Serena Williams vs Agnieszka Radwanska, Australian Open SF Preview

Australian Open SF: (1) Serena Williams vs (4) Agnieszka Radwanska

Serena Williams and Agnieszka Radwanska will go head-to-head for the first time in over 2 years when they collide in the first semi-final of the Australian Open on Thursday. Serena Williams has been in ominous form in Melbourne, advancing to the final four without dropping a set and is the raging favourite to claim her seventh Australian Open title. However, Radwanska enters this match full of confidence having won her last 13 matches and certainly has a legitimate chance in this match to record her first ever victory over the world number 1.


Serena Williams has been relatively untroubled thus far in her title defense at Melbourne Park. The World number 1 is yet to drop a set, recording straight set victories over Camila Giorgi, Su-Wei Hsieh, Daria Kasatkina, Margarita Gasparyan and finally Maria Sharapova. The 6-time former champion seems to be getting better and better with every match and certainly made her biggest statement of the tournament thus far with a 6-4 6-1 victory over Maria Sharapova in the quarter-finals. 

Serena was at her explosive best for periods of that match, blasting numerous thunderous winners past Maria and serving extremely well. The one concern surrounding Serena is her fitness, Serena received a medical time-out after the first set of her quarter-final clash with Maria. It may have only been for a minor issue but Serena will need to be fully fit against an opponent like Radwanska, otherwise the Pole will take advantage the situation.

Agnieszka Radwanska is just 2 wins away from claiming an elusive maiden Grand Slam title. The Pole is into her second semi-final at Melbourne Park, and her sixth Grand Slam semi-final in total. Radwanska seems to be in the best position of her career heading into a Grand Slam semi-final. Aga is in great form but also should enter this match fresh physically and mentally. Radwanska has played just one three set match on route to the semi-finals, a tough fourth round victory over Anna-Lena Friedsam, prior to that match Aga recording relatively comfortable straight set wins over Christina McHale, Eugenie Bouchard and Monica Puig. Like Serena, Aga’s best performance came at the quarter-final stage where she produced a clean performance to defeat Carla Suarez Navarro 6-1 6-3.


Serena Williams has a perfect 8-0 head-to-head record over Agnieszka Radwanska. Pretty much all of the matches have been quite one-sided, Radwanska has only ever managed to take one set off Williams which was in the final at Wimbledon back in 2012. The pair haven’t played since late 2013 where Serena recorded a 6-2 6-4 win at the WTA Finals in Istanbul. Radwanska has really developed her game and her attitude since that last match which has led to success in bigger events such as the Rogers Cup and Indian Wells in 2014 and at the WTA Finals in 2015. It will be interesting to see if Aga’s new style gives her a greater chance to finally beat the world number 1.

Serena will rightfully head into this match as an overwhelming favourite given her record over Radwanska and given her dominance at this stage of Grand Slams over the last couple of years. However, I do believe that this match will be much closer than most people think. Aga has the same strengths as the players that have recently beaten/troubled Serena, players with great defensive skills and ability to mix things up such as Alize Cornet, Simona Halep, Belinda Bencic and Roberta Vinci.


Despite the head-to-head record I think Aga has the game to trouble Serena, especially if she is having a slightly off day. Radwanska’s serve has greatly improved since their last match and she has a much more positive mindset on the court. If Aga can maintain a high first serve percentage and get into as many extended rallies as possible I believe she has what it takes to finally record a victory over Serena.

Prediction: Agnieszka Radwanska to defeat Serena Williams in 3 sets

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    • If you even think your comment is funny or clever, it’s not. It’s nothing more than immature drivel. All the women on the WTA strike the ball beautifully, some swing with more power than others, some with more flare and finesse, some with more slice or spin. No one pushes the ball…(have you ever played the game yourself ?). If you push the ball it would go over the net.

      • Exactly, I wish people wouldn’t write such immature things there… Look at Aga’s body, she obviously can’t possibly be as powerful as others… she actually hits the ball pretty hard and flat and can redirect pace as well as anyone…

          • Can you please stop posting stupid comments. I told you that i make unbiased predictions here. If anything, i know more about Aga because I follow her particularly closely.. you don’t need to keep posting rude comments

      • I bet you are Aga’s fan for sure. I still want to say one more time. Serena will eat her up in 2. She is pusher and always a pusher.

  1. Can’t tell you predict this match without heart -_-
    I was very curious for this match prediction and I was right what you would predict…-Nobody is predicting Aga to beat Serena.
    I had to know better – you will always predict pro Aga when she is good in form…doesn’t matter who the oppenent is, even Serena…

    • Serena took the medical timeout to make sure that she was hydrated, since she said that she had a minor upset stomach. Patrick Mouratoglou said that Serena was dealing with dizziness earlier after winning the first set. But, she got over that and looked much better in the second set to dominate Masha in the match. Serena has won all ten sets played so far with flying colors. She has not been taken to a tiebreak and nobody has been able to win a set off of her. Her match stats are 38 aces, 9 double faults, 122 winners, and 81 unforced errors. But, Aga has already dropped one set (via tiebreak) to Anna Lena-Friedsam and she hasn’t been able to serve aces like Serena has. Her match stats are 8 aces, 6 double faults, 90 winners, and 72 unforced errors. Not only that, Aga’s average of first serves in is 41.8%. But, Serena’s average of first serves in is 60%. To me, this match is in favor of Serena. My prediction is that Aga will put up a good fight, but Serena wins in two close sets: 6-3 6-4

      • Thanks for you response buddy 🙂

        Yes, I acknowledge Serena’s wonderful form heading into this match… but she has not come up against an opponent like Aga that will make her play extra balls and put more pressure on her.

        I also know that Aga will need to step up her game dramatically to win this but I belive that is possible, she has been been waiting fot this moment for a long time

        We will see

        • Serena faced Hsieh and the young Kasatkina who are cut from the same cloth as Radwanska. That said, Serena will need aces and controlled power to win this match cleanly.

    • I don’t see the problem… she is probably the form player on tour. This is the first time that I believe she has a legitimate chance to beat Serena. Obviously it will take a massive performance but I believe she will do it

    • So because you think no one is predicting that Aga will win, that this prediction should also be for Serena . And you think that when a player is in good form – it’s wrong to predict a win for them. I know by the WTA FB page that no one expected Aga to win the WTA championships, but I chose her to win in the WTA draw challenge; and I chose Petra to the be other finalist. One could say I was lucky… but it is what I believe would happen. Just not understanding why you find it hard to think that other people wouldn’t believe in the underdogs. Make me wonder how long you have been watching tennis. It is not all about power…

    • WTAaddict is a risk taker. He always tries to predict some matches against the odds.

      If he lucky enough to predict the odds, you may think he is damn accurate. However, he did predict some matches wrongfully such as this one. Serena is going to beat Aga in 2 based on her current forms. Aga was very lucky to survive her R4 match against Friedsam. Also, CSN played badly in the QF.

      So, please do not follow any predictions posted by MooTennis or WTAaddict. You need to use your instinct and tennis knowledge – H2H stats, weather, court speed and so on.

      • you are right i follow mootennis and l lost a lot of bets. i will stop to follow their facebook page. thanks for advice.

  2. Largon; if you know that he predicts for Aga why are you reading this? I think Aga’s tennid
    s improves and she has a chance to trouble her.

  3. Max,
    Yes, she can trouble her (in my opinion, every Top 5 Player can trouble No.1 even named Serena in this case…), but it’s a different story to choose someone as winner against Serena. She lost only 3(!) times in 2015, although she was poorly often enough, so you can’t bet against her. I really do not like Serenas dominance but it doesn’t change the fact that Serena, now in the semi’s, will win this match to 95% and than the title!
    I mean: When will be the next time he predicts against Serena? Maybe against Vika in a possible final (when she comes that far, because he predicts Angie to come through…? Also don’t understand that because Vika is in far better form and this match-up is a nightmare for Kerber)?

    • Perhaps if you were a longtime tennis watcher you would understand. A nightmare match up would be total dominance. Although Kerber has never beat Azarenka – it if far from a nightmare match up. She has been in a few matches that she could have won. Go back to AO 2014 quarter-final between Radwanska & Azarenka, Vika had a 12-3 H2H (and won the last 7 matches). Radwanska won in 3 sets, only the second set was close – the one Azarenka won. I don’t agree with his prediction either. But I do see how he thinks that it is time for Kerber to break through, or even believe that her form will improve.

    • Yep exactly, the h2h record isn’t a true indication of of how close this match-up is. Kerber has shown that she has the tennis to beat Vika, it is a memtal thing…

      • ‘It is a mental thing’
        SO, SO TRUE!!! But it’s clear: If Kerber wasn’t on her best, Vika easily won. But even when she has her SUPER days, she couldn’t grab the win! As a german, it was disappointing to see…
        But you have to believe: Kerber doesn’t have a good mentality (often critisized in german forums) and I doubt it will be any different this time. 🙁

  4. Aga has NO chance, objectively speaking. As a so-called ‘objective’ viewer of the WTA, you should realize this. She had nothing substantial to do against CSN, plus she hasn’t met any tough opponent so far this year. Not to mention her tear-inducing display against Friedsam, who would have handily defeated her if she hadn’t been cramping.

    I hope you’ll one day be able to show respect to other players who aren’t your faves, and not whine about their deserved success. So pathetic. I hope Serena EVISCERATES her.

    “Double bagel her Serena! Show her no mercy!”

    • This comment is extremely rude and juat plain wrong…

      Firstly, I am not disrespecting anyone.. I have stated that I believe Serena is the greatest of all time… and also admire Serena a lot

      Secondly, to say that Aga has no chance is just plain wrong. Did Vinci have a chance against her? Did Cornet? Did Bencic? I’m sure you would have said the exact same thing prior to those matches

    • Wow… I would love to see tennis through those rose coloured glasses. But here on planet earth… Friedsam would have handily beat her ? Don’t know anywhere, where a 3 set match would be handily beating anyone. The reality … the first sets course was changed by a bad line call at 5-4, 30-15; the ball hit the line and skidded away – it was incorrectly called out. That would have gave Aga set point. Instead the set got dicey, and she ended up losing it. Had Friedsam not fist pumped every single point she won, she wouldn’t have been so gassed for the second set, and might have had the energy to attempt to close the match. She bought herself an near 8 minute break (after the match Anna Lena said she didn’t know whether she was cramping or injured) , which didn’t work out for her – because she was cramping. Bottom line she wasn’t going to close out the match. Hopefully she learned a lesson – work on your fitness and stop with the histrionics. As far as respect ? LOL…you must be kiddin’… how is someone opinion about who’s going to win a tennis match – have anything to do with respect ? Get some help….

    • Remember when you called Zhang a ‘fluke run’. Yeah, you have so much respect.

      And as I said, Aga had nothing… thank God for that bagel Serena gave her. It brought you all out of dreamland.

      Aga does not have a ‘game to troubel Serena’. Vinci did. Aga is not there yet, but if she works hard she will be able to challenge her later this year. Great tournament for her!

      • You obviously know little about tennis. The roof being close – completely favoured Serena. Stable conditions and no elements for Aga to work with. Secondly, Serena was not in the form at the US Open she is right now. Because of fitness. She tired to will herself to win the match against Vinci, it didn’t work….I think the first set of tennis that Serena played, was the best set of tennis I have seen her play – probably ever. She didn’t put a foot wrong or make a bad shot selection. It was awesome. It’s unfortunate that these sites that predict tennis, and might I emphasize “predict” – have to endure the childish machinations of disgruntled fans – and over something like a prediction…. SAD is the word.

        • Yes Serena’s physical condition is undoubtedly much greater right now compared to how she was in New York after a long draining season.

  5. Even though it wasn’t a “match” the last time Serena and Aga played was 2015 Hopman Cup where Aga actually defeated Serena in 3 sets. I agree with this prediction of Aga winning in 3 sets just because Aga’s form is looking impeccable. Serena will probably run away with the first set, but I predict she will falter in the the next two.
    1-6 7-5 6-4! Either way it will be a great match!

    • Thanks four your comment 🙂

      Yes, you’re right.. I remember watching that match actually, Aga played really well that night!

      • I saw that match too and Serena was so sick her face was turning purple. I agree that Radwanska can cause an upset. She’s in form and very talented but this prediction isn’t objective. Serena is also in great form maybe even better form but you pick Radwanska just because Serena *clearly* doesn’t know how to face players with variety. I think it will be Serena in 3.

        • Hi, thanks for your comment 🙂
          I didn’t pick Radwanska to win because she is in better form…
          Hsieh cannot be compared to Radwanska neither can Kasatkina.
          This will be Serena’s biggest challenge of the year thus far and no one knows for certain how she will handle it

        • Clark – Serena was not sick at the Hopman Cup. And it was just a prediction – why would someone not be objective – because they feel someone else will win ? Your comment makes no sense….objectivity is in the eye of the beholder.

  6. Wow, this is going to be a great match. I believe Aga can take a set off If Rena starts to get nervous/make silly errors. If Aga is very consistent she has a chance. You really never know what Serena is going to do

  7. Wow, let’s all wait and see, the match will commence in some few hours time. We will get to knw what happens. Yes Aga is in a good form, she is very versatile too but I am damn shocked that somebody will predict her to win in this match, unless by magic.

    The point is this, the stats for each match depends on the 2 players on the court and the tactics employed in game A by a player will surely differ from tactics for game B by same player. This is because each player has her own strength and weakness. The last time I checked, Sharapova hit abt 27 aces in her R4 match but she could only hit 2 against Serena ( You shld ask why)? Serena has better returns, it was evident in their match.

    An experienced player is the one who plays to out beat the tactics of the other player, Yes, Aga is versatile, she is known as the magician but, can her magic work on Serena’s rythym? Can she stand the 102MPH serves? Can she clock the same serve speed?? Does she have the stamina and the mental toughness?? You see, in The Quarter finals of Matua Madrid 2015, Vika had Match point, but we saw it crumbling.

    Yes, Serena vs Aga, will be an interesting match to watch, it will be a fast pace game but with shorter rallies. I forsee 2 clear set win for Serena in less than an hour.

    Sorry, better luck next time Aga. Anyways, I am also addicted to WTA Tenniss

  8. No one can challenge Serena unfortunately…
    How many matches she will lose in 2016 should be the question, not who will beat her, because nobody can predict that!

  9. I really feel very funny people based on last year Hopman Cup to predict the outcome of this semi-final match. Serena was very sick last year. Also, there were many lousy line calls during that match (if you could recall).

    I was right. Serena won in 2 and Aga got a bagel in the first set. The only person can beat Serena is Serena.

    I urge you guys be realistic when you bet. Please do not rely on the predictions from WTAaddict and Mootennis. They are human beings and they can’t predict the future.

    • Okay it’s not that hard to predict this result… it was always clear that Serena was a clear favourite but I like to go with instinct and I never advised anyone to bet on Radwanska h2h

    • Furthermore I don’t claim to predict the future, everyone here seems to understand and appreciate this site except for a select few

      • Hahahaaaa, I hope Aga was served a cup of coffee for her bagel lol……

        Never predict a Serena’s match. That woman is something else, she loses to players who are way below the ranks, every top 20 player to her is a competition to her, she enjoys being the No. 1, that is all.

      • Life is short. Why do you need to be so sensitive about bloggers’ comments?

        We live in an imperfect world. You have done quite well for most of your predictions except a few.

        Relax man, you should grab a beer. By the way, please don’t tell me Kerber will beat Serena in 2 lollll!!!

        • I like Moo’s blog! Isn’t that bad and I like his explanations!
          I can’t see Kerber win more than eight games against Serena. But I will hope.
          Serena in 2 🙁

        • I’m not worried about different opinions I’m just annoyed when people are rude and disrespectful towards me

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