just in case things don’t go according to plan.

    Mugurza can win only if the many pieces of the above detailed puzzle fall into its place. But the indications are positive.

    Keeping fingers crossed as anything can happen in Tennis.

    BOL to all!

    • That’s a deep analysis you have there, unfortunately I don’t think it is an accurate one.

      Firstly, just because Muguruza won in Indian Wells does not mean she currently has an advantage.. It has little to do with this match.

      Secondly, Svitolina is not slow moving.. she is probably the fastest player on tour, not sure where you got that idea from..

      Muguruza needs to play near her best to get through a solid player like Svitolina which based on recent form in unlikely to occur here

      Svitolina will win..

  2. mugs is so overrated. so according to you she has to do ALL those to win. you do realize how stupid that sounds right.

    • Mugs is not overrated but underated. That is why she is a big dog to Svitolina at all bookies and also considered a dog by majority of the fans. Thiem was a big underdog to Nadal but won. I analyzed and wrote a review ( was a bit lengthy and looked stupid to some dumb people like you sam, surely!) on some other website. People who believed and bet won big on Thiem reading my review! My deep research indicated that Mladenovic will win ( and won) against Kuznetsova when most people said that Mladenovic had no chance! I have 100’s of similar wins generated by deep analysis or just compilation of facts/info. from various sources/experts!

      Sam, your comment sounds stupid(before calling me/or my compilation/research) as you should realize that these above things are done automatically/normally by the top players on the court but need to be on top of it to win big games against top opponents.

      Normally Svitolina is fast but is slowing down (like it happened to Nadal in his last match) after playing many games at a stretch. SaiSai Zheng took advantage of a tiring Svitolina and won! Besides Svitolina does not have much variety in her game and opponents can easily game plan for her moderate power game. This game takes a lot out of any player when they play too much tennis non stop. 1st they tire out and become slow and later on leads to many injuries.

      My next research indicates Halep beating either Mugurza or Svitolina in the Rome final!

      When you put it in writing(actually these are view points/facts from many tennis experts. I just compiled them here for non stupid people like you sam!), all the things that go on in their mind or the facts, it looks something impossible or big. But it is not!

      For dumb people ordinary/normal things sound stupid. There is no cure for dumbness/stupidity in this world unfortunately.

  3. Impressive Muguruza here in Rome after nightmare performances in previous tournaments and first set with Ostapenko.
    She looks now to be again the player winning RG so I can’t understand how she can be the underdog here.Probably today courts will be slower than the days before, yesterday it rain and just right now it’s beginning again, and this could help Svitolina.But I expect Muguruza winning in two sets

  4. muguruza retires due to embarrassment. hey roger, next time 10 words or less pal lol. you were the last one to know your girl had no chance.

  5. Sam, you have a low level of thinking for saying that “muguruza retires due to embarrassment”. This is pure stupidity on your part. Mugurza retired because her injury reappeared and could not move well and was probably in deep pain. Did you not see the heavy strapping on her left thigh and hear the commentators talking about it?

    Shame on you to talk badly about a great Champion, Mugurza (the 2016 French Champion etc.).

    Sam, all analysis needs to be deep (hence reviews will be long) for correct pick and to make money! Check the Reviews of other websites like etc. Their reviews are 3x longer than mine! Other internet reviews give us all mostly the dumb stats. My reviews will reveal the diamond (real reasons for winning) in simple layman terms! And I am still learning and developing. That is what my teachers in school and college taught me. Break things down in detail to the simplistic form possible! I have never gone wrong by following my teachers advice! They are like god to me!

    Read my analysis again and see that I mentioned that Mugurza needs to ensure that she is healthy and UN-INJURED. That is a PRE-CONDITION for her to win!

    If not for her injury/withdrawal, after a slow start (as she is still getting into top form) in the 1st set, Mugurza would have won the 2nd and 3rd set against Svitolina and the match. Feel very bad for Mugurza. Wishing her a quick recovery in time for the French Open.

    So my above analysis of Mugurza still stands. Mugurza is hands down more talented than Svitolina and will beat Svitolina 8 out of 10 times if healthy and uninjured and especially on clay which is Mugurza’s FAV surface!

    My analysis of Novak winning against Thiem came true today and me and my friends made good money, today.

    My research indicates that tomorrow, Halep and Novak will win again for more profits. Have a different opinion?

    BOL to all !

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