Lucie Safarova vs Victoria Azarenka Preview, Doha Final

Doha Final: Lucie Safarova vs (wc) Victoria Azarenka

Victoria Azarenka will be seeking a third Qatar Total Open title on Saturday but standing in her way is an in form Lucie Safarova. Both Vika and Lucie have played extremely good tennis this week, two very deserved finalists in Doha. We can look forward to a very close, high quality final between these two.

After picking up back to back top 10 victories over Ekaterina Makarova and Andrea Petkovic, Lucie stormed in her first final of 2015 with a commanding 6-3 6-2 victory over Carla Suarez Navarro. Lucie dominated proceedings from start to finish, dealing with the tricky conditions admirably well.

Lucie clearly went after Carla’s forehand and her tactics certainly paid off, as she cruised to a comfortable victory. Lucie secured an early break of serve in both sets and never really looked threatened apart from midway through the opening set when Carla managed to get things back on serve at 3-4. However Lucie rebounded extremely well, winning 8 straight points to close out the opening set.


Lucie came up with some breathtaking forehand winners on the run, both cross court and down the line. Safarova finished the match with 24 winners to just 9 unforced errors, very impressive stats given the windy conditions. After a difficult start to the season, Lucie has had a wonderful couple of weeks. Lucie now has a chance to win the biggest title of her career and move agonisingly close to a spot in the top 10 for the very first time.

Victoria Azarenka extended her winning streak at the Qatar Total Open to 14 by notching up her first career victory over Venus Williams, coming from a set down to prevail 2-6 6-2 6-4. Vika was totally outplayed in the opening set, Venus blasted 13 winners past the Belarussian in a dominant opening set performance. Vika looked to be in trouble at the end of the set, being totally outplayed and hobbling around the court.

Vika managed to turn things around like a true champion, hanging in the match and waiting for her opportunity. Vika’s chance came early in the second set, obtaining a critical break of serve before running away with the set, winning five of the last six games. Vika continued her dominance in the third, powering her way to a 5-1 lead. Venus didn’t give up, fighting her way back to 4-5. Vika kept her cool, serving out the match to reach her first final since Brisbane last year.

Vika looked to be in pain for the the majority of the match, limping around the court and stretching out her legs on numerous occasions. The Belarusian adjusted well, playing much more aggressive tennis in the second and third sets. Vika finished the match with 36 winners and won 23 out 29 points at the net. Vika has beaten four quality opponents this week, clearly the best tennis the Belarusian has played for over a year.


Victoria Azarenka holds a perfect 6-0 head to head record over Lucie Safarova. Furthermore Lucie has managed to win just one set against Vika. However this will be the first meeting between the pair since Madrid in 2011. Much has changed since then, both ladies have improved significantly since then. Therefore the head to head record is somewhat irrelevant.

This promises to be a high quality match between two ladies at the top of their game. Lucie is playing the best tennis of her life at the moment, she is serving so well and is extremely confident in her groundstrokes and tactics. Whilst Vika is back to playing some of her best tennis, playing smart, aggressive tennis. The Belarusian has not been afraid to move forward this week, for the most part it has paid off.


Azarenka has much more experience on the big stage, the Belarusian thrives under the spotlight. Lucie has struggled with nerves in the past, especially in moments such as these. However Lucie seems to have put all of that behind her, she seems to be very confident in her game at the moment. This is a tough match to call, it really could go either way.

There is a bit of question mark surrounding Vika’s fitness, she was hobbling around court throughout her match with Venus. If she doesn’t recover well and isn’t 100 percent ready she will struggle against a red-hot Safarova.

I’m going to side with Lucie, this is her moment, she has been playing amazing tennis this week. If Lucie maintains a similar level she has a really good chance to claim the biggest title of her career.

Prediction: Lucie Safarova to defeat Victoria Azarenka in 3 sets

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  1. Wtaaddict, Do u guys know each other? The mootennis guy/s?
    Jocas, did u recently lose a bet? Who do u think will win?

    I think it will go to 3 sets for sure. Either player could win but I predict safarova based on the stats in comparison to aza.

    • Don’t know how any of this is too relevant but no. He has a wonderful site but no we certainly don’t know each other…

    • Pieman. Thank you for your concern. My betting records are so far so good. I have been in the money for the past 10 years using my winning bets to fund my gadget hobbies. Trust me, anyone has some thinking ability will not simply believe and act on the information they read on Internet. Do you?

      With all due respects, I believe WTAaddict is a genuine tennis lover as you see him/her twitting the updates. It is easy for us to read but it is a lot of works to maintain it. I kudo and respect him/her…sorry I don’t know who is behind this great piece of work (and the photos are nice too).

      I observed some betting companies hire people to give tips and comments to lure people. It is a free space for free speech. It is free to ask, and no ones are obliged to answer or responsible.

      • Wow thanks for ur extensive reply Jonas about your betting life story was very endearing yet up yourself. Good for you It seemed you took offense to me sayin u lose a bet!? Ur ques. was just very sus that’s all. Good luck to u and ur gagets inspector 😉 some people. Emotional fan pshhhh ur on ur high horse mate. Drinking “sponsored wine” LMAO. Stats are important and yeh there on the net but I also watch bits of the games when predicting. I hope u don’t take offense to this either just staying it how it is.

  2. And Jocas, mootennis guy, I think, is just sticking with aza coz that’s who he chose from the beginning. He does say he wants safarova to win. I.e. His on the fence 50/50. U can’t side with that, all u can do is read what his opinion is and make a decision based on what YOU got. Honestly I’m just gona do a cover bet federer for the W, safa 2-1. And other fed, aza 2-1.

  3. I don’t know how it’s relevant either but it’s just curiousness that’s all. Nothing dodgy going on here lol. We can’t just trust ur word too and be like yeh he doesn’t know him lol. Whatever I don’t care. Both you guys do a good job. But wtaaddict maybe have ur game predictions up earlier.. Mootennis is good that way his all over it and it’s up pretty early. Abit slow on wtaaddict. Constructive criticism 😉

    • If you followed my site regularly you would know that my I post usually post previews well in advance.. I live in Australia, completely different time zone, so it’s not easy.

  4. Kinda was surprised to see the odds. Think if you bet on it you have to take lucie. Figure it’s going three sets and that’s fairly good value.

  5. First of all, I am not a professional gambler. My opinion is solely based on my personal analysis as a tennis fan.

    All finalist (Dubai and Doha) are healthy without injuries. Federer and Lucie are both underdog. So, Novak and Vikia are favorites for the final.

    Federer has no injury problem. He is not tired and very relax from his previous matches in Dubai except his lost in AO to Seppi. I think if Federer’s backhand and serves are working, he will beat Novak. So, it is unknown before the match. Novak is not playing his best tennis but very consistent and good enough to win. Berdych has his chance but melt down at the critical moment as usual. However, Federer will not melt down like Birdman. So, it depends very much on Fderer’s racquet. I think they will play three setters to decide but I won’t be surprised if Federer wins this in 2.

    Similarly, Lucie/Vika past match records were outdated and irrelevant. Lucie can beat Vika if she can sustain her mental state and not melt down. Both will play out three sets to decide. I am leaning toward Lucie to beat Vika because she has the serves and ground strokes to match Vika in all departments.

    Dubai weather is approx. 22C-24C (wind speed ~20km/h) so it will favour Federer’s backhand swing.

    Doha weather is approx. 23C (wind speed ~ 8km/h), again it will favour Lucie who hit harder than Vika.

    By the way, they are many ways to arbitrage the profits by hedging these matches if we know the probability of playing three sets is higher than two sets without picking the winners outright and the odds for both matches just give us the opportunities to do it. Sorry I can’t elaborate my strategy but if you learn finance like option pricing or statistical arbitrage, you know what I mean!

    Good luck. I will enjoy with a glass of good wine sponsored by both Venus and Vika. By the way, I do appreciate WTA addict. At least, I talk to someone who knows tennis unlike tennis forum with a bunch of very emotional fans.

    • Yes I have to agree with you, I also think Roger will prevail. The conditions in Dubai will favor him, for sure! Should be some high quality finals, that’s for sure 🙂

      • I think if we could recall how Vika lost to Domi in AO 2015 when Domi hitting the balls so hard to keep Vika from coming to the net. Lucie is cable of doing that and hitting the balls harder than Domi. Similarly, Elina was doing the same thing in the 2nd set/R2 in Doha before she lost concentration in the third set. If Lucie can keep Vika at bay, she will win this.

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