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The following general conditions are intended to inform you about when you:

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You are allowed to navigate through the content contained on this site, provided you agree to the intellectual property rights defined in Article 4.

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You must be over the age of 18, and fill out the relevant form provided to you to access premium content (betting advice, predictions and tips). At the moment we receive your funds, you will be confirmed as a premium member through email.

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By signing up to premium content, you will receive professional betting advice, predictions and tips for the period that you paid for. An email will be sent to your designated inbox at least 1 hour prior to the commencement of the match containing the relevant tip.

Except otherwise stated, the user acknowledges and agrees that no right of withdrawal or refund of any kind is granted after they have paid for a subscription to premium content.

WTAAddict reserves the right to revoke an order that has already been accepted, without being liable for any damages, under the following circumstances:

  • Your billing information is incorrect or non-verifiable
  • Your order is flagged as fraudulent
  • We have reason to believe you are under 18
  • We have reason to believe you are on-selling our tips to third parties
  • We have reason to believe that you are directly or indirectly disclosing all or part of the tips to a third party



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In order to maintain or improve the website, WTAAddict may from time to time take scheduled or emergency works short periods and without notice.  We will not be held liable for any damages caused by these interruptions.

WTAAddict shall not be held liable if an email or notification sent by us containing tips arrives late or does not arrive in your mailbox.

WTAAddict is not a bookmaker. We may, however, provide promotional offers from licensed third party sports betting operators. We are obliged to comply with the requests of our partners to provide the latest information in regards to promotions and bonuses, but there may be instances of advertising in historical articles that are now out of date. WTAAddict takes no responsibility for this information being current or correct. We also encourage that all customers carefully read the terms and conditions related to any offer by a sports betting partner. WTAAddict does not take responsibility for the misunderstanding of eligibility, or the terms & conditions associated with a promotion.

WTAAddict shall not be held liable for any inconsistencies in regards to third party content, such as promotional bonuses, events, markets and odds. We publish this content as supplied and are not responsible for its accuracy and/or timeliness.


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