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  1. Alize Cornet should defeat Darya Kasatkina today as she is simply in better form esp. in late 2017 and in 2018.
    More games, more wins give more confidence to win more.

    Darya struggled to win against a low ranked and erratic Viktoria Kuzmova.

    Alize Cornet should give a 10X times greater fight and win one set atleast. My bet is +1.5 sets Cornet.

    Alize Cornet can also win this match. If Darya fights hard then the 3rd set and over bet should win.

  2. John don’t you think Timea Babos can be upset by Dalila Jakupovic who is in good form in 2018 and in late 2017!

    Babos maybe tired from playing too many doubles matches recently and also in this tournament.

    Babos may be biting more than she can chew right?

    Think Dalila Jakupovic can win a set and/or push the over.

    What you think John?

    • Hi Jaya, I doubt it.. It’s just speculative. Babos should be too good. I don’t know if she is tired, i doubt it. But she is inconsistent and can always throw in a mad match.

  3. John, what are your TOP 3 picks in Taiwan Open and TOP 3 picks in St. Petersburg Open where you don’t expect any upsets?

      • Thnx. Top 3?

        Cibulkova lost the 1st set.

        My analysis pointed me to a yafan wang win and she won. Bet +1.5 Wang and ML Wang. No time to post the same.

        Parmientier is out of form and she struggled yesterday also in the 3 set win.

      • Cibulkova lost in 2 sets. Hope atleast Kvitova wins and helps cover up some big loss on Cibulkova, Nao Hibino,Ana Bogdan,Ekaterina Makarova etc.

  4. Hey John,

    The match Predictions tab is not opening up. Why?

    Here we can know whether will a player will win in 2 sets(showing complete domination) or in 3 sets (match is close between 2 nearly equal players). This is very important information for your fans and tennis fans!

    Can you QUICKLY (as matches start in 30 min. time from now appx.) provide the detailed logic/reasoning for each of your picks, which you provide normally everyday?
    Without this info. we cannot make a bet.

    Thanks for your quick reply with the required info.

    • Hi Jaya.. I have written an article about all 4 matches today with my explanations.. therefore there is no need for that tab. Thanks

      • Where is that article John?

        Can you post that link here so that I can click it and open it? The previews don’t help.

        Daria Kasatkina to defeat Kristina Mladenovic?

        I think the opposite can happen ie., Kristina Mladenovic can defeat Daria Kasatkina in 3 sets probably. 2 is also possible.

        Mladenovic is more motivated and inspired (than Dasha to win) to defend her title.

        Being confident Mladenovic has become more dangerous suddenly.

        Mladenovic, has more variety to her game especially to her attack than Dasha who is just hitting hard with all her strength with good placement which worked against a weak and tiring Woz who relies more on finesse, lots of movement (needing lots of energy which she did not have fully today) and strong defense to win.

        Dasha has ALWAYS lost to players with big power (like Julia Georges etc.) which Mladenovic brings besides aggression and a complex varied attack making Daria lose probably in 2 or 3 tight sets.

        Mladenovic has the power, size and reach advantage also. But she has to match Dasha’s great court movement and energy to win.

        I think Mladenovic will win but my bet will be +1.5 sets Mladenovic and a little on the over.

        Mladenovic has a tough fight on her hand as Dasha is also motivated to win the title after a great win over World No.1 Woz and with 100% crowd support.

        I think Dasha will be over confident and have an adrenaline dumpafter beating World No.1 Woz {which is of no use as she slayed only an injured/tired lion(woz).
        Mladenovic is not injured or tired.}

        For Example Kateryna Kozlova to defeat Sabine Lisicki…might not happen.

        I think Sabine Lisicki will defeat Kateryna Kozlova may be very easily in 2 tight sets. But mostly in 3.

        I think Lisicki with her greater experience can win today.

        Kozlova can’t handle Lisicki’s power. Maybe for a set she might be competitive but after that Lisicki should slowly start dominating and win.

        Lisicki struggles with tricky players like Niculescu but not against inexperienced players like Kozlova who is good in all departments but not better than Lisicki especially in the power department,IMO.

        I think Lisicki is like fine wine! The more it ages the more it tastes better! So, as the match progresses, Lisicki will become stronger and stronger. Look how Lisicki fought being a set down against a very dangerous Niculescu and won! Lisicki also fought well against Yuxuan Zhang after losing the 2nd set and won inspite of being rusty. Now Lisicki’s rust is wearing off and should be dangerous to all opponents.

        Kozlova also fought well against the powerful hitter Ying-Ying Duan after being a set down. I like Kozlova as a player. She fights well. I always like an young player like Kozlova to upset and win. Kozlova is the real underdog in this fight for me. The bookies very well know that but want all the bettors to bet on Kozlova and lose!lol The bookies know that Lisicki will win! I maybe wrong. Let’s see.

        John, I just watched Kozlova for a few minutes. She looked good in all departments. But can you detail her exact skills and advantages over Lisicki?

        Lisicki becomes more dangerous when she is put on her back and is being dominated like a cornered cat attacking with all ferocity!lol. Lisicki has that classic German fighting spirit!

        Like +1.5 sets Lisicki to win besides the over. Over can hit if Kozlova can withstand Lisicki’s power. If Lisicki is erroneous like Ostapenko for the whole match she will lose. Lisicki has to play high level tennis with few errors which she is capable off now that she is winning and playing with great confidence!

        My gut says that Lisicki will win the Taipei Open. Yafan Wang is the dark horse. If Wang can beat Babos today (which my gut says she will. Wang has a 2:0 H2H advantage over Babos also having beaten Babos twice on hard surface! Besides Wang’s performance is far more impressive than Baboss in this tournament, decimating all her opponents with ease in 2 silly sets!lol) then Wang will be a danger to Lisicki as well as she is the better returner!

        Today, I think all the dogs will win in the WTA. Just taking points with the dogs as all the dogs are very strong and can win SU also! This is the general guidance from the local bettors club also. But I will take a final decision after analyzing your article (with analysis of all the 4 matches) and after doing further due diligence!

  5. If you are a heart patient don’t watch the

    Kateryna Kozlova vst Sabine Lisicki match!lol

    So many ups and downs die to the tons of unforced errors & double faults from Lisicki competing for the most unforced errors with Ostapenko!lol

    You just don’t know what Lisicki will throw at you. It could be a kitchen sink or a smash into the net or a smash far outside of the stadium!ha,ha,ha…

    If not for the unforced errors Lisicki will be quickly back to top 10 player and beat many top players like 6-2,6-3 etc.

  6. Hey John,

    Who wins in the Finale match between-

    Kristina Mladenovic and Petra Kvitova?

    Can you quickly post your write-up of logic/analysis for the same.

    Couple of people are saying that Mladenovic can upset Kavitova today as she beat the local FAV Darya Kasatkina, who was expected to win the St. Petersburg Ladies Open by many!

    I personally like Kavitova to win as she seems to have Mladenovic’s number winning 4 of the 5 H2H matches and being in good form in late 2017 & early 2018.

    Think Mladenovic with a good recent form @St. Petersburg and being the defensing Champ will fight hard and make it a tight 3 setter and push the over.

    Eagerly expecting the posting of your detailed expert analysis.

  7. John couple of Important questions for you.

    1) How can Mladenovic handle the power (serves & returns) of Kavitova? If Mladenovic can handle her power then how can she break the serve and get into the rallies?

    2) How can Kavitova handle the (slice) drop and lob game of Mladenovic?

    This will kinda decide who wins the finale today.

    Expecting a quick reply to enable a quick bet.

  8. Jaya,

    How much do you bet on each ticket? Your analysis is so in-depth that I assume a) you must be wagering a shitload of money or b) you are very careful with your selections.

    • Just Saying,

      I am very selective with my bets.

      When I am very, very confident and my research coincides with that of John and others then I go big. Else I go small or avoid it all together.

      How about you? How much do you bet on each match?

      • It really depends. Sometimes $20, other times $200. I have a lot of strategies. For example, the Australian bookmakers offer bonus bets with a range of sports and racing. I often hedge on those games to collect the bonus bets (and also break even) and then use the bonus bets on players with long odds (I’m happily surprised how often this pays) as I would normally bet on such long odds with actual money. At anyone time, one of my accounts has up to 10 bonus bets. This strategies obviously assumes your bookmaker offers bonuses.

        For tennis, I often bet on a player with large odds and then hedge 2-1 for the favourite (usually around odds of $4 or $5). This is more risky but hits quite often. For example, at the Australian Open, I bet $50 on Jana Fett to win (at odds of $9) against Wozniacki and then $50 on Wozniacki to win 2-1 at odds of $5 (which she did). Net profit was still $150

        For basketball, I play middle lines – you have to know the players for this type of bet. But back to tennis, sometimes no amount of research can dictate the result. On some occasions, I’ll go with a gut feeling.

        That said, I do admire the research you put into these matches. keep on doing it. 🙂

        • Just Saying, thanks for your detailed reply. I really appreciate your open and frank explanation with examples.

          Your strategy is risky, i think. I don’t try those techniques.

          I wonder what strategies John uses for betting?

          Thanks for admiring my Research. I work hard for my money. It becomes easier as I love WTA a lot.

          • Hello Jaya, I am trying a different approach at the moment. I am saving higher unit bets for rare occasions, as you will notice I have to recommended anything over 3.5 as of yet since I started again. Going to try and be more steady and consistent. My main aim is to find value.

  9. The second strategy I mentioned involves some risk, albeit reduced. There’s very minor risk in the bonus bet hedging and middle line plays, but that’s basketball and other sports so I won’t explain those here.

      • exactly. I don’t play it too often but it comes in most handy when I think the underdog can win at least a set. If the underdog wins outright it’s even more of a bonus – this is often a good opportunity to use a bonus bet

        • Fair enough. I’ve used up all my bonus bet opportunities. I prefer to stay away from Ladbrokes, sportsbet, crownbet etc. Playing for bonus bets is risky, it’s what they want.

          • Don’t blame you for avoiding them but if you hedge the attempt for a bonus bet at another site, it ends up costing you only a few dollars to ear bonus bets between $20-$50. It’s not a major strategy of mine and I understand that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I get value from it. 🙂

  10. John, why will?–

    Lucie Safarova defeat (9) Julia Goerges in 3 sets?

    Why not the other way around? Julia Goerges is in good form, you know that?

    Will it turn out like your other below picks?

    Elena Vesnina to defeat (Q) Anna Blinkova in 3 sets-LOST
    Daria Kasatkina to defeat (Q) Catherine Bellis in 3 sets-LOST
    (wc) Ons Jabeur to defeat (Q) Ying-Ying Duan in 3 sets-LOST Common, Ons Jabeur doesn’t beat anyone higher ranked but loses to a lot of lower ranked players regularly!lol
    Maria Sharapova to defeat (Q) Monica Niculescu in 2 sets-> In 3 sets was reasonable but in 2 is 2 much?
    Lesia Tsurenko to defeat Mihaela Buzarnescu in 3 sets-LOST, Did you forget the beating Buzarnescu gave to Tsurenko last time, recently!

    Shuai Peng to defeat (11) Kristina Mladenovic in 3 sets-> LOSING currently now

    Why will?

    Alize Cornet to defeat Anett Kontaveit in 3 sets?

    Cornet looked deflated and jaded at St. Petersburg? Why?

    • Hi Jaya.. not sure why you are pointing out all the defeats?? Do you think I am supposed to predict every match correctly? lol

      Also I didn’t say Peng would win, I changed it, and I said Sharapova would win in 3.

      I honestly have no idea who will win Cornet or Kontaveit. It’s too unpredictable. It’s just a guess. Not a betting suggestion or anything serious.

  11. John, no one can predict 100% of all matches correctly. I agree.

    But since you are a WTA expert for 5+ years running a WTA website and charging subscriptions, you should make atleast make 90%+ predictions correctly.

    If you are betting on your own picks you should be under heavy loss…am I right? can you post your actual/original bets? Don’t think you will.

    I will shoot straight here if you don’t mind. How much influence the bookies who sponsor your website have on your predictions here? I bet it is 50% as nearly 50% of the picks are wrong. Then how will anyone make money following your picks…with subscribers usually picking and choosing the bets from your full predictions?

    Sorry for asking you the tough questions straight up.

    On many days in a week (when I do 100% research) I get 80 to 90% of my bets correct.

    (10) Johanna Konta to defeat (Q) Bernarda Pera in 2 sets?

    John, i think the opposite will happen.

    How can we recommend a flakey and unreliable player like konta. That too in 2 sets?

    Konta recommendations must come with lots of WARNING LABELS just as in prescription drugs, poison, explosive material etc.!lol

    Bernarda Pera has Konta’s style under control. She has beaten Konta recently in 2 sets and may do the same. Liking a Pera win or +1.5 sets Pera.

  12. John,

    Instead of your pick of (4) Garbine Muguruza to defeat Ying-Ying Duan in 3 sets

    Why can’t Ying-Ying Duan defeat Garbine Muguruza(is not in good form but in TOP INJURY PRONE FORM!lol) in 3 or even 2 sets?

    Going small Ying-Ying Duan ML but big on Ying-Ying Duan +1.5 sets

    What you think John?

  13. Sorana Cirstea to defeat Garbine Muguruza? Are you kidding me?

    I think Garbine Muguruza (Mugs) will defeat Sorana Cirstea in 3 sets (2 also possible) because….

    1) Sorana is a very unreliable & flakey player.

    2) She cannot maintain top form for 3 consecutive matches and beat an experienced player like Mugs. Sorana Not capable.

    3) Sorana gets no credit for defeating Maria Sakkari who is not in form. Sorana gets no credit for defeating a tired and weak Mertens. Mertens played 18 matches since the start of 2018 culminating in a tough 3 setter with Timea Babos which finally broke the camel’s back.

    Sorana can NEVER defeat a Mertens who is fresh and full of energy. I can bet a million bucks on that!

    4) Mugs has a 2-0 H2H advantage showing that she has figured out Sorana style and can beat her many times.

    5) If Mugs H2H matches were close then we can say that Sorana has a chance to win today but Mugs beat Sorana badly in 2 easy sets and the same can happen today. Or atleast Mugs can beat Sorana in 3 sets.

    My bet is on the OVER to hit as Sorana will play with some confidence having beaten Mertens and will win quite some games to push the over.

    6) Sorana has an inferior W/L rate of 15/10 vs 29/12 for Mugs on Hard surface in 2017.

    7) Sorana’s strike rate on hard is 56.49 % vs 65.57 % for Mugs.

    8) Mugs gets a lot of credit for defeating Ying Ying Duan who was in pretty good form. Defeating an inform player with tons of power is very difficult. Mugs did a good job of defeating such a player in her very 1st match. This will give her lots of confidence in defeating a flakey Sorana. Just watch how sorana got man-handled rather woman-handled by a more consistent Dominika Cibulkova last week. If Mugs is a bit consistent (which she will try to be with her new confidence) can defeat an erratic Sorana.

    9) Sorana doesn’t have the form or power of Duan nor the high level experience of Mugs to win today!

    I have seen that Sorana commits a lots of errors (as she can’t lift the ball over the net with her low forehand back swing) when her opponents hit the ball low and flat with lot of power like Mugs does. Many of Cibukova’s shots were also low and flat or high with a lot of spin against which also Sorana struggles and hits into the net a lot.

    I think OVER is the best bet as nearly 2 equal forces will collide ie., Mugs experience and new found confidence and fresh legs vs the false confidence of Sorana (with win over a tired & weak Mertens). Either can win but I give Mugs 55% chance to win because of the above 9 advantages for Mugs. My 2nd bet might be +1.5 sets Sorana as Sorana can win the 1st set with her new found false confidence and will go down in the 2nd set as Mugs would have figured out Sorana’s 1 dimensional game with very few weapons and take the 2nd and 3rd set.

    • You just convinced my why it’s a good bet. If you give Muguruza a 55% chance then a bet on Cirstea at 3.55 is perfect.

      • John, i don’t know what you are saying by “GOOD BET”?

        The player with more chances of winning is GOOD BET and that is Mugurza! Her chance of winning is higher than 55% infact maybe 75% also (can’t put an actual % actually) with the 10 advantages that she has!

        But my actual bets are described above.

        I forget to mention POINT NO.10

        Mugs has her WINNING COACH, Conchita Martinez back in her corner to guide her to a victory here at Doha!

        POINT NO.10 – Spanish Fed Cup Captain and the 1st Spanish woman to win this title,Conchita Martinez who orchestrated Muguruza’s triumph in the 2017 Wimbledon Championships is back working with Mugs! This will greatly help Mugs not only in today’s match but also in this tournament and the next 4 tournaments!

        • If you think Muguruza is a 55% chance yet she is a much stronger favourite in the odds it means that Cirstea is the value play. Professional betting is all about value.. So betting on Muguruza would be stupid.

        • Conchita Martinez is such a clever coach that she will figure out the weaknesses of Sorana (an ordinary tennis player like me can easily figure out Sorana’s weakness, why not an experienced Champion & Coach Conchita Martinez!)? and devise strategies to beat an erratic and 1-dimensional player like Sorana who also has many mental issues and lapses! To start with Sorana’s movement is not good/fluid.

          • That’s good Jaya. You don’t seem to understand what I’m talking about. You said yourself that you think Muguruza is a 55% chance to win. Therefore putting a big bet on Muguruza to win at what 1.30? makes no sense.

          • You see john, when you do correct analysis(like I did above) we win.

            Mugs won in 2 easy sets 6-0,6-4.

            Your analysis was SO wrong so your pick and prediction is wrong. Now so many of your customers who followed your recommendation have lost their money. How will you compensate them?

            This is such an easy MU. As a 5+ year expert you should have picked it (Mugs vd Cirstea)correctly in a jiffy without any analysis. But how come nearly 50% of your picks/recommendations consistently wrong?

          • 1. I don’t owe anyone anything.

            2. You have the wrong approach. One day you are going to lose big.

            3. I never said Cirstea would certainly win nor did I say she was more likely to win. I said I thought she has a better chance than the odds suggest. Meaning she was value and worth a small play. That’s all.

  14. Jaya-You’re really gonna sit there and blame John who has done nothing but offer opinions? Look in the mirror because clearly you don’t know what you’re talking about by blaming someone who is doing you a favor.

    John-Thanks for all that you do. Can’t win em all..especially women’s tennis where the serve is a non-factor most of the time.

  15. Daria Kasatkina to defeat Agnieszka Radwanska?

    Kasatkina was injured in her last game vs CC Bellis in Doha 1st rd. and retired.

    We do not know if Kasatkina has recovered fully from that injury. Hence, Radwanska may win today. Like the over to hit if not.

    What do you think John?

    • Hi Jaya, well i’m assuming she is okay as that’s all I can do. I don’t like to speculate on injury unless they are obvious…

  16. Research shows-

    Georgina Garcia Perez to upset Aleksandra Krunic (in 3 mostly)

    Georgina Garcia Perez’s current form is far superior to that of Krunic’s
    Krunic is on a 3 match losing streak and has no confidence currently.

    John, how will (7) Aleksandra Krunic defeat (wc) Georgina Garcia Perez in 2 sets

    Krunic can lose in 2 sets possibly. Mostly in 3 sets as Krunic is a fighter.

    How can a weak and error some Lara Arruabarrena defeat Mihaela Buzarnescu(Buzz) who is in top form?

    Buzarnescu has the power, experience and varied shot making to hit winners from all angles.

    Lara is on a 7 match losing streak baring a win over an out of form/injured Hogenkamp. How can Lara beat Buzz…who has is strong in all departments?

    I won’t be surprised if Buzz…will smash Lara in 2 sets also. if Lara fights hard then it goes to the 3rd set.

    Buzz….ML is an easy winner I think. Every expert I talk to is on Buzz…

    Most are on Frech & Perez also.

    John, do you want to reconsider the picks for the above 2 matches?

    I see upsets in many more of your picks or recommendations.

    • Buzarnescu is overrated. I never said Arruabarrena WILL win. I said Arruabarrena is good value. There is a big difference.

  17. John, I think….

    Jelena Ostapenko will smash Elena Vesnina in 2 sets instead of…

    Elena Vesnina to defeat (4) Jelena Ostapenko in 3 sets

    Ostapenko will bounce back after the loss to Buzz….many find it difficult to play Buzz…because of her unique lefty style of play. It is normal. That loss should be ignored.

    Vesnina made a ton of errors and was lucky to win as Peng was injured and could not move or hit any power shots accurately. It is a different story with Ostapenko who is fit, healthy and strong. She is very good form also as she has been playing doubles and kept her skills sharp.

    Vesnina struggled to handle the mild shots of an injured pend. Against Vesnina will not be able to see the ball leave alone return them. I can visualize Vesnina (who is not in any form) losing badly and crying…She was crying when she could not handle Peng’s serves or returns until Peng started making lots more errors probably because her injured knee started hurting.

    • Hello Jaya

      You may recall Ostapenko lost to Buyukakcay a few weeks ago. There was no real evidence to suggest that would happen but it did. Ostapenko can lose to anyone.

      You can’t be so arrogant with your predictions..

  18. My research shows that….

    Catherine Cartan Bellis will give a very tough fight to Elise Mertens(who doesn’t have the speed & power of Halep to counter Belli’s deep, wide angled ground strokes…hit on the run also!) and possibly upset Mertens if she is not accurate in her returns and fast in her movement. Like the over here to win and either player can win. +1.5 sets Bellis should win if not the match.

    What do you think John?

  19. John, I haven’t watched Bonaventure play.

    What advantage and weapons does Ysaline Bonaventure have over Sara Sorribes Tormo?

    Looking at her stats it looks like she will give Tormo a tough fight. Can Bona upset Tormo?

  20. John like most of your picks for today.

    John, don’t you think….

    Jana Cepelova will defeat Shuai Zhang with the better current form.

    Cepelova also has the better record of performance on IH.

  21. John, how did flipkens beat a good and in form monica niculescu yesterday against your prediction?

    I didn’t watch any match es in WTA yesterday.

    Was monica niculescu injured or tired?

    If monica niculescu was not injured but was healthy means that Flipkens is playing well and has a very good chance of upsetting Cibulkova, right?

  22. Daria Kasatkina to defeat (2) Garbine Muguruza in 3 sets?

    Keeping my analysis short as I just started researching the other matches. No time.

    I think the stronger attack, pressure, consistency and experience of Mugurza will win her the match today.

      • Yup. Mugurza gassed out in the 3rd set, infact by end of 2nd set and lost. Shows Mugs fitness and endurance is a big question mark. her hip and quad issues prevent her from playing 3 long set matches. that is why Mugs tried to finish the 2nd set and go home fast. Dasha I bet knew of Mugs fitness issues and saw her tiring so kept on fighting and prolonging the match and she was rewarded ultimately with a break in the 2rd set. After loss of the 2nd set, Mugs just gave up. Mugs had no more energy in her gas tank.

  23. Why will (LL) Viktoria Kuzmova defeat Alison Van Uytvanck in 3 sets?

    Who is betting on Alison Van Uytvanck to win besides me?

    I like Alison Van Uytvanck to win because:-

    1) She is the higher ranked and the more skilled player.

    2) Her game is more suited to the fast indoor surfaces. Alison has already won an indoor WTA title.

    3) Alison Van Uytvanck has the power advantage due to which her power serves and power returns are difficult for her opponents to return effectively leading to many winners.

    4) Alison has played and won all 3 matches in very easy straight sets unlike Kuzmova who lost a match in qualies in 3 sets to Ysaline Bonaventure. The remaining matches she won in 2 sets which is commendable.

    5) Alison has beaten more stronger opponents than that of Kuzmova. Lisicki and Cirstea are very flakey and erratic. So beating them gives no credit. Kuz’s win over Martic is really credit worthy. Think Petra just had a bad day in the office.

    6) Alison has the fresher legs as she played only 3 matches vs 5 for Kuzmovathat includes a 3 setter loss.

  24. Hungarian Ladies Open, Budapest Final Match Prediction
    (1) Dominika Cibulkova (DC) to defeat Alison Van Uytvanck (AVV) in 2 sets = may not happen

    John, I think Dominika Cibulkova will win but not in 2 sets. It will need a decider for DC to win.

    In their last H2H match in 06/2014, DC struggled to beat AVU and just managed to squeeze out through the back door in 3 sets. Since 2014, AVU has improved her rankings whereas DC has stagnated at a high ranking since 2014. DC has the same game in 2018 as she had in 2014. No improvement at all.

    But by observing both in their SF’s, I saw that DC still has good advantage in court movement and in returning with ability to hit returns to both corners of the court consistently for winners. AVU is a bit inconsistent in this department. If AVU can reduce her high UE count and keep her returns accurate then she can beat DC. I have seen that when power players with accuracy put pressure on DC, she cracks. If AVU can do the same and force DC to commit a lot of errors while keeping her own UE count low, then AVU can win today!

    With AV having the below advantages-

    1) IH being her FAV surface. IH NOT FAV of DC

    2) AVU has the better W/L rec in 2017 of 13/3 vs 2/1 for DC.

    3) AVU has a strike rate of 71.63% compared to a lower 66.67% of DC.

    4) AVU has nearly 50% power advantage over DC, AVU being the bigger and stronger girl.

    5) In 2017 Has won one IH tournament(Quebec City – I. hard) and reached the FINALS of Poitiers – I. hard beating a top player like Belinda Bencic. This shows AVU’s strength and specialization on IH!

    6) AVU has beaten 2 top players in Shuai Zhang and Victoria Tomova. You recommended also that Victoria Tomova will beat AVU, but that did not happen. can your today’s prediction also not happen. Possible. 3 sets is possible but anyone winning in 2 sets is doubtful as both are very strong players.

    …AVU will put up a terrific fight and will need a 3rd set to decide the winner and neither will win in 2 sets.

    (1) Dominika Cibulkova (DC) to defeat Alison Van Uytvanck (AVV) in 2 sets = may not happen

    A player winning in 2 sets means it is an open and shut case. But it is not so here. This match is close to a toss up. Experience and Movement VS Power and IH form of AVU = near stalemate!

    Like the over games to win and will be one of my bets. Will bet DC ML and +1.5 sets AVU

    • I won’t be surprised if Alison Van Uytvanck (AVU) upsets Dominika Cibulkova as AVU is waiting to take revenge for her 2014 H2H loss!

      Sometimes DC can go through a never ending cycle of errors esp. when heavy pressure is put on her serves and returns throwing her game off!

  25. Hungarian Ladies Open, Budapest

    Dominika Cibulkova to defeat Alison Van Uytvanck (Pinnacle)

    5 units @ $1.54 (Pinnacle)
    ….is far more dynamic and has far better movement and mental strength. I only see 1 winner here.

    yes, there is always one winner and that is ALISON VAN UYTVANCK! Congrats AVU on a great win against world No.33 Dominika Cibulkova and winning the 2nd WTA IH Title.!

    “jaya says:
    February 26, 2018 at 12:34 am
    I won’t be surprised if Alison Van Uytvanck (AVU) upsets Dominika Cibulkova as AVU is waiting to take revenge for her 2014 H2H loss!”

    As feared above, Alison Van Uytvanck (AVU) won! My analysis above was strongly pointing to a AVU win!

    “Like the over games to win and will be one of my bets. Will bet DC ML and +1.5 sets AVU”

    2 of the 3 bets won.

    Bet on AVU in LB big. he whole world was pushing/recommending that DC will win. That caused me to bet a small amount on DC ML and lose.

    Being a long time Alison Van Uytvanck fan, I always believed in her capability to win and bet her huge in LB for really good profits.

    Congrats to all the people who bet on Alison Van Uytvanck and won!

    • haha Jaya.. well done.

      You must admit it really just came down to luck. Cibulkova could have and probably should have won that third set.

      • Thnx for your reply John.

        Went finally with Puig (eventho she is error some) as she has more experience especially playing in this tournament in Mexico! Puig reached QF twice here before. Puig likes to play and win in Mexico.

        All the big profits I made was cancelled and my bet returned as Yastremska retired hurt on the last game as she was guaranteed to lose. Maybe it was a drama to avoid a loss on her records.I saw her trip and fall back. It did not require retiring and making all the bettors lose money! Will fade Yastremska even more in the future. Not a sport at all.

  26. John why will Taylor Townsend to defeat Kristie Ahn in 3 sets?

    Because Townsend is higher ranked? Townsend has been losing to lower ranked players and has many recent loses.

    Kristie Ahn is in far better form and has more chances to win today in 2 or 3 sets.

    Taylor Townsend is like the elder sister of McHale in erraticity (i coined this word) meaning being in a state of perpetual errors!

  27. I think…

    Richel Hogenkamp will defeat Kateryna Bondarenko

    Think Hogenkamp will take advantage of the high UE’s and win more games and put pressure on Bondarenko. Hogenkamp will outwit Bondarenko in the rallies and win. Hogenkamp is tough as nails putting many more returns in making Bondarenko run a lot and gas her out. We all know that Bondarenko’s movement and fitness is poor, right?

    If Bondarenko can keep her power returns accurate then she wins.

    Like +1.5 sets Hogenkamp (main bet) and over to win

    What do you think guys?

  28. John et. all,

    I think…

    (Q) Sara Errani to defeat (wc) Danielle Collins in 2 sets Why?

    Danielle Collins will defeat the old and slow Sara Errani. may be in 3 or 32 sets.

    Danielle Collins has too much speed, power and aggression advantage to which Errani may slowly (or quickly) succumb to. None of her past opponents had these speed, power and aggression advantage over Errani, so Errani was winning nicely. I suspect that will come to an end.

    Will bet Danielle Collins +1.5 sets to win. Danielle Collins ML can also win.

    I also think Stefanie Voegele  to defeat (Q) Rebecca Peterson in 3 sets
    will not happen.

    Rebecca Peterson’s serves & ground strokes is too powerful and accurate. She will overwhelm Voegele like she did to Shuai Zhang(who played really well actually. This shows how good Peterson is when she is on!) quickly today and win.

    Like Rebecca Peterson ML. -2.5 games Peterson can also win.

    What do you think John, Pieman, Just Sayin etc.? Some quick analysis will help with my bets.

  29. John et. all,

    Can you quickly compared the skills and detail the advantages and disadvantages of the below players?

    (Q) Sara Errani to defeat (Q) Amanda Anisimova in 2 sets ?
    Ajla Tomljanovic to defeat (4) Kateryna Bondarenko in 3 sets ?
    (7) Lesia Tsurenko to defeat Stefanie Voegele in 2 sets 

    Feel that Amanda Anisimova (has more talent, power and speed/movement advantage besides 100% home crowd support)

    Feel that Stefanie Voegele may out-grind Lesia Tsurenko with her greater experience and win. Tsurenko has won over weal opponents esp. Gavrilova. Not impressed with Tsurenko’s win over the weak and out of form Gavrilova. She nearly lost the 2nd set being 5-1 up in the 2nd set. Tsurenko was very weak in the 2nd set and not able to hit any power shots. A weak Tsurenko can easily be beaten by a tough fighter like Voegele,IMO!

    Like +.5 sets and over on all the dogs.

    What do you think guys? What are you betting?

    A quick reply is appreciated.

  30. Bondarenko wins as feared above.

    Next hopefully underdogs Amanda Anisimova and Voegele (from question marked matches above) win as they have numerous advantages which i am not able to type it out here.!

    Errani has more chances to win than Tsurenko (whose power is fading and is at a disadvantage in experience over Voegele. People with limited endurance should pace themselves and not burn out their energy in early rounds. Let’s see as there are many factors at play here.)

    But just banking on the over and +1.5 sets on the dogs to win. Win bet big in LB on whoever is winning!lol

      • You may be right John. Collins and Anisimova did not have the right experience to beat Errani. It is probably because I didn’t watch more than a couple of minutes of Collins and Anisimova fights. I should watch for quite some time besides watching Errani’s fights and make notes which i did not.

        Important:- John, can you provide link to fights on your website here so your members can watch them and assess their performance and pick the next round winners?

        But I think Bondarenko has the right experience, power and technique to take out Errani tomorrow. I am comparing Bondarenko to the Errani that i saw last year when she was bad. I haven’t seen her play now in 2018. I remember Errani of 2017 to having poor movement, having a weak serve and weak returns without much intelligence. She used to just push the ball back or lob it high and return. So, i was thinking that the current Collins and Anisimova can beat the 2017 weak Errani. Hence I was fading Errani.

        • Errani is still very tough to beat. One needs to play very well to beat her. She does not just lose to average players I think Bondarenko falls into the average category.

      • Voegele, was up a set and had to leading in set 2. She just had to hold her serve twice and she would have won in 2 sets. But somehow Voegele lost that game and the 2nd set and the match finally. I think Voegele became tired from yesterday’s long and tough match with Rebecca Peterson where she was engaged in long rallies. Forgot to factor that in.

        • Voegele was not tired lol. In fact it was Tsurenko who was inured and not close to her best but still won

  31. John in the WOMEN TIE BREAK TENS EXHIBITION, who wins?

    Sorana Cirstea or Shuai Zhang? Like Shuai Zhang to win

    Marion Bartoli or Serena Williams? Like Serena Williams to win

    Venus Williams or Elina Svitolina? Like Elina Svitolina to win

    Coco Vandeweghe or Daniela Hantuchova? Like Coco to win

    What do you think? Who are you betting on?

    • Hi Jaya… as you can see.. the only bet I would consider is Bartoli is she is great value.. the rest is just a guess.. anything can happen.

      • John, thanks for the quick feedback.

        But is Marion Bartoli in form? i haven’t seen her play recently. Serena is just back from delivering a baby. So, can’t trust her with few matches under her belt.

        I basically like just the below 2 to win. I missed the 6.30 PM CST deadline and missed the chance to bet.

        Venus Williams or Elina Svitolina? Like Elina Svitolina to win

        Coco Vandeweghe or Daniela Hantuchova? Like Coco to win

  32. All my above picks won!

    Sorana Cirstea or Shuai Zhang? Like Shuai Zhang to win

    Marion Bartoli or Serena Williams? Like Serena Williams to win

    Venus Williams or Elina Svitolina? Like Elina Svitolina to win

    Coco Vandeweghe or Daniela Hantuchova? Like Coco to win

    But I missed the deadline to bet. That is bad luck!

  33. John,

    Can you kindly separate out the matches according to DAY1 and DAY2 etc. and if possible put the start times next to it(in EST or PST, whichever is convenient to you. I personally like the time to be in CST. My bookies gives WRONG TIMES and I have to call many times to either CONFORM or CORRECT THEM!).


    Day1 (03-07-18 WED)

    1) Shelby Rogers to defeat (wc) Caroline Dolehide in 3 sets – TIME in EST
    2) Timea Bacsinszky to defeat Qiang Wang in 3 sets – TIME in EST
    3) Lauren Davis to defeat Samantha Stosur in 3 sets – TIME in EST
    4) Aryna Sabalenka to defeat Varvara Lepchenko in 3 sets – TIME in EST

    etc. etc.

    Day2 (03-08-18 THUR)

    1) Q) Ying-Ying Duan to defeat Kristyna Pliskova in 3 sets – TIME in EST
    2) (Q) Madison Brengle to defeat Market Vondrousova in 3 sets – TIME in EST

    etc. etc.

    Thank you John for these CHANGES in advance.

      • John these dates seem to be wrong.

        My bookie interchanged the dates for the matches and is not what I quoted above (which was actually quoted by y bookie earlier). DAY 1 has become DAY 2 and vice-versa!

        John, can you kindly separate out the matches according to DAY1 and DAY2 etc. and POST and if possible put the start times next to it (in EST or PST, whichever is convenient to you. I personally like the time to be in CST) for ALL FUTURE MATCHES?

  34. Pauline Parmentier to defeat (wc) Amanda Anisimova in 3 sets???

    I think….

    Amanda Anisimova will defeat Pauline Parmentier – even in 2 sets possible. The 50+ places difference in ranking here won’t matter. What matters here is greater form and intelligence of Anisimova. Anisimova may not be tired for the initial rounds as she is 16 years younger(young people recover faster than old woman’s) than the old woman Parmentier who is 32 years old besides most of Anisimova’s matches finished in 2 easy sets!

    i) Anisimova is on win streak and playing with great confidence. Parmentier on the other hand is on a 11 match losing streak barring a tough 3 set win over an out of form Kurumi Nara in between.
    ii) Anisimova will have 100% home crowd support and will be motivated to win for them
    iii) Anisimova is very accustomed to the Indian wells courts as she just played the Indian wells Challengers and was a finalist there! Parmentier on the other hand needs time to get used to the new Indian wells courts which are slower and bouncier than the fast hard courts in Acuapulco.
    iV) Anisimova plays an intelligent, controlled aggressive game with some variations. Parmentier knows only 1 type of game that is to serve hard and return hard blindly. When this strategy doesn’t work, Parmentier loses heart and quickly gives up the match. Anisimova is too intelligent and complex for the 1-dimensional Parmentier.

    Who is betting on Parmentier?

    • Hello Jaya… Anisimova is overrated, she is still very young and inconsistent and not tactically smart. Anisimova was killed by Errani, Parmentier can be seen as a somewhat similar opponent. The slow conditions in Indian Wells suit Parmentier, her heavy, loopy shots can expose Anisimova on this surface, just as Errani did last week.

  35. Guys, what are your TOP 10 WTA picks for today where you see no UPSETS?

    Just Saying, Pieman etc. what are your final bets for today. Could not research all(in fact most matches) the WTA matches. Very busy with family works.

  36. If Naomi Osaka brings her “A” game then she should be able to upset the old and 1-dimensional Maria Sharapova who is not in form also.

    But the real problem is that Naomi Osaka is not consistent. We do not know when or on what day she decides to flick that killer instinct switch in her mind. When she does, she can beat anyone.

    Will bet the winner in LB.

    What do you think guys?

    • Sharapova is too experienced and smart to lose to a player like Osaka unless Osaka plays her very best, which is unlikely.

  37. If Sabalenkha can win here (like on a regular hard surface) dominatingly on this slow called slow hard court why can’t Osaka succeed?

    The whole world is pushing Sharapova and neglecting Osaka who can actually win today, i think.

    Will go with LB. As both are flakey and unreliable.

  38. Guys, what are your TOP 10 WTA picks for today (8th March,2018) where you see no UPSETS?

    Just Saying, Pieman etc. what are your final bets for today?

  39. ….The slow hard courts in Indian Wells are seemingly a good surface for the Spaniard whilst Bellis plays her best tennis on a quicker surface.

    Bellis plays her best tennis on any surface…

    1) When she she can move like a Ninja
    2) When she can hit the both corners corners and lines (nearly alternatively) and make her opponents run and gas out like she did to Halep recently who retired the very next round from exhaustion.

    Bellis was able to play at a high level in the last 2 or 3 tournaments effectively with her new coaching staff and new strategy (open the court quickly and make her opponents run a lot and gas out)! Only bigger, stronger players like Elina Svitoina with great movement and power can take the tiny Bellis down!

    With the above 2 techniques in place….Bellis plays her best tennis at home…when she has all the fans rooting for her. Bellis is a home (typical american) girl!

    Going with Bellis ML. SST can give a tough fight. Ajla was tired from playing many matches in US hence lost to a low level clay court player like SST. Bellis is a different animal (like a Jaguar!lol) who is fresh, rested and rearing to kill (win) at home.

    • I would love to see Tormo win because she’s paying $8, but Bellis has beaten her easily in two recent matches so can’t see anything but a Bellis win (plus Bellis is playing at a high level)

  40. Don’t have time to do my research today, Jaya (work commitments), so any tips you have would be appreciated.

    • Just Saying, same with me here. Couldn’t research in depth and didn’t bet much. Took cues from here. Just went with the easy winners of Ekaterina Makarova , Bellis, Yanina Wickmayer ,Azarenka & Serena. Lost on Nucuiescu, Haddad Maia and Cornet.

      Hopefuly will bet & post atleast a couple tomorrow. You best ideas even though you might not bet will be very much appreciated. We need more detailed data/analysis from more members to correctly pick a winner.

  41. (30) Dominika Cibulkova to defeat (wc) Caroline Dolehide in 2 sets? In 3 sets possible. In 2 sets not possible as Dolehide is in form.

    I think we can expect an upset here!

    Caroline Dolehide to defeat Dominika Cibulkova in 3 sets!..as Cibulkova is not in good form. She basically defeated cans or low level players or flakey players at Budapest – I. hard.

    Dolehide has good enough form on hard esp. on US Soil. she is playing with super -confidence. On top of that she has super power. Cibulkova NEVER handles extreme power well esp. when it is quite accurate like she could not handle the power of Alison Van Uytvanck, Caroline Garcia, Kristina Mladenovic,Kaia Kanepi…and the list goes on and on, recently. In the same way Cibulkova will not be able to handle the big power (with good accuracy) of the young, strong girl Dolehide.

    Dolehide besides her BIG POWER & CONFIDENCE will have the complete support of the home crowd.

    Dolehide also is very well acclimatized to the Indian Wells – Hard courts having played 4 matches here whereas Cibulkova has played ZILCH matches on these unique slow hard courts.

    Besides…Cibulkova is rusted for the last 15 days whereas Dolehide has already warmed up with 4 matches on these unique slow hard courts and has already caused a huge upset (of S. Rogers). Brace yourself for 1 or 2 more upsets from this powerful and talented 19 year old youngster, Dolehide.

    Cibulkova you cannot HIDE from DoleHIDE (‘S powerful serves and returns)!lol

    Like +1.5 sets DoleHIDE to win easily. Over can hit if Cibulkova can handle DoleHIDE’s power game! DoleHIDE ML can win!

    What you think John, Pieman, Just Sayin etc.

    John, i am sure you won’t like this upset! But it can happen (because DoleHIDE has many advantages as discussed above)…just like my above upset prediction of Osaka over Sharapova!

    • Not sure about an upset, Jaya, but I certainly think Dolehide can take it to 3 sets. Cibulkova has a habit of playing unnecessary 3-set matches.

  42. 31) Agnieszka Radwanska to defeat Naomi Osaka in 3 sets?

    Naomi Osaka can upset Agnieszka Radwanska for nearly the same reasons as DoleHIDE upsetting Cibulkova!lol

    Naomi Osaka +1.5 sets should win. Naomi Osaka ML can win.

    Over only possible if Radwanska can handle Naomi Osaka’s power and if Osaka makes a lots of mistakes/errors.

    • This one is more of a toss up. I see Agnie as more stable than Osaka who often follows up a great performance with a bad one. The value is also on Agnie here too. ML for Agnie.

      • Agreed. The value is with Aga. This is more of a challenging matchup for Osaka compared to a rusty Sharapova

      • Just Saying, yes the value is on Aga(as well as Pavlyuchenkova) as she is the higher ranked player and has good movement and tricky play to trouble osaka. But If Osaka can play a close to error free POWER GAME(which she is capable of and has shown many times in the last few months)…we can see an upset here, today.

        But I am just going with the Dogs +1.5 sets Anisimova, Osaka, DoleHIDE and a couple more in form youngsters. But all can win ML.

        Over will hit (if these higher ranked oldies show up and don’t tank) as most of these youngsters with form will fight hard with their surging talent, Estrogen etc.!lol

        • …I forgot to add couple more youngsters who are gonna go for some upsets…like sabalenkha, Vondrousova etc.

          But I am just going with the Dogs +1.5 sets Anisimova, Osaka, DoleHIDE sabalenkha, Vondrousova and a couple more in form youngsters. But all can win ML.

          I have so much data but no time to post. Working on ATP matches also which gives me no time to post many of my wonderful findings or winners or upsets!

          • Sabalenka was not the underdog, she was a strong favourite.

            The court surface in Indian Wells does not favour Konta at all, so not a surprise she lost.

  43. (23) Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova to defeat Amanda Anisimova in 2 sets?

    Amanda Anisimova will defeat Pavlyuchenkova. Possible in 2 sets also! In 3 sets if Pavlyuchenkova can reduce her errors and fight hard without giving up.

    Pavlyuchenkova is in very poor form with no confidence as she is on a 11 match losing streak) baring 2 wins in between).

    Pavlyuchenkova is not in form and will be sent home today by a special AEROFLOT flight!

    Amanda Anisimova ML to win.

    These young talented American teens (DoleHide, Anisimova, Kenin etc.) are going to dominate the world soon!

    • Don’t forget Kostyuk (even though she isn’t American) to will also rule one day.

      At first I thought this should be a hard fought win for Anisimova because Pavs has sucked all year, but the losses for Pavs have been close and she may have enough experience to grind this out. Can’t decide here.

      • Just Sayin, I think we can add few more talented and upcoming youngsters to the below list…

        I forgot to add Danielle Rose Collins…she is one more future star!

        These young talented American/World teens (DoleHide, Amanda Anisimova, Sofia Kenin, Danielle Rose Collins, Marta Kostyuk etc.) are going to dominate the world soon…if they keep improving but need more high level coaches to progress!

    • There is a tiny chance Pavlyuchenkova will lose. Betting on Anisimova is stupud. Anisimova has beaten no one even close to Nastia’s level. Pavlyuchenkova should be the clear favourite… all the value is with Pavlyuchenkova

      • Every top ranked player like Serena or Svitolina when they started their careers people said that they haven’t beaten anyone ranked yet. But after they beat the 1st, 2nd, 3rd top ranked players (basically upsets) the doubters began to sing a different story…that a STAR IS BORN!lol We will all sing a different story after Anisimova beats Pavlyuchenkova today or atleast in the next few months when she beats many higher ranked players. Anisimova’s talent is undeniable! Just allow her to grow into her adult body when more power & maturity will come into her huge talented body!

  44. John,Just Saying, Pieman, what are your TOP 10 WTA picks for today (9th March,2018 FRI) where you see no UPSETS?

  45. Coco Vandeweghe can be upset by Kaia Kanepi who is in better form, more stable and has the H2H adv.

    Like +1.5 Kanepi and over possible. Kaia Kanepi can win ML

  46. Even Garbine Muguruza can be upset by the powerful and in better form Sachia Vickery!

    Like +1.5 sets Sachia Vickery to win. Sachia Vickery ML also possible. Over is possible if Muguruza is in atleast 50% form.

    • Really depends on Murgs fitness. Judging by recent matches I think she wins this in 2 sets. But who knows with her.

      • She should win in two sets but as you said who knows. Vickery is nothing special, all up to Garbine.

        • Seriously good choke from Murgs. Up a set and 3-0 in the second, then down came the wall (and up went Vickery’s performance)

      • Thnx. Just Saying.

        +1.5 sets Osaka, Anisimova, Sabalenkha,DoleHide

        … besides Osaka, Anisimova, Sabalenkha,DoleHide ML wins as predicted above!

        Did you Just Saying, John, Pieman, or anyone here bet on my picks/predictions for good profits $$$?

        Like +1.5 Kanepi fails. Looks like Kanepi was injured. In this state we can’t expect her to win. A fully healthy Kanepi can defeat an erratic Vandeweghe.

        +1.5 sets Sachia Vickery wins. Now don’t care if she wins but she can win ML also as Mugurza does not play well on slow hard surfaces. Mugs endurance is suspect in long 3 set matches like as in she lost to Kasatkina recently in 3 sets! Did not bet on Sachia Vickery ML but I am cheering for Vickery loudly. Hope you can hear my loudest cheers overriding all!lol.

        Did you Just Saying, John, Pieman, or anyone here bet on my picks/predictions for good profits $$$?

        • Not today, Jaya. I bet on Mertens to win against Wang and despite winning the first set, she went on to lose the next two. So I called it quits for Tennis today and stuck to the NBA.

          Glad to hear you had such a great day, Jaya. make hay while the sun shines! 🙂

          P.S. Pavs just might be on an Aeroflot back home. 😉

          • Pavlyuchenkova is a slob. She is the biggest disappointment of all players on tour this year

          • John, If Pavlyuchenkova is a slob and is the biggest disappointment of all players on tour this year then WHY did you recommend Pavlyuchenkova beating Anisimova in 2 sets???

            …when pavlu can’t win even in 3 sets leave alone winning on mother earth…AND THE WHOLE WORLD KNEW ABOUT IT? I hope your intention was not to make your members lose money and help the bookies!lol

  47. After posting the above, I thought while cheering for Vickery, why not make some money on my girl Vickery. So, I went ahead and live bet Vickery and made a nice chunk of profits $$$$!

    Wow! What a great day of great predictions and profiteering. I know all days will not be like this. Let’s enjoy the good times while it lasts.

    Congrats to all who followed the many above winning picks and made some profit.

    • Well done Jaya, lucky was really on your side today. Should go out and buy lottery ticket while you are at it!

      • John, you always discourage any other person predicting correct bets. If they win it is ALWAYS LUCK.

        It is NOT LUCK because I studies the MU in detail, spent a lot of time, gave solid analysis and predicted the winners/upsets in advance. What I did was basically SOLID SCIENCE. SCIENCE=NO LUCK.

        I have researched many matches with many winner predictions. Couple of them already hit! +1.5 sets Rose and Zhuk. Many more…but probably not here.

        Since I am not getting appreciated, except by you Just Saying and pieman also, i may not post many of my predictions. It takes away a lot of time from my studying other bets. I(and my brother) already predicted the upset win of Collins Rose over Madison Keys. My brother is posting it on other tennis sites. I get no appreciation her for my hard work and prediction fr so many months? All my wins are by LUCK ? That is just madness to think, leave alone say it for REAL SCIENTIFIC, HARD WORK!

        • Hi Jaya,

          I enjoy your analysis (and also John’s). In fact I appreciate any analysis that is different to mine. Is there any other way to contact you outside of this site, Jaya, if you don’t want to post your predictions here?

  48. Just Saying, my (and my brothers) pick of…Sofya Zhuk to beat Magdalena Rybarikova wins! This was posted in another Tennis website where my brother is active.

    (18) Magdalena Rybarikova to defeat (wc) Sofya Zhuk in 3 sets…not possible.

    Just Saying, you tell me whether my analysis is LOTTERY(or blindly picking a winner WITHOUT any analysis) or SOLID ANALYSIS?

    In fact, my picks are also being bet by more than 600+ active members (actually are 5000+ members strong) of my local betting club. I learnt the ART-N-SCIENCE of scientific analysis from financial experts (working for Price Waterhouse Coopers, Allianz, Berkshire Hathaway, JP Morgan Chase etc.) who run the local betting club. They are slowly allowing me to learn the betting secrets as I help the local club a lot. I am still learning and improving and my profits are soaring helping me(and my brother) to comfortably pay for the Cancer treatment of a close sick relative. Many members are earning 50,000 to 100,000 or more per month from betting on multiple sports! If I am doing LOTTERY PICKING (per John) then John is accusing that all the 1000’s of people in my club are doing LOTTERY picking for what they are actually doing is SOLID SCIENTIFIC ANALYSIS of every match. They discuss every match scientifically (strength, power, endurance, form, accuracy etc. are all scientific points they discuss and note) and write-up multi-page analysis and pick winners after 100’s of members discuss the same!

    • Hi Jaya, sorry if I offended you but this is not science, no one can guarantee anything. Women’s tennis is the most unpredictable sport in the world, anything can happen. I acknowledge that you do make very good analysis sometimes and that you have made some good predictions of late, well done!

      I stand by my call on Pavlyuchenkova, at those odds, there was no other choice, regardless of form. Also, how dare you suggest that I purposely made wrong predictions… If I were to create a poll and ask 500 experts who will win, Pavlyuchenkova or Anisimova, I’m sure at least 75% would have said Pavlyuchenkova, meaning she was great value.


    • Hi Jaya,

      I am going to play devil’s advocate here so keep this in mind as you read.

      Funny you ask whether your review is scientific. I can address this because I work as a research scientist. I received my PhD a few years ago in cognitive psychology and I take a keen interest in decision making, particularly around gambling. So if you’re seeking confirmation that your analysis is science, sorry to say that it is not – not even close. However, you do provide a very comprehensive review of the facts available and that’s why I really enjoy your reviews: you find out information that I don’t have time to do. It would be a shame to not offer your reviews here just because you disagree with the way John approaches betting.

      In terms of John’s strategy (and correct me if I am wrong, John), he looks for value in bets, not always who should win. He has mentioned this to you before which I don’t think you comprehended. Value betting is one of many ways to wager, but not the only way. I am sure you have your own strategy, as described above, but I caution anyone who thinks there is a ‘system’ that will always lead to profit. There isn’t because there are always unknown variables that generally cannot be account for (unless a player intends to ‘throw a match’. I don’t know what part of the world you live, and where you bet, but in Australia, if anyone makes half the money you mention with Australian bookmakers, their accounts are usually restricted (but that’s a different story altogether).

      I joined this website not because I want to strike it rich betting on tennis (although that is a bonus), but because I want someone to offer a different view and to challenge my opinions/picks. I also like that John does this with a witty (sometimes cattish) sense of humour. Jaya, I hope you do the same and stay here and enjoy being challenged, even if you are right!

      Just Sayin’

      • Thanks for the support buddy. I’m happy that you understand what this is all about and seem to have the correct perspective on gambling. Yes, recently I changed my approach, I am more focused on value, I’m not really interested in odds under 1.60 as they are rarely worth it. This is not about becoming rich because that is not going to happen for anyone, unless they dump a heap of money on one play and get lucky.

  49. I like Ostapenko (thrives in slow clay like conditions, hence she is the 2017 French Open Champ. Looks how happy Osta is on this surface!) and Qiang Wang (more consistent) to win in close matches.

    Just started my research and it can change.

  50. Victoria Azarenka / Aryna Sabalenka to defeat Ekaterina Makarova / Elena Vesnina

    ….not happening.

    Victoria Azarenka is so rusty that she cannot win singles matches. Beating an out of form watson is nothing great. She struggled a lot in every game there.

    Aryna Sabalenka is queen of errors. But she has got some experience and she will keep this pair in the game. But Ekaterina Makarova / Elena Vesnina are expected to win per most experts as they are doubles veterans for long and know many doubles secrets that Victoria Azarenka / Aryna Sabalenka…do not know.

    • Hi Jaya. Perfect example of where you do not understand what I am saying. I never said they WILL win or I think they WILL win. I said their odds are good and worth a small bet. You don’t seem to understand the difference.

      • There is NO USE of betting if you don’t have any expectation of winning.

        “I said their odds are good and worth a small bet.”..When you say that you are indirectly saying that this bet will win. That is simple english. That is the only meaning here. People come to this website just to get WINNING BETS. Good odds or bad odds or any other words people don’t care. People just WINNING BETS. If a bet will NOT win it shouldn’t be posted anywhere.

        • The best way to make a consistent profit is to find value. Finding value plays means there will be a lot of losses but that does not necessarily mean you will be down overall.. such as this month my average odds are about 2.70, I have lost more plays but i am in the positive…
          If you are just looking for wins then you might as well throw all your money at something that is $1.01

        • Obviously there is always an expectation of winning, I never said there was not. I said my expectation of winning is always greater than the bookmakers expectations of my selection winning, well at least that’s how it should be. Thanks. I hope you can understand that at some stage.

  51. Just saying et all,

    Per my initial analysis, I think…

    1) Daria Kasatkina can defeat Caroline Wozniacki in 3 sets. Like the OVER her as Woz will fight hard.

    Like +1.5 sets Daria Kasatkina to win. Kasatkina ML and over can also win

    2) Anastasija Sevastova can defeat Venus Williams. Sevastova can expose the poor movement of Venus Williams due to old age and win. But one can never write off Venus Williams as she has loads of POWER besides 100% home crowd support.

    3) M. Vondrousova will defeat P. Martic in 2 tight sets or 3 sets. Because,

    i) P Martic is basically a clay courter. 2017 = 1win on hard and 2 losses on hard. Vondrousova is basically a hard court player. Won 14 and lost 5 in 2017.

    ii) Vondrousova will be seeking revenge for the last H2H loss on 01/01/2018. Vondrousova was a bit rusted as it was her 1st match after a long winter holidays. Still that was a very close match. Vondrousova has got many matches under her belt since that defeat and is in very good form. So, i expect Vondrousova to beat Martic today.

    iii) Vondrousova has BIG POWER advantage. She will outhit Martic in most rallies. Martic struggles against players with big power especially those who are a bit accurate.

    Vondrousova is like Alison van Uytvanck having both power and accuracy.

    But like the over to win here.

    I also like Amanda Anisimova to upset (5) Karolina Pliskova to defeat (wc) in 3 sets. 2 also possible.

    (5) Karolina Pliskova to defeat (wc) Amanda Anisimova in 2 sets …may not happen.

    Karolina Pliskova is a poor returner and mover and will get exposed by the brilliant attacking play of Anisimova. Pliskova struggled to beat an out of form Zhang(for a long tme). But Anisimova is in top form winning 8 matches here on the slow Indian Wells Courts. So, Anisimova will be feeling like a fish in the water while Pliskova (who favors faster surfaces) will be like a giraffe in water on this slow surface!lol

    If Anisimova has serious movement problems due to the taping of her left leg then Pliskova can win. But I think Anisimova’s leg tapping is just a precautionary thing. She moved well even with that taping in the last match vs Kavitova, who was in TOP FORM. Anisimova beat Kavitova who has similar power as Pliskova and is a better returner than Pliskova! Pliskova has to be super accurate and use all her experience to win today.

    4) (27) Carla Suarez Navarro (CSN) to defeat (wc) Danielle Collins in 2 sets might not happen. may happen in 3 sets.

    Danielle Collins is a powerful all round intelligent player who can attack and defend well. Svitolina looked tired and out of form. But Danielle Collins is young, hungry and in red hot form!

    Danielle Collins is intelligent. She will not give time for CSN to setup her powerful backhand shots. Once you take away CSN’s backhand she is ZERO just like when you take away the backhand of Richard Gasquet!

    Besides, CSN’s movement is not upto mark as she is short, heavy and stocky. The intelligent Danielle Collins will open up the court quickly and make CSN run all over the court and make her tired and win!

    Like +1.5 sets Collins. Over can win. 3 sets possible.

    Research continuing and not done yet. Can change my bets after complete research.

    When I have doubt of inconsistent players like Ostapenko (who can win SU if they get a high % of their shots in) or low level players, I usually bet/fade on them in Live Bet.

    Just saying and others what do you think of my above pre-eliminary analysis

    and what are your final bets?

        • John, yes I had to change my mind a lot because…

          My post above stared…”Per my initial analysis, I think…” initial=Pre-eliminary

          As I was busy i could not complete my analysis nor go back and watch the reply of the previous matches with some family commitments.

          Without 100%,thorough analysis it is not possible to bet pre-bet. Hence, i decided to do LB, which i do a lot more than pre-bet as i don’t get to see most live matches. I am struggling to find time to watch live matches which is very important for me to do accurate predictions.

  52. Hi Jaya,

    Sorry I’m late to your reply (just woke up due to time difference). Agreed that Kasatkina can take out Woz. I laid money on Kasatkina to win the whole event so knowing my luck she will lose today. lol

    Agree with Sevastova, Venus hasn’t looked that sharp this year.

    Was asleep for the Martic match but looks like she owned Vondrousova, Jaya.

    Don’t think Anisimova will beat Pliskova. Pliskova can match her power and may hit her off the court even though Pliskova looks like a wounded giraffe moving around the court

    If CSN wins, I think it will be in 3 sets. Like Collins for the reasons you describe above, Jaya.

    • Collins will not beat Suarez Navarro. At least, she should not. There is a huge gulf in class between the two. Fair to say Collins does not belong at the quarter-final stage of this level of event,

  53. Irrespective of all pre-bet analysis, I am checking ALL games in LB before betting.

    Vondrousova has poor decision making issues. Had to fade her in LB even though she is the better hard court player.

  54. I have been telling for so many years that Sevastova is a trash player and she proved why in today;s match vs Venus Williams.

    Sevastova is a weak player and her low level trick game will only work against either weak, low level or 1 -dimensional players (like Puig) or against out of form players like Sharapov (also 1-dimensional) who does boat load of mistakes.

    Sevastova made tons of errors else she could have won the match vs Venus. Her drop shots were so weak that Venus could run from the other end of the court and swat it like a fly for winners.

    Sevastova is mentally weak and was making the same mistakes over and over again and not making any efforts to correct her over-hitting/over-cooking mistakes.

    I have posted all these negative attributed of Sevastova here or in other websites(thru my brother) but in different words. Hope someone remembered it and faded Sevastova against a strong player like Venus (who is quite mobile for a 37 years old player) against whom Sevastova’s low level and poorly executed tricks (drop shots, lobs etc.) will not work.

    • Jaya, you said above that Sevastova can beat Williams and after she lost you write this. Stop sending mixed messages, dude, you sound like my ex girlfriend. lol

      • Just Saying, yes,it looks contradictory.

        After the nice close to error free game that Sevastova played vs Julia Goerges, I thought that Sevastova has changed for the good. But on back analysis I see that Goerges was in bad shape/form recovering from an injury(hip etc.) so was able to win easily vs Goerges. This match really fooled me into believing that Sevastova had changed for the good besides completely believing John’s analysis. I am kicking myself for not remembering Sevastova’s old weaknesses (mental issues, error proneness etc.)

        But guess what? Such dogs (Sevastova, Cirstea, Ostapenko etc.) don’t change their BAD habits. It is my bad that I got carried away by John’s analysis and by Sevastova’s win over Georges. i should henceforth try to remember the HARD CORE STYLE & WEAKNESS of players, not get carried away by others analysis, and note when and at what level their bad habits will get exposed.

        • Carried away by my analysis? lol. The analysis was correct, Sevastova just did not execute. Everyone has bad matches.

          Also you have significantly overrated Collins, there is nothing special about her. She will hover around 100 for her whole career.

    • Sevastova is not trash, she just had a bad day. It happens to everyone. But yes, it was frustrating.

  55. Just saying,John etc.

    who are you betting in the match between…

    Naomi Osaka vs (5) Karolina Pliskova?

    On deep thinking, i feel that Karolina Pliskova can win this match in 3 sets.

    Pliskova has-

    1) More experience in big matches
    2) More Power
    3) Has improved her returning skills to the point where she beat good returners in Zhang and Anisimova!
    4) Osaka has QUARTER FINALS syndrome. When she reaches any QUARTER FINALS, she gets nervous or something and loses just like she lost in the QUARTER FINALS of Hong Kong Open, Melbourne – Hard and Dubai – Hard.

    I like Over to win as Osaka will definitely fight. +1.5 sets Osaka can win along with Pliskova ML.

  56. I’m avoiding this one. Pliskova looks almost disinterested on court and I can’t tell if that’s just her playing style or where her head is currently at.

    • Pliskova looks like that to a few people(disinterested) but she is one of the MOST serious players out there and is a TOP 10 PLAYER for a long time.

      Pliskova controls her emotions and remains calm and collected on the fields to not give away her feelings to her opponents for Psych adv….just like many top professional players in many sports do!

      The player who is MORE CONSISTENT with fewer errors will win.

      BOL to all.

      • As I said above “The player who is MORE CONSISTENT with fewer errors will win.”, Osaka was the player who was more consistent (in her returns) and forcing Pliskova to make errors in her returns, and won.

        I luckily live bet all matches in both ATP and WTA which saved my ass. Like bet on Simona to win the match and 1st set. In 2nd set I took Martic as she was running away with the games.3rd set took Simona again knowing that Simona the champ will figure out a way to win in the final set. Knew Simona would not want to lose to Martic which will be a shame on the part of former World No.1

        Osaka, exposed the weaknesses in Pliskova’s returns and movement. Pliskova is not suited for clay or any other slow court as opponents can hang in with her and defeat her in the rallies. lesson learnt= I won’t trust Pliskova against good returners with power. If Pliskova plays Aga, i will take pliskova as Aga has NO power!lol

        Pliskova’s poor movement and power will only work on fast surfaces like Grass and pure hard surface. But good returners with power will always have the advantage over Pliskova on any surface!

        • not going your way anymore Jaya… I knew Osaka was the better player, it was all about execution, she executed on the night. Pliskova is very overrated. I am changing my opinion of Osaka after what I have seen from her at this event.

  57. I’ve seen Pliskova lose her shit on court quite often, although not that recently.

    What’s BOL mean?

    • I did get a feeling Kasatkina could win, that’s why I avoided a play on kerber. Surprised it was so easy!! wow.

    • Just Saying, did you take advantage of the “Kerber taken to tennis school and whipped by Kasatkina” by betting on Kerber?

      What did you bet on yesterday and what will you bet on today?

      I wanted Kerber to win as my analysis pointed to a Kerber win.

      As I am betting on all flakey and doubtful matches in Live bet(except that of Federer and over in the Anderson match), I checked Kerber for a couple of games in the 1st set and faded Kerber and bet on Kasatkina big. Evenn though I made good profits on Kasatkina, I am not happy at all with my profits on Daria as she won against my analysis prediction of Kerber. I am really mad with Kerber and CSN. I again had to fade CSN and bet on Venus in live bet even though I wanted CSN to win as it was pointed to by my stupid analysis. Looked like the bookies match-fixed these 2 matches as lots of money had come in on Kerber and CSN.

      • Jaya you need to read over your comments

        “Just Saying, did you take advantage of the “Kerber taken to tennis school and whipped by Kasatkina” by betting on Kerber?”

        How could he take advantage of it by betting on KERBER, you mean betting on KASATKINA…

        So Jaya you did not bet on CSN pre-match.. if you bet on Venus live, the odds must have been pretty low…

        • John, that was a typo. I should have replaced Kerber with Kasatkina.

          I did not bet CSN or Kerber (but I was rooting for both of them to win…but to no avail) pre-match (even tho she was my pick in pre-bet analysis) as I am betting 95% of the matches in Live bet only. This is because i lost 5 to 6 matches in 1st round of Indian wells and decided that the only way to go when there are so many upsets is to go live bet, which is safer. I will probably be doing live betting(95%) in future. I will do only like 5% Pre-bet in future when I am 1000% sure of the outcome (like today’s bet on Federer and over on the Anderson match).

          • You bet on Federer.. at what $1.05 lol. I don’t understand your betting tbh. It’s not in line with what i do but that’s okay.

      • I placed $50 on Kasatkina to win the tournament at $67. Haven’t had to hedge her opponents yet but I may do it now she is in the semi-finals

        • Just Saying, Kasatkina may very well win the Indian Wells tournament. She has the skills,power, movement and current form to win it.

          Which bookie do you use for betting, “Just Saying””

          • Jays, I use Australian bookies (at least 6) because laws here make it very difficult to bet offshore. I also use Pinnacle but this week they announced they will no longer take bets from Australia.

            What ones do you use?

        • wow. Awesome bet. I’d consider cashing out at this stage or hedging.. I don’t think Daria would beat Simona in the final but if it’s Osaka she can do it

          • Thanks. Yeah, shame Venus and Daria are playing before Halep – at least then I would have a better indication if I should cash out. Think I’ll hedge to keep it in play.

          • Good one mate.. leave the majority of the winning on Kasatkina.. Place a bit on Osaka if u need to

  58. Nice Kostyuk tip, John. Cheers. She came back from a 1-6 0-3 deficit to take the second 7-6 6-2. Marta, FTW!

    • I counted it as a loss then she came back from nowhere. She has had some very impressive results this year, this perhaps THE most impressive.

  59. I think….

    Simona Halep to defeat Naomi Osaka in 2 sets…may not happen even though all the stats (3-0 H2H adv. , big match experience etc.).

    Vice-versa can happen ie., Naomi Osaka CAN defeat Simona Halep in 2 sets…CAN happen. But the probability of Osaka winning in 3 sets is more.

    This is because….

    1) Osaka is playing very confidently (as she is hitting very cleanly her power shots) and with better form currently.

    2) Osaka is the better returner (currently or here) and will out rally Halep, today.

    3) She has more power than Halep.

    4) This slow, high bounce surface seems to favor Osaka more than Halep. When the ball bounces high, the Osaka is easily able to smash the balls for winners without having to go low (as on clay) to pick up the ball.

    5) Important Point – Halep is VERY TIRED.

    Halep played 2 VERY TIRING matches vs i) Petra Martic and ii) Caroline Dolehide. Both these matches involved long rallies where Halep had to run a lot and hit many, many hard shots just to survive.

    When Halep is TIRED she loses or retires like when she retired versus Mugurza in the Doha SF’s after playing against Catherine Cartan Bellis in the Doha QF’s a very lengthy match with long rallies in every game with lot of running and got very tired the previous day .

    This 1 day rest is NOT enough for Halep to recover from her 2 tiring and lengthy 3-setters as detailed above. Osaka on the other hand has been finishing many top opponents( Karolina Pliskova, Sachia Vickery the powerful local underdog is no joke, Agnieszka Radwanska, and Maria Sharapova) in 2 quick, easy sets except for maria Sakkari who has improved a lot in all aspects of her game esp. in rallying.

    6) Halep played very badly against a lower ranked player in Petra Martic. Halep was supposed to win in 2 sets as predicted by you John and everyone in this world. But she struggled a lot and nearly lost in 3 sets. I thought that my big pre-bet and live-bet on Halep was lost as Halep was losing even in the beginning and mid-portion of the 3rd set.

    This match showed that someone with just some good movement and OK rallying skills (like that of Petra Martic) can beat Halep! Osaka is nearly 10X better than Petra Martic and I think Osaka will comfortably beat Halep. This match can go to 3 sets also if Halep has recovered from her tiredness and fights hard with all her experience.

    I like +1.5 sets Osaka to win(did a small pre-bet on this win or lose). Osaka ML can also win(will check in Live bet and then bet Osaka if she is winning, which she will!). Over possible.

    What do you think John, Just Saying, Caroline Janowicz, Pieman etc. ?

    You people going with Halep Pre-bet. I am not on the Halep train anymore. If Halep is winning in Live bet, I will bet Halep. But already did a small bet on +1.5 sets Osaka. My local bettors like this bet. But 95% of my bets will be Live bets.

    • Hello Jaya.

      Halep is not tired. That is a rediculus comment. It is totally false. You have no evidence that she is tired. She is one of the fittest players on tour, she has not had a physically tough tournament at all.

      Your analysis of this match this waaay off. Sorry but it’s true, it makes little sense.

      • John, can you give detailed comments on the many points that I listed above. You commented ONLY on point 5).

        Your detailed comments on the other points(1 to 4 and point 6) will help me and others to make the correct bet on the only one winner possible in a Tennis match.

        Just Saying, John, Caroline,Pieman,…what are your views on my above 6 points? Who are you betting today in both ATP and WTP?

        • Everything you said is wrong.

          Osaka is not a better returner.. she will not beat Halep is most rallies, what on earth makes you think that?

          Balls do not bounce low on clay… they bounce high.

          Halep is NOT tired

          Osaka may win but your analysis makes no sense and is all wrong.

    • Jaya,
      I would be interested in your analysis that your brother does on the other website. I sent you couple of mails but you didnt replay yet.

      I am not doing that deep analysis on tennis, due to the work I have.
      but regarding this match, I personally think that it will be 3 set match. Osaka has the confidence on her side, but Halep has more experience. and seeing Osaka
      recent form, for sure it will be much closer match then in last match in AO. Previous 2 matches went to distance.
      I will try 20,5 Over at pinnacle or +1,5sets on Osaka. Havent decided yet.
      I would go for halep in live bet if she lose first set. I doubt she is tired. she is 18-2 in 2018 and Osaka is 13-4.
      thats my opinion.

      • tybor855, I don’t check that e-mail often as it is filled with 500+ e-mails a day. Most of them spams. So, won’t be able to respond to your e-mails. I am very sorry. No time also having to take care of my children, my sick cancer stricken close relative, aging parents and grandparents with many health issues.I am very sorry..I won’t have time to respond.

        if I am not demotivated or put down here often I can get more winning analysis and bets posted here, time permitting.
        But I want others also to post their analysis and final bets here. It should not be a one sided traffic (from me) as time is premium for me with my above responsibilities as house wife and care taker of many.

        You said above”I would go for Halep in live bet if she lose first set.”

        Did you bet Halep live as she lost the 1st set?

        • jaya, thats sad to hear. but I understand it. I also have the work, family and kids.what about the website your brother does, are you able to share it?

          I did not go for Halep in live bet, I usually wait in 2nd set for couple of games. and halep lost her service from beginnig. and she did not get her service back.

          but I had yesterday 2 combos mixed with NHL and Kasatkina vs williams and I lost one and win the second one.
          the one I lost was over that I said I will go for.

  60. Osaka demolishes Halep (in 1 hour and 3 minutes)…as analyzed and correctly predicted above (not blindly picked WITHOUT deep, solid analysis.)!


    As I missed the last 2 matches (and couldn’t attend my local bettors club meeting) I went this time and they concurred with my analysis and which was what they recommended to all its members. In fact the members jointly dumped more than $150,000.00++ on Osaka to upset Halep through several US bookies.

    The analysis according to my professional club (with more than 20+ years of experience in multiple sports with more than 5000 members)…

    This is because….

    1) Osaka is playing very confidently (as she is hitting very cleanly her power shots) and with better form currently. = CORRECT ANALYSIS

    2) Osaka is the better returner (currently or here) and will out rally Halep, today. = CORRECT ANALYSIS

    3) She has more power than Halep. = CORRECT ANALYSIS

    4) This slow, high bounce surface seems to favor Osaka more than Halep. When the ball bounces high, the Osaka is easily able to smash the balls for winners without having to go low (as on clay CORRECTION = On cold, wet clay, or in moist conditions, the ball bounces quite low. Ignore this point.) to pick up the ball.

    5) Important Point – Halep is VERY TIRED. = CORRECT ANALYSIS Logic given below

    Halep played 2 VERY TIRING matches vs i) Petra Martic and ii) Caroline Dolehide. Both these matches involved long rallies where Halep had to run a lot and hit many, many hard shots just to survive.

    When Halep is TIRED she loses or retires like when she retired versus Mugurza in the Doha SF’s after playing against Catherine Cartan Bellis in the Doha QF’s a very lengthy match with long rallies in every game with lot of running and got very tired the previous day .

    This 1 day rest is NOT enough for Halep to recover from her 2 tiring and lengthy 3-setters as detailed above. Osaka on the other hand has been finishing many top opponents( Karolina Pliskova, Sachia Vickery the powerful local underdog is no joke, Agnieszka Radwanska, and Maria Sharapova) in 2 quick, easy sets except for maria Sakkari who has improved a lot in all aspects of her game esp. in rallying. = CORRECT ANALYSIS

    6) Halep played very badly against a lower ranked player in Petra Martic. Halep was supposed to win in 2 sets as predicted by you John and everyone in this world. But she struggled a lot and nearly lost in 3 sets. I thought that my big pre-bet and live-bet on Halep was lost as Halep was losing even in the beginning and mid-portion of the 3rd set. = CORRECT ANALYSIS

    This match showed that someone with just some good movement and OK rallying skills (like that of Petra Martic) can beat Halep! Osaka is nearly 10X better than Petra Martic and I think Osaka will comfortably beat Halep. This match can go to 3 sets also if Halep has recovered from her tiredness and fights hard with all her experience. = CORRECT ANALYSIS

    I like +1.5 sets Osaka to win (did a small pre-bet on this win or lose). Osaka ML can also win(will check in Live bet and then bet Osaka if she is winning, which she will!). Over possible (did not happen as Halep was tired and could not Osaka’s Power and accurate game).

    The points from the above ANALYSIS was picked up in the local bettors club where more than 250+ people attended and approved by all of them…There was NOT EVEN 1 PERSON WHO BACKED HALEP…with so many NEGATIVE POINTS against her. This PREDICTION and ANALYSIS was distributed to the more 5000 inactive members who all bet OSAKA. One of the senior members of the club bet $150,000.00++ on Osaka as a collective bet. These people are no fools. They are Top Chartered Accounts, Financial Analysts, couple of Vice -Presidents etc. at TOP financial Companies like Price Waterhouse Coopers, Cincinnati Financial Capital One Financial, Corporation, American Financial Group Inc, GE Financial Services, American Express, Allianz, Berkshire Hathaway, JP Morgan Chase etc. etc. and they make winning analysis and picks nearly 90% of the times in multiple sports.

    If I am wrong, then these 100’s of Financial Experts with 20+ years of experience in betting in multiple sports (NBA, NFL, NHL, Tennis, MMA etc.) and making millions of dollars in profits are wrong. The problem is that I am so busy (with children, sick relative and old adopted parents and grand parents) that I cannot go and attend all their meetings and get their winning analysis,picks and bets.

    REMEMBER:- CORRECT ANALYSIS = CORRECT PREDICTION = CORRECT WINNING PICKS & BETS as in the prediction, analysis and win of Osaka over Halep, Osaka’s upset of Agnieszka Radwanska, Sharapova, DoleHIDE upsetting Cibulkova, Anisomova upsetting CoCo, Alison Van Yutvanck’s upset of Cibulkova etc. etc.

    • Okay Jaya.

      I’m not going to read through that

      I don’t like bragging and your betting is totally reckless, you got lucky

  61. jaya, thats sad to hear. but I understand it. I also have the work, family and kids.what about the website your brother does, are you able to share it?

    I did not go for Halep in live bet, I usually wait in 2nd set for couple of games. and halep lost her service from beginnig. and she did not get her service back.

    but I had yesterday 2 combos mixed with NHL games and Kasatkina vs williams and I lost one and win the second one. the one I lost was over that I said I will go for.

  62. Daria Kasatkina to defeat Naomi Osaka in 3 sets…might not happen..

    …for nearly the same reasons that OSAKA defeated HALEP yesterday.

    As I have no time for posting the detailed analysis I will make it short.

    NAOMI OSAKA to defeat DARIA KASATKINA can happen in 2 sets also.

    Greater possibility in 3 sets if Daria is not tired.

    DARIA KASATKINA will be VERY, VERY TIRED from her yesterday night’s long and draining 3 setter versus Venus Williams. NAOMI OSAKA will have FRESHER LEGS as she finished HALEP in 2 easy sets yesterday!

    Even if not tired, Daria cannot handle Osaka’s Power who can match Daria’s movement(as she is also very young, same 20 years) as she has explosive power in movement and shot making.

    NAOMI OSAKA has been finishing TOP 10 opponents and CURRENT & FORMER WORLD NO.1’S in 2 sets. There is 60% chance that NAOMI OSAKA can finish daria in 2 sets IF,IF,IF,IF,IF,….IF, maintains her same consistency with few UE’s.

    Like +1.5 sets NAOMI OSAKA to win. NAOMI OSAKA ML can also win. Did small pre-bets.

    Over can win but will watch and live bet on that.

    75%+ of my bets today will be Live bet.

    BOL to all

    • Hey Jaya, it sounds like you have lost your confidence betting pre-game and stick to in-play betting. Does this mean you have to bet a lot more money in-game because the odds change so quickly?

      • Just Saying, you are always wrong!lol I always have confidence in my pre-betting abilities.

        Pre-betting and winning at a high rate (75% and above) involves investing a lot of time in research, watching many matches etc….which I am not able to do due to my many personal commitments. New responsibility = volunteering time for a local orphanage. I believe that if I get sufficient time to do 100% pre-bet research, I can predict 75% to 90% of the matches. Right now I don’t have that kind of time. So, LB = 75% appx..

        So, for the time being, I am researching just a few matches (NO ITF etc.) thoroughly and doing some pre-bets…depending on the time availability. Live betting (LB) needs very little advanced preparation (and suits my current time shortage situation) so most of my bets will be be in LB. It is also safer if you can avoid some LB dangers, bookie baits, bookie cheatings and are fast to react to changing situations etc.

        • Jaya, you write using a lot of conditional predictions so I’m not surprised you tend to always win (and humblebrag about it too). Well done to you.

          I had a ticket running on Daria to win the tournament so all I had to do was wager on Naomi which created arbitrage.

    • Hi Jaya… sorry if I have been rude to you. I appreciate you posting your analysis here even if it is very different to mine 🙂

      • John, i accept your sorry/apology. I really felt bad the last few days and have been crying a lot.

        I love tennis and try to help people make some money as myself and my brother were orphan, homeless and penniless before we were adopted by some loving people.

        My adopted parents taught me and my brother to be truthful and voice our opinions that we strongly believe in (analysis here) without any fear even if the whole world thinks differently.

        I am just trying to help people (have a better life and bridge the poor-rich gap a bit if possible) by carrying on the duties of God as advised by the Bible.That’s all.

    • Osaka demolishes Kasatkina in 2 sets…as predicted above.

      “NAOMI OSAKA to defeat DARIA KASATKINA can happen in 2 sets….”

      The huge bet of +1.5 sets OSAKA and OSAKA ML won. Won many bets on live also on Osaka.

      Did anyone follow my winning analysis, predictions and bets today and the last few days? Will really appreciate if they share it. Will only encourage me to post many good analysis in future.

      My self (and especially my brother) is disappointed when people make money of our analysis, predictions and bets but jump in to ONLY attack if even ONE analysis, predictions and bet goes wrong! That is why my brother doesn’t share his website/ID (even I don’t know the same or ask him) with most (even strangers who pop out of nowhere and with whom you have not interacted ever) as most are very ungrateful when they make profits out of us and don’t even acknowledge it here or on other websites where we post, but attack violently and make fun off, when even 1 analysis goes wrong. Appalled that so many people can go so low!

      Ok, did anyone think of Del Potro upsetting Federer today? It is possible. Tracking it live.

      Like +1.5 sets Delpotro to win. Can meet +4.5 DelPo spread also. Tracking it live.

        • Thanks John.

          We all go wrong sometimes. That is why we are human beings else we would be God!

          Del Potro pushing Federer all the way. yes, i knew that.

          Hence bet on +1.5 sets Delpo pre-bet big which already won.

          Won many other LB in 1st 2 sets so far. Anyone can win this 3rd set. But like Delpo to win. Is in slightly better form than Fed currently.

          • John as expected above Del Potro upsets Federer to win the 2018 Indian Wells Trophy!

            I kept betting on Delpo from start(started small) and it became bigger & bigger finally! WoW! Thnx. for the nice windfall DelPo!

  63. Nice pick for Martincova. She came back from 5-0 down in the last set to win! Epic choke from Errani.

  64. John can you give 5 or 6 lines of reasoning for each of your 22 picks for Day 1 of RD1 (03/19/18 TUE) matches?

    You have nicely given a short analysis for 5 of the 22 matches so far.

    John, under the…

    Lesia Tsurenko vs Ajla Tomljanovic, Miami R1 Prediction

    You said that…”there are many weaknesses in the Tomljanovic game to be exposed.”

    What are the weaknesses of Tomljanovic?

    John, Just Saying,Caroline, Pieman,Tybor855, etc,

    Can you pick 10 out of the 22 matches of Day 1 of RD1 (03/19/18 TUE) where you see NO UPSETS happening?…and give a couple of lines of analysis why NO UPSETS will happen in these 10 picked matches.

    What are your finals bets for Day 1 of RD1 (03/19/18 TUE)?

    I will start researching in a few hours and will post something if I find interesting.

    Anyone betting on all 22 of the matches for today?

    • Hi Jaya,

      I tend to wait out the first round unless I deliberately bet on some long shot upsets. But any wager against McHale and Bouchard is close to a sure thing. I’d probably include Stosur in that group too because their matches are consistently terrible.

      • That is a great strategy Just Saying as most upsets happen in the initial rounds.

        It is not a good idea to blindly fade a player. It will depend on who their opponent is.

        1) I Like Kai Kanepi to defeat Christina Mchale (the Royal queen of choke/flake/gas etc.)

        Even if Kai Kanepi is a little better than she was @Indian Wells she should defeat the super-flakey Christina Mchale.

        Kai Kanepi will have too much power for McHale to handle.

        Kai Kanepi has far better form than McHale. Kanepi is 8/3 on hard in 2018 vs 2/8 for Mchale. Terrible record McaHale.

        McMchale has lost 10 of the last 12 matches whereas Kanepi has lost just 4 of the last 12.

        2) Rebecca Peterson should defeat Eugenie Bouchard Period. It could be in 2 or 3 sets. Everything depends on how many UE’s Bouchard wants to commit and lose!lol

        Peterson should be well rested now after her great SF showing in Acapulco. Now Peterson will be full of energy and should blast Bouchard from this earth!lol

        Peterson has the better current stats also. No need to quote it or see it.

        Like Rebecca Peterson ML

        3) Monica Puig to defeat Samantha Stosur in 3 sets?

        Anything can happen here. You can’t fade Stosur here.

        Stosur has the same stats as Puig. But i like Sosur’s current stats as she beat an in=form Maria Sakkari and a tough as a bear Lauren Davis.

        This match should be a 3 setter. +1.5 sets Stosur(75% sure) can win if she is a Dog. But I might just go with the over here (90%) to win.

        Puig is 1 dimensional. Stosur also can be 1-dimensional but she has a treasure trove of experience and big size and power to reply on and squeak a win here.

        You can’t fade Stosur blindly like you can fade McHale blindly.

        These are my liking’s as of now.

        Guys do your own further research and make your own final bets.

        So, you not betting on any match in R!?

          • John, I know about Kanepi’s situation very well. that is why i said above…

            “Even if Kai Kanepi is A LITTLE BETTER than she was @Indian Wells she should defeat the super-flakey Christina Mchale.”

            With 11 to 12 days rest and rehabilitation since last match, I am sure Kanepi will be very strong in the 1st round for a EVER MENTALLY WEAK & FLAKEY McHale!lol

            Kanepi ML should win.

            As usual I will live bet 75% or more of the matches especially the flakey and close ones!

          • No, if McHale was priced above $3 then she would be good value. Either that or she needs a larger positive games handicap.

          • That’s your opinion. To me, anything over $2.0 is value. I don’t rate Kanepi as high as others and whilst McHale has fragilities I know she will turn it around eventually.

        • Hi Jaya,

          Agree with you on Kanepi and Peterson, can’t see either of their opponents winning. Won’t touch the Stosur vs Puig match because both can do very strange things in their games. Although I do agree that Puig should win but yes, you can’t blindly fade Stosur; she sometimes plays well and does fight to the end. Jaya, most of these matches take place while I’m asleep so if I do bet, it will be set and forget. For that reason, I’ll place something on Kanepi and Peterson ML.


          • Just Saying, if you can live bet after watching how Kanepi does then it will be good.

            If Kanepi is winning (which is what i expect) then you can LB her. If Mchale is winning, you still cannot LB her as she can flake the very next game or set!lol I will never trust Mchale and a few more players.

            BOL, Just Saying.

            Do further research and make your own final bets.

          • “To me, anything over $2.0 is value.”

            Let’s agree to disagree on that point. 🙂

  65. Lara Arruabarrena to defeat (wc) Bernarda Pera in 3 sets?

    Bernarda Pera should defeat Lara Arruabarrena in 2 sets. Match can go to 3 sets also if Pera starts slow. Pera has big power. Like all power mongers, she also does her own fair share of UE’s! Arruabarrena can capitalize on this and take it to the 3rd set.

    Just recently in 09/2017 Pera beat Arruabarrena in 2 sets 7-6, 6-2. The same should happen today.

    Pera has better stats currently also. None need to be quoted!

    Pera has 100% home crowd support being an American.

    Arruabarrena is basically a DOUBLES player (NOW. as she is focusing on DOUBLES where she thinks she can have better success) and is just time passing here in singles until her doubles match starts.

    I like Bernarda Pera ML to win.

    • Hello Jaya, is that what you thought about Arruabarrena beating Tsurenko in Indian Wells? I bet it was. Arruabarrena is not a double specialist?? haha, what are you talking about? Pera is overrated based on some good wins, Arruabarrena is better in my eyes, played well against Tsurenko in Indian Wells.

      • John, any weak player can look good while playing a dead horse (Lesya Tsurenko).

        Lesya Tsurenko was very tired from playing many matches back-2-back and winning the the Acapulco Open title.

        So, Arruabarrena or any other weak player could have beaten a dead horse (Lesya Tsurenko) in the 1st rd. of Indian Wells which was her 1st match after the tiring Acapulco tournament!

        Pera is overrated or underrated, no one cares. But most people know that Pera is a better player than Arruabarrena. Pera has more skills,power and talent than Arruabarrena. With the help of the strong home crowd, Pera will defeat Arruabarrena, I think. Lets see what happens today.

          • The conditions in Indian Wells and Miami are suited to an outsider from some other continent than Pera an American who resides there and will have 100% crowd support? WoW!

            Besides Pera has the better form than the clay courter and doubles player Arruabarrena.

          • Having watched the match, I can confirm that there was no crowd support for Pera, actually there was more crowd support for Arruabarrena. When I say conditions favour a player, I do NOT mean the crowd. lol. Crowd is not at all a factor in my analysis. So if this was part of your scientific analysis, it was wrong…

          • The courts in Miami are slow and as you mentioned Arruabarrena is apparently just a clay courter, hence why I said the conditions favour Arruabarrena. The difference was not tennis related in the end, it was in between the ears.

  66. Alize Cornet to defeat (wc) Bethanie Mattek-Sands in 2 sets???

    Bethanie Mattek-Sands (BMS’s) can upset Alize Cornet in 2 or 3 sets.

    Even though this will be BMS’s 1st match in 9 months, she has a great chance of winning today!

    Surprised! Ask me why? Since you asked why!lol here is the answer…

    1) BMS’s has a 2-1 H2H advantage over Cornet.

    2) BMS’s LOVES playing in Miami. Miami Open is one of her favorite Tournaments. BMS’s was fully recovered and practicing more than couple of months ago but she choose this tournament to start a come back as it is her FAV. here BMS’s get tremendous home crowd support!

    3) Cornet is under investigation by the International Tennis Federation after missing three doping tests last year and was charged with an anti-doping violation on January 11,2018. This doing issue has caused Cornet to lose 50% of her matches since Jan,2018. She has lost 4 of the last 5 matches showing that she is in a very bad shape and form.

    Cornet busy planning to do a defense of her doping case this month and will not be focused for this match. Bethanie Mattek-Sands will take advantage of this situation and win the match possibly.

    I like Bethanie Mattek-Sands +1.5 sets to win with strong home crowd support.

    Bethanie Mattek-Sands ML can also win. Over can hit as BMS is rusted and Cornet’s head is all doped up with the doping case!lol


  67. Why will Heather Watson to defeat Beatriz Haddad Maia in 3 sets?

    Beatriz Haddad Maia (BHM) can defeat Heather Watson in 3 sets (or in 2 tight sets also) mostly just as in their last H2H on 27.02.18.

    BHM is the bigger, stronger and powerful girl with big forehand. She will grind the smaller pygmy girl Watson slowly into submission as done before.

    Heather Watson can be very erratic.

    On top of that BHM is a powerful lefty and a never-say-die fighter.

    Like Beatriz Haddad Maia ML to win. Over is also a good bet.

  68. Mona Barthel can upset Timea Babos as Mona has the better form in the last 1 month.

    Timea can be a bit tired as she has been playing BOTH singles and Doubles in all the Tournaments.

    Besides, Timea is heavy carrying lots more fat/pounds of whatever!lol So, if the match goes to a 3rd set Timea can be gassed having slower movement making more errors and lose the match.

    Like OVER to hit here. Either can win (as Mona starts slow many times or is laid back initially) but giving Mona 51% chance to win because of better current micro-form.

    Mona is slowly coming back to her top form after recovering from her injuries.

    Mona has a 3:1 H2H advantage also!

    All these advantages add up to favor a win for Mona. But still prefer the over to win as Timea is a big fighter who will win many games to push the over (pre-bet small).

    Who are you going for? Timea or my Mona (in LB)?lol

  69. Hey,

    U write different match winner !

    In Match preditions .: Naomi Osaka to defeat (wc) Serena Williams in 3 sets

    But in Match preview.: Prediction: Serena Williams to defeat Naomi Osaka in 3 sets

    So now what ? Btw S.Williams at 2.110 is value ? I dont think that Osaka can focus 100% the game after this week… ( IW )

  70. Dear,

    So much pick and i dont to play every and now i’m confused because so much match :/ whats you two favorite match winner today if the odds doesnt matter ? ( 1.10 – 2.50 )


      • Thank You. It would be a very big request if I want it that you write under the daily betting play the one or two ” surest ” play to day ? So not only the so much ” value bet ” example under the daily play.: I think the most ” secure ” play today : – Cornet – Witthoeft but the odds is not really value becauase not to high. ( without statistics etc. etc. ) this is very helpful for me,


        • Because today is the two picks is win so thank you again very much but this is so much pick who want to play every ? lol

  71. I think…

    Naomi Osaka will defeat (wc) Serena Williams

    Serena Williams is carrying too much baby fat and won’t be able to run and catch Osaka’s power shots.

  72. Yulia Putintseva to defeat Monica Niculescu?

    Monica Niculescu should defeat a flakey Yulia Putintseva.

    Monica Niculescu will be looking for a bounce back win.

    Her arm twisting magical slice returns should take a toll on the baseline running and playing Yulia Putintseva!lol

    • As predicted above my baby Monica Niculescu wins! If people would have followed this bet, they could have made tons of money!lol
      No one congratulated me on this great pick. Not even my bestie Just Saying?! I a m crying.

  73. Marketa Vondrousova to defeat (Q) Yafan Wang?

    (Q) Yafan Wang should defeat Marketa Vondrousova today.

    Wang is the better returner and should win over the erroneous power wielding Vondrousova!

    Let’s see what happens as I will kill anyone winning in LB!lol

    • Usually I go +1.5 sets with a strong Dog. So +1.5 sets Wang which I didn’t post as I was in a Jiffy.

      (Q) Natalia Vikhlyantseva to defeat (Q) Rebecca Peterson in 3 sets?

      Rebecca Peterson can upset Q) Natalia Vikhlyantseva. Reb’s is in better form.

      Like +1.5 sets Rebecca Peterson (really like) and over can hit.

      • My baby Rebecca Peterson did not win. Sorry guys. Rebecca just failed me. Looks like Rebecca is still tired after her hard run in Acapulco just like Tsurenko is still tired after her Acapulco win.

        • Jaya, you seem to only point out your wins? what happened to Barthel and Mattek Sands and all the other incorrect predictions. You don’t need to come and show off all your wins, especially when your ignore your many losses.

    • As predicted above my baby Yafan Wang wins! If people would have followed this bet, they could have made tons of money!lol
      No one congratulated me on this great pick. Not even my bestie Just Saying?! I a m crying.

  74. Sorry, Jaya. This thing called work got in the way of betting. 😉 you did well, even if you sound emotionally needy to be validated lol

    • We have no idea how he went. Always seems to only disclose the positives and ignore the negatives and come up with his live plays, which anyone can make up… In the future Jaya it would be best to list your bets specifically BEFORE the match otherwise it means nothing to me.

      • Yes, agreed. Jaya, it would be best to post all your predictions beforehand and be definitive about it, otherwise you are trolling after the fact.

  75. (12) Julia Goerges to defeat Carina Witthoeft in 3 sets

    John, has Julia Goerges recovered from her injuries fully and win today?

  76. Agnieszka Radwanska to defeat Alison Van Uytvanck?

    I think Alison Van Uytvanck is in better form and has improved a lot recently so Alison Van Uytvanck should win today. Doing more research. We have to discard the H2H wins of Aga. Uytvanck’s current form and power will finally dominate and give her a win.

    Sorana Cirstea to defeat Su-Wei Hsieh?

    Su-Wei Hsieh is more consistent and Sorana Cirstea can never be trusted but she is very talented and can win only if Su-Wei Hsieh has a bad day .

  77. Can we all just stop for a moment – McHale won a match against Strycova! And what’s more the odds were at $3 ?

    • Just Saying, did you bet on McHale?

      I thought McHale will lose and just checked her live. When she was playing well and winning I bet MaHale big though I don’t like McHale.

      Looks like Strycova was not in form.

      • No I didn’t Jaya. But I’m very surprised you bet on McHale considering you have said many times before you don’t trust her.

          • Yes, myself and everyone in this world will bet on the player that is winning. Show me one person who will bet on the losing person? there ends the matter!lol

            Got to really sleep now. Lots of data to compile and analyze in the morning.

        • Just Saying, yes I hate McHale and many players. But if they are winning in LB I will bet them.

          Money has just one name called dollars (or pounds for some etc.) Ultimately it makes no difference when I buy medicines or grocery etc, for my family, whether the money came from McHale or Putintseva or Flipkens etc.(some players I don’t like)!lol This money (McHale or Putintseva or Flipkens money ) will also not matter to the vendor receiving the money from me!lol

          • Sorry, Jaya, your predictions have no merit at all then. You said this above about McHale: “for a EVER MENTALLY WEAK & FLAKEY McHale!”, yet you show that you are still prepared to bet on her when you know this about her. Just look at how she retired in the Townsend match after leading it. Your statements are contradictions.

            I think it’s more than the money you mention, I am convinced that you are not prepared to commit to a decision and stick to it. Live betting is probably a lot easier in other parts of the world than Australia, so it’s not a viable strategy to bet live for us down under.

      • Jaya when you say you bet on someone live it means NOTHING.. at what odds? at what stage? for all we know it was at 1.01 on match point. And tbh I don’t think live betting has any skill involved, it’s actually a bad habit imo.

        • John, I bet 10 to 100 times in LB for every match. If I post all those bets here, your website will crash!lol

          Live betting needs exceptional skills to make lots of money. There are so many unwritten rules which my local club taught me and i picked a few on my own. No point in discussing here when someone thinks it does not involve any skills!lol

          • oh.. wow. I think it can involve skill but I know it can be a big problem too. I have bet live like 2-3 times, ever. So it is not something that interests me, plus it is restricted in Australia.

  78. Hi John,

    Any way to get this discussion board cleaned up (or archived)? Bit of a pain scrolling through 300 posts lol

    • Just Saying ,I have a simple solution for your problem.

      Just press CTRL and END button simultaneously on your computer/laptop and you will come to the bottom of the page in a micro-second.

      Microsoft has KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS for each of your problems!lol

      Just Saying, do you bet on the official picks here?

      BOL for today.

      • Of course, so simple how could I forget! Thanks, Jaya.

        I’m not betting a lot on WTA (more on NBA currently). if I do, I state here that I do. Most of the time I am just discussing the future outcome of the match.

          • John, you said ” Haha. someone is winning, bet on them.. wow. it’s so simple” not me. And don’t push it down my throat.

            Live betting is very difficult. Lots of people lose money doing LB. You need to have lots of experience, high level of analytical and calculation skills and have the ability to foresee how a game or set will turn out and bet in micro-seconds many times. It took a year or so of training from experts from my local bettors club to baby sit me and teach me the ropes of LB to make CONSISTENT, BIG profits as a professional which 90% of people fail in LB. Anyone one can make money in LB once or twice BUT can never do it BIG and ALWAYS(90%+)

            …in short it is NOT SIMPLE. IT HAS 100’S OF TECHNIQUES AND STRATEGIES…It is different for different sports. It is different for Tennis. It is a lot different for Basketball/NBA. It is also very different in NHL. It is an ART,SCIENCE & SKILL combined in one.

            John, you said “Haha. someone is winning, bet on them.. wow. it’s so simple” not me. And don’t push it down my throat.

  79. Based on pre-eliminary reseaarch…

    I have Danielle Rose Collins defeating Coco Vandeweghe.

    (16) CoCo Vandeweghe to defeat (Q) Danielle Collins in 3 sets???

    Keeping analysis short (too busy with family commitments)…

    Coco is in very poor form.

    CoCo has beaten ONLY either i) very low level players = Maddison Inglis ii) Out-of-form players = Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova or iii) Injured players = Kaia Kanepi

    When CoCo met anyone just a bit fit or not injured she has struggled to beat (struggled to beat a weak Richel Hogenkamp in 3 sets) or lost to Timea Babos, Maria Sakkari, Bencic(carrying a back injury) etc.

    Collins is in terrific form since Jan 2018 from Newport beach times…She is on a huge roll…like a big tidal wave. She will sweep Coco away and win.

    Picking CoCo even in dreams is wrong. None of the experienced bettors I am discussing with are picking CoCo. All are for Collins.

    II) (4) Elina Svitolina to defeat Naomi Osaka in 2 sets???

    I won’t be surprised if the reverse happens!lol

    Naomi Osakato defeat Elina Svitolina in 2 sets.

    Like +1.5 sets Osaka to win. Osaka can win ML if she is NOT tired. Played many matches recently. And Svitolina is fresh.

    But Osaka has far more talent, power and consistency in ground strokes to win today.

    Besides Svitolina is rusted for nearly a month since Dubai. Just 2 matches. 1 win against weak, inconsistent Barthel and lost to a clay courter CSN in 2 sets. That is shameful on Svitolina and for her high ranking.

    H2H, Osaka is 2:1 in the last 3 years on hard.

    Osaka has far better current form in March, 2018 and well adapted to the conditions in USA. By the way, Florida is Osaka’s current home and will have 100% crowd support. What else does one need to win, today?

    But I will be betting in LB this match (except for above pre-bet) where I am sure Osaka will win. If Svito is winning I will jump on her….as no one bets a losing player!lol

    This is just Pre-eliminary analysis. Have tons of data from discussions and research. Will compile and reanalyze tomorrow morning for finalization.

    There are many more matches where the picks can go wrong. Have lots of deep analysis but no time to compile and post. Just be careful people. Do your own analysis. Got to go to bed now. ZZZZZ……

    • I knew you would pick Collins, and as you would know I will go against her but I would not bet on it. I still do not rate Collins.

      Svitolina will beat Osaka, time for her run to end.

      • The +1.5 for Osaka looks like a good bet to take. I’m gonna take it as it covers me in case Osaka loses.

          • Doesn’t Osaka have a score to settle today? As far as reasons for Osaka potentially falling today, I like payback, I like the 20 years young, recently broken into new ground. She wanted to impress Serena, my guess is, with the home crowd as even more push, I think the old run down tired caboose of 20 exhausting years old, can muster up an equalizer, if she doesn’t get tired from all those 2 set grueling matches. I’ll be the first to suggest she withdraw now before we cringe and feel sorry for a certain Muguruza-Konta exit. We shall see

      • Wow! I myself did not know that Collins will win initially.

        I also go wherever my final leads me to. In this case my analysis showed significant advantage for Collins, so went with Collins.

        Osaka also has few advantages over Svitolina but she lost today as her energy reserves were drained from playing many matches at a stretch.

        Knew this was a possibility….hence posted this in above analysis….

        “Like +1.5 sets Osaka to win. Osaka can win ML if she is NOT tired. Played many matches recently. And Svitolina is fresh.”…from above post

        This is a new feeling for the young and inexperienced Osaka. She will learn from this experience and mature better.

        A fresh Osaka will beat a fresh Svitolina 75% or more of the times given their current skill sets. Svitolina was really lucky that Osaka was tired this time. Lost small on +1.5 sets Osaka but bet big on Svitolina after watching the game in live bet.

        • “Knew this was a possibility….hence posted this in above analysis….

          “Like +1.5 sets Osaka to win. Osaka can win ML if she is NOT tired. Played many matches recently. And Svitolina is fresh.”…from above post”

          This is exactly why your picks mean nothing: no commitment or decision to one side as your predictions are full of conditional statements.

          • Just Saying, since you are NOT a professional bettor or don’t even bet, don’t talk as if you are an EXPERT. Which you are not.

            The outcome of a match depends on many conditions.

            For Example:- John says in his analysis that IF,IF,IF,IF,IF,IF or HOW etc.,…..EXECUTES her game, then she will win. etc.

            Same with my analysis here.

            A professional bettor is generally very analytical. They will assess the LEVEL of the CONDITION(as everyone perceives it differently) like high or low level of tiredness or EXECUTES their strategy 100% or 75% or 50% against most opponents etc….and make their OWN BETS.

            NO professional bettor takes any pick or analysis AS IT IS and bets. Then they are fools. A professional bettor just picks out the points or conditions or requirements etc. from others analysis and makes his/her own assessment of the same and then makes his/her own FINAL BET.

            Just Saying, I have observed so many times that without a deep understanding of things you misjudge people (especially piggy backing others with some power blindly even if the other person is wrong) and jump to the wrong conclusions. I don’t know what kind of scientific job you do with this kind of misjudging things/people without any deep thought. May God Bless you!lol

          • Hi Jaya, interesting to see you defend the lack of transparency in your picks. That fact you feel the need to fervently defend your REAL SCIENCE betting speaks volumes. BOL 🙂

  80. Victoria Azarenka to defeat Sloane Stephens
    2.5 units @ $1.69 (Betfair)

    Azarenka is playing Sevastova – same units?

  81. Congrats John on getting 6 of the 8 below picks correct yesterday.

    Saturday march 24 matches:

    (1) Simona Halep to defeat Agnieszka Radwanska in 2 sets – LOST
    (wc) Victoria Azarenka to defeat (20) Anastasija Sevastova in 3 sets – WON
    Zarina Diyas to defeat Carina Witthoeft in 3 sets – WON
    (5) Karolina Pliskova to defeat Su-Wei Hsieh in 2 sets – WON
    (3) Garbine Muguruza to defeat Christina McHale in 3 sets – WON
    (13) Sloane Stephens to defeat (Q) Monica Niculescu in 2 sets – WON
    (10) Angelique Kerber to defeat (23) Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova in 2 sets – WON
    (Q) Alison Riske to defeat (Q) Yafan Wang in 3 sets – LOST

    Note:- (5) Karolina Pliskova to defeat Su-Wei Hsieh in 2 sets is a completely different bet than….

    (5) Karolina Pliskova to defeat Su-Wei Hsieh in 3 sets = Which is the actual winner

    (3) Garbine Muguruza to defeat Christina McHale in 3 sets

    (3) Garbine Muguruza to defeat Christina McHale in 2 sets = Which is the actual winner

    Congrats on getting 6 of the 8 above picks correct yesterday.

    • Jaya I have told you before that those are just predictions not betting tips. the two are separate. The predictions are just a quick guide.

      Betting tips the only things I bet on and that are supposed to be taken as betting advice.

      Good luck with your plays today!

  82. (wc) Victoria Azarenka to defeat (30) Agnieszka Radwanska in 2 sets…How is it possible?

    (wc) Victoria Azarenka to defeat (30) Agnieszka Radwanska in 3 sets…would be a great achievement if she wins in 3 sets.

    Agnieszka Radwanska can upset Victoria Azarenka as….

    Eventho I liking the fighting spirit of Aza.

    i) Aga has won the last 2 H2H matches on hard

    ii) Aga has beaten 2 very strong opponents in Alison Van Uytvanck and Simona Halep

    whereas a Rusty Azarenka has beaten a flakey and out of form CC Bellis(highly unreliable) and an error prone Anastasija Sevastova.

    So, Aga seems to be in better form here.

    iii) Aga seems to like playing @Miami. She seems to have some good memories of playing here before.

    This should be a very tight match as Azarenka becomes stronger as the match goes deeper into the 2nd and 3rd sets.

    iv) Aza struggled to beat an error prone Sevastova. How will she beat a solid Aga who does very few errors.

    Like +1.5 sets Aga and over. Either can win but leaning on a better in form Aga to win.

    +1.5 sets Vika can also win.

    Vika has the power advantage being the bigger girl. But Aga has many more tricks in her bag than Vika.

    But the long 3 setter in the sweltering Miami heat vs Sevastova must have taken quite some energy out Vika who is still trying to become fit after giving birth to a (boy) baby?

    Will bet Aga or Vika if winning in LB.

    What do you think of this analysis and pick?

    Still researching.

  83. (3) Garbine Muguruza to defeat (13) Sloane Stephens in 3 sets?

    How can Mugurza be a big fav vs Sloane Stephens just because she beta a very flakey, error prone and unreliable Mchale???

    Mugurza is really one dimensional. Hitting everything with power (and missing a lot) just like Ostapenko!

    Sloane Stephens will have more fan support being an American playing on home soil.

    Mugurza will get some latino support but smaller than the big American support for Stephens.

    Like +1.5 sets Sloane to win.

    Over possible

      • Sloane Stephens beats the 1 dimensional Mugurza as feared above.

        Killed Stephens in LB. But pre-bet of +1.5 sets Stephens wins.

        Did all analysis yesterday night but no time to post as doing some analysis on ATP with my brother besides 100’s of children and medical work.

        No time to double check them and post.

  84. (11) Johanna Konta to defeat (8) Venus Williams in 2 sets??? Difficult in 3 sets also I think.

    Posted before match starts. Few games starts nothing to worry. hell will not break lose. match not decided in 1st few games. Posted before match starts. Eventho super busy.

    On the contrary,

    Venus Williams may upset Johanna Konta today.

    Konta is one of the most flakiest and error some players. Only if she plays at a high level with fewer UE’s then she can win in 3 sets. In 2 sets…that may be dreaming.

    Venus Williams has far better form currently, has beaten the better opponents here@Miami and has 100% crowd support. What else do you need your player to win?

    Like +1.5 sets Venus. Venus may win ML which and other bets like over will check out in LB.

    Collins can upset Puig.

    Like +1.5 sets Collins. Collins can win the match. has a better all round game and is a tad bit more consistent.

    Puig can also win 1 set with latino fans support.

    over can hit.

    Will live bet for ML and other bets.

    Double checking tons of info.

  85. (6) Jelena Ostapenko to defeat (9) Petra Kvitova in 3 sets?

    On the Jelena Ostapenko v Petra Kvitova MU I think Kavitova should win however I dice and analyze this MU. Unless Kvitova has a meltdown of some sorts of gasses out or is injured.

    Posted before match started.

    +1.5 sets Kavitova and Kavitova ML should win.

    Over can hit if Ostapenko can play a clean game with few errors. Else it will be a quick 2 setter.

    Kvitova has the far better momentum and form in 2018.

    Kvitova has the better wins over stronger and tougher opponents here(Aryna Sabalenka and Sofia Kenin).

    Kvitova has also won the last 3 H2H matches on Hard.

    Everything points to a clean Kvitova win.

    Ostapenko beating weak players like Maia (basically a clay courter) and Babos a player with poor mobility(carrying lot of fat/whatever) will not give much confidence.

    If Kavitova starts slow then ostapenko can win a set. Then +1.5 sets can win.

    I have lot more points in favor of Kvitova but no time to type it up here.

    Like +1.5 sets Kavitova and Kavitova ML should win.

    Over can hit if Ostapenko can play a clean game with few errors. Else it will be a quick 2 setter.

    Posted before match started.

    As usual doing 90% of my bets in LB.

    Is anyone betting Ostapenko? BOL

  86. Like Kerber & Azarenka to win today.

    1) Sloane Stephens vs Angelique Kerber

    Stephens played low level opponents so far and has not been tested. But with strong home crowd support she will pose strong resistance and can steal a set maybe but Kerber should win with her greater experience and form in the end. If Stephens plays low error free game then she can push the over also.

    Like Kerber ML & +1.5 sets Kerber

    2) Azarenka vs Pliskova match can be a 3 setter.

    Both will have their moments and a set a piece and anyone can win in the decider but leaning on Pliskova to win the decider with her big booming serve in the tiebreaker in the decider(or in any tiebreaker).

    Worried about Vika’s long baby rust(!lol) and not have enough matches under her belt. Pliskova will test her strength and endurance a lot. Hope she is ready for that!

    Pliskova not to get into rallies and keep the points short with her power hitting else Vika will force rallies (where she is strong), put more balls in and force Pliskova into errors and try to win.

    Pliskova with better form and power serve & volley should win. If she fails to dominate with her power then Vika will dominate in rallies and win. I kinda lean on Vika to pull off a 3 set win. The slow conditions in Miami suits Azarenka. She is a TWO time Champion here so knows the conditions here and knows how to win here also. On a pure and fast hard surface Pliskova will be a super fav. Not here. Just worried if Vika can handle Piskova’s power due to her rust.

    Like +1.5 sets Pliskova and +1.5 sets Azarenka and over to win.

    Will do above 75% of my bets in LB as usual.

    Research still ongoing.

  87. Elina Svitolina to defeat Jelena Ostapenko in 2 sets

    Ostapenko is winning.

    Miami Open QF

    Venus Williams -4.5 games vs Danielle Collins

    2 units @ $1.90 (Betfair)

    I am sceptical of the results of Collins given each opponent she has faced this event had a medical timeout during their match.

    From above….

    I have seen that many players take a medical Time out when they are losing. For example Verdasco took a MTO while losing to Pablo Carreno Busta. I think both of Collins’s both opponents faked injury to look good to their fans and have a bragging right that “If I was not injured, i would have won”!

    I like Venus to win Ml. Like +1.5 sets venus to also win.

    As Collins is in a better form and is the younger , fitter and hungrier player…I expect Collins to win atleast 1 set. Like +1.5 sets Collins.

    Over can also win.

    I won’t be surprised if Collins wins today especially if the match goes to the 3rd set where she will have the better stamina.

    Collins is more motivated than Venus for sure as she wants to go to her 1st masters final(If I am right). Venus has seen many finals, masters esp. so nothing is special to her.

    • Jaya, you have made some completely wrong remarks here.

      Most notably saying Collins is more motivated. That is ridiculous. Venus is as motivated as anyone.

      Venus will not lose. Not a chance.

      • What?

        Venus will not lose. Not a chance.?

        Venus has 1000% chance to lose and she lost in 2 sets.

        All my remarks are true as I talked to a number of bettor friends who all went for Collins big.

        I got and get very much influenced by your strong Venus recommendation (and that for many other losing players) which kinda overpowered my thinking and decision making process. I should see your analysis in the very end or after all my analysis is done 100% but still believe strongly in my strong researcher opinions backed by the local bettors and others I know in other cities.

        Besides Venus winning (not possible like Venus not possible to win vs Mugs @the 2017 Wimbledon), you recommended Venus -4.5 (thinking that Venus is gonna beat up Collins bad to win by that -4.5 margin) which made me doubt my own research strongly pointing to a Collins win.

        When we do recommendation on Internet(which 1000’s of people are going to use to bet and win or lose) based on shallow research and not taking into consideration 100’s of other point of views(of even your members having good knowledge)….we can lose a lot.

        Your tip of Svitolina also lost(but it was a close match which Svito could have won also, i agree to that.). Luckily I bet in LB here and in all AT and ATP matches (90% or more) to escape these wrong analysis, predictions. picks etc.

        My above analysis was just a summary. i had many more points which i could not type it out…which all pointed to a Collins victory whom I bet huge in LB.

        • You are so quick to rub my face in when I am wrong but you take no responsibility for your own losses which are very common.

          I got it all wrong here but it happens. I do NOT regret my decisions, I think I made the right call just did not happen as expected. Happens.

  88. Victoria Azarenka to defeat Karolina Pliskova in 2 sets…not possible in dreams also

    (13) Sloane Stephens to defeat (wc) Victoria Azarenka again.

    +1.5 sets Sloane Stephens, Sloane Stephens ML can also win

    Will post analysis later

  89. Sloane Stephens has too much power advantage like Ostapenko besides 100% crowd support being a local and an American. But match will be lot closer than their last H2H match in IW’s as Azarenka has got more confidence but still got far less match experience compared to Stephens.

    But doing all bets in live bet as usual.

  90. But Sloane Stephens needs to be consistent (and reduce her UE count) like she was against Kerber to win. Else Azarenka will win.

  91. ostapenko can win today.

    Collins can steal a set or atleast make the over win.

    Can go to the 3rd set.

    Will LB 90% bets as usual.

  92. Some of my friends are bullish on a Collins win. They are going +1.5 sets Collins.

    I also like +1.5 sets Collins and a Collins win.

    Will not be surprised if Collins wins today.

    But Collins is a very young, hungry and aggressive player who wants to rise fast in WTA and win this tournament. She takes the ball early and puts pressure on her opponents and brings errors out of them. Ostapenko being an error prone player can easily fall to the pressure of Collins and lose in an upset! The whole crowd both American fans and the big latino fans will be roaring for Collins to win. All the family, friends and relatives of Collins will be in the stadium (as Collins is a local from the nearby St.Petersburg city of Florida and not Russia!lol). With this kind of support, Collins can upset SpankyPenko especially if she can continue playing with her aggressive,attacking style of play making SpankyPenko play behind the baseline and moving her all over the court and forcing tons of errors out of SpankyPenko. SpankyPenko has to disrupt Collins bulldog style attacking game with her own punishing 2nd serves and returns keeping her error count low.

    This will be a game of naked and unabashed display of raw power. The player who can use their power intelligently under calmness and keep their UE count low will win.

    But Ostapenko with the big power and big match experience advantage is the FAV and should win a tight match. But never underestimating Collins who has 100% home crowd support and playing with great power, aggression and confidence.

  93. What do you think about this double combo to April 2. with high stake ?

    – Gavrilova
    – Bertens
    – Rybarikova
    – Tsurenko

    or what would you change? My plan is that i’ll play double with high stake 3 or 4 match combo with ” safest ” play thank you very much for your help.

    • Hello, I think all 4 of those will win but I can’t say that this type of betting is wise, especially in the first round of these types of tournaments.

    • Aztech,

      Why did you pick Lesya Tsurenko to win over Nao Hibino in 2 sets?

      Do you trust Lesya Tsurenko 100% that too winning in 2 sets?

      Did you know that Lesya Tsurenko lost the last 2 matches and that she struggled to beat 2 lower level opponents and finally lost in 3 sets.

      Lesya Tsurenko was the favorite to win the last 2 matches in 2 sets but she lost.

      I like the other 3 picks of –

      – Gavrilova
      – Bertens
      – Rybarikova

      • Hibino (ranked 120) has been in pretty awful form so far this year, 1-6 in main tour hard court matches. Her one previous appearance here, last year, saw her lose 0-6,2-6 to (currently 189 ranked) Boserup. Tsuernko (ranked 41) is 13-7 on the year and won the Acapulco tournament last month.

        • Aztech, I was aware of all those details about Hibino.

          But I only look at their current form which shows that Tsuernko is in a bad shape.

          She can still win(may be in 3 sets or in 2 very difficult sets) with her greater experience.

          I won’t be surprised if Tsuernko loses today. She is not trust worthy.

  94. John,

    Can you kindly divide the –

    “Volvo Car Open, Charleston ROUND 1 Matches” and “Abierto GNP Seguros, Monterrey ROUND 1 Matches”…

    …into DAY1 and DAY2 groups?

    John, can you also put the start times right next to the matches in EST or EST whichever is convenient to you? My bookies always give the wrong timings.

    Foe Example:- Alison Riske to defeat Evgeniya Rodina in 3 sets – 8 AM EST

  95. John why?

    Jana Cepelova will defeat Bernarda Pera in 3 sets?

    Bernarda Pera is the far better clay court player with a stunning 35/8 W/L record vs 9/6 for Cepelova in 2017.

    Bernarda Pera has the better form in 2018 also.

    Besides Bernarda Pera will have 100% home crowd cheering for her.

    Bernarda Pera has the more powerful shots.

    Even though Bernarda Pera has more chances to win, I like +1.5 sets Bernarda Pera to win. Over possible as Bernarda Pera makes quite some errors which will allow Cepelova to hang on and push the over.

    What do you think John?

  96. Congrats these 6 tips/bets won…

    Total 6 won, 7 lost

    Volvo Car Open, Charleston R1
    Ashleigh Barty to defeat Sofia Kenin
    2 units @ $1.50 (Betfair)

    Volvo Car Open. Charleston R1
    Irina-Camelia Begu to defeat Georgina Garcia Perez
    2 units @ $1.52 (Pinnacle)

    Volvo Car Open, Charleston R1
    Elena Vesnina to defeat Madison Brengle
    2 units @ $1.61 (Betfair)

    Volvo Car Open, Charleston R1
    Sara Errani to defeat Eugenie Bouchard
    2.5 units @ $1.43 (Betfair)

    Abierto GNP Seguros, Monterrey R1
    Sara Sorribes Tormo to defeat Tereza Martincova
    1 unit @ $2.18 (Pinnacle)

    Volvo Car Open, Charleston R1
    Caroline Garcia to defeat Varvara Lepchenko
    2.5 units @ $1.49 (Pinnacle)


    These sweet 7 lost…

    Volvo Car Open, Charleston R1
    Magda Linette to defeat Claire Liu
    1 unit @ $1.84 (Betfair)

    Volvo Car Open, Charleston R1
    Heather Watson to defeat Taylor Townsend
    1.5 units @ $1.80 (Betfair)

    Volvo Car Open, Charleston R1
    Samantha Stosur to defeat Kristie Ahn
    2 units @ $1.42 (Betfair)

    Volvo Car Open, Charleston R1
    Katerina Siniakova to defeat Kristyna Pliskova
    2 units @ $1.57 (Pinnacle)

    Abierto GNP Seguros, Monterrey R1
    Nicole Gibbs to defeat Monica Puig
    1.5 units @ $3.85 (Betfair)

    Volvo Car Open, Charleston R2
    Christina McHale to defeat Daria Kasatkina
    1 unit @ $6.00 (Betfair)

    Abierto GNP Seguros, Monterrey R1
    Mariana Duqoue-Marino to defeat Danielle Collins (possible only in dreams)
    1.5 unit @ $5.80 (Betfair)

    Abierto GNP Seguros, Monterrey R1
    Renata Zarazúa to defeat Garbine Muguruza (possible only in dreams)
    1 unit @ $11.00 (Betfair)

    Total 6 won, 7 lost

  97. Aztech, pieman, Just sayin, Caroline et all,

    What are your bets for today?

    I Like Cornet, barty,Mugurza,Bertens,sara Errani,Elena vesnina,Babos,pera

    Collins (can beat the error prone Sevastova), Dolehide and Bogdan +1.5 sets

    ….so far

    You see any upsets here?

    Still studying the others

    Can you guys post your picks and analysis before the match starts?

  98. Why will (8) Ajla Tomljanovic defeat Anna Blinkova in 3 sets?

    I think Anna Blinkova can upset a more error prone Ajla Tomljanovic today. Can happen in 3 sets?

    All stats point to a Blink,Blink,Blinkova win.

    Tomljanovic is more experienced but also does tons of more errors.

    Blinkova is more hungry to win.

    like +1.5 sets and over

    post for discussion….

  99. John, many of your predictions/tips/logic are wrong.

    Like these below wrong predictions/tips….

    Tons of wrong predictions/tips @ Indian wells and Miami Open

    RD2 @ Charleston
    (11) Daria Gavrilova to defeat Camila Giorgi in 3 sets
    RD2 – (6) Johanna Konta to defeat (Q) Fanny Stollar in 2 sets
    (wc) Laura Siegemund to defeat (10) Naomi Osaka in 3 sets
    (2) Petra Kvitova to defeat Kristyna Pliskova in 2 sets

    (10) Naomi Osaka to defeat (5) Julia Goerges in 3 sets

    Naomi Osaka(who you thought was tired, over rated and not fit for clay etc.)…lost in 2 sets today
    ….many more today

    The predictions/tips/logic should all be the SAME. They all should be aligned and truthful considering that people are betting using their hard earned money some using their rent money or bills money etc. The main point is a lot of people are in deep financial difficulty(ignoring the wrong argument that they should not bet in the 1st place).

    There are too many wrong or misguided predictions going on for a long time. All predictions/tips/logic should be bettor friendly not bookie friendly as they may be sponsoring the bets or this website. This will ensure that the poor or middle class bettors don’t lose their hard earned money.

    What do you think John? Can we see any improvements in the predictions/tips/logic to be more bettor friendly immediately?

    • I think you should stay away from this site, as it is obviously not for you.

      How dare you suggest that bookmakers are sponsoring the site!!! No one sponsors the site.

      You need to go.

  100. Both the below beta are losers I think….what you think people?

    Volvo Car Open, Charleston R3
    Irina-Camelia Begu to defeat Daria Kasatkina
    1 unit @ $4.20 (Betfair)

    Abierto GNP Seguros, Monterrey R2
    Naomi Broady to defeat Timea Babos
    1 unit @ $5.10 (Betfair)

    Expecting weak and low skilled players to beat superior players?

    Naomi Broady has some chance ONLY if she reduces her huge UE count and improves her returning
    IQ and accuracy substantially.

  101. Another wrong prediction.

    Sara Sorribes Tormo to defeat (6) Ana Bogdan in 3 sets

    A low tennis IQ and clay courter(Sara Sorribes Tormo) beating a powerful hard courter(Ana Bogdan)?

      • This prediction was NOT wrong.

        Me as a house wife doing this betting to pay some medical bills of my sick relatives and parents etc. is OK. But you as an experienced professional of 5+ years and running a tennis website only for WTA and not for ATP and collecting memberships for PROFESSIONAL PREDICTIONS and predicting nearly 50% of the matches wrong (esp. many easy ones which the whole world gets it right) is not cool.

        I am copying my LIKING, NOT prediction from my above post…..and my LIKING (+1.5 sets BLINKOVA) WON

        ….All other points were discussion points.

        “like +1.5 sets (BLINKOVA) and over…………….LAST LINE is what I LIKED (which I also bet and won)! In LB I bet whoever was winning in each set as usual whether in WTA or in ATP or in NBA or NHL etc.

        post for discussion…”

  102. Jaya, if John was correct every time, this website wouldn’t exist as he’d be living life as a millionaire. If you’re betting your bankroll on every prediction, you’ll lose. John is a smart bettor, in that he bets based on units and looks at the overall win/losses (which is +18% yield in March).

    You only point out John’s losses and your wins. If you were really as great as you make yourself seem (winning 10+ love bets every game), I doubt you’d be spending your time here.

    There’s a betting market for a reason. You think if sports was that easily predicted, bookmakers would exist? Stop bashing on John.

  103. Jasper Choo…..who?,

    1st of all I don’t know who you are. Hearing your name for the 1st time here.

    But based on your rude arguments and style of talking…I know the original and exact identity of your fake name Jasper Chooooo…

    Chooooo, you don’t EVER help anyone with any analysis etc. But you dare to drop in JUST TO ATTACK PEOPLE…who have no interest in communicating with you? Wow! I didn’t attack you or even talk to you. But you are jumping in like a piece of….suddenly to ATTACK someone and SUPPORT someone? WoW! What kind of person you are? So, can you mind your own business and keep your foolish advice to yourself? As you are ALL WRONG.

    You are talking all rubbish.

    If there are 10 picks recommended here. If 50% or MORE of it are losers and nicely mixed in, then how will you are any member here pick and bet only the winners? the losers mixed in are like wolves in sheep’s garb/dress. Even if you selectively pick BY ANY METHOD from the recommend picks here, you still lose ALWAYS! You don’t bet on the picks from this website, so you don’t know a thing. You are NOT even a member I know that. If I have the administrators access to this website then I will tell who exactly you are.

    Read below…

    You said above

    “John is a smart bettor, in that he bets based on units and looks at the overall win/losses (which is +18% yield in March).”

    If John is a smart bettor(18%??? I know 100’s of people making 200 or 300% profits as detailed above from betting in multiple sports.) or a dumb bettor NOBODY cares.

    What people who come to this website care is whether they get –

    1) Unbiased and correct predictions, picks and bets MORE THAN what an ORDINARY PERSON with little knowledge of tennis can get on their own. But here it is the opposite. ORDINARY PEOPLE or BEGINNERS or NEWBIE’s are getting more picks/predictions correct than the professional (for 5+ years) here who runs a professional WTA Tennis website. 50% correct predictions any dumb person gets. i discuss bets with tons of people and many new members are getting 50 to 75% bets correct.

    2) Members of this website are treated with respect and not rudely(esp. if a members is getting many winning picks) talked to when they are posting some analysis done with hard work.

    3) Whether members can make MORE PROFIT than they can make individually. That’s all. Right now there is NO ONE making profit out of advice given here on this website. I have ONLY LOSES following advice/predictions/analysis/picks (or whatever you call it) here (when I am short of time). When I have sufficient time, I figure out 90% or more of my bets correctly (posted many of my correct analysis. Don’t confuse those posted for discussion and wanting more info. and telling what is on top of my mind), even though I am just a HOUSEWIFE and NOT A TENNIS PROFESSIONAL for more than 5+ years.

    Choooo, we are posting our analysis for discussion as we are are being asked to post our opinions, analysis etc. as requested somewhere on this website…….expecting members to join in with their analysis and discuss things. But people are popping out like popcorn ONLY to attack members (and NOT helping anyone EVEN one time here with their analysis etc.) who are asking serious and real questions as members (we are not joking here and wasting our valuable time) here are losing their hard earned money with information dished out here in a “so called” professional website.

    If John is a smart bettor he won’t won’t be pushing losing picks or bets…which I have listed many times here. Many or 1000’s of new or beginner bettors are getting many bets correctly (upto 75%) and not the ‘smart bettor” professional here (only 50%)??? That is NOT professional or acceptable by anyone. Ask sincerely any member here without threatening people with expulsion,punishment etc. and they will tell the truth.

    Choooo…a professional running a website is SMART ONLY if he makes his members MAKE MONEY. Not make money himself and make 1000’s of his members lose money. Did you get it….you choooo…..who jumps in and interrupts when no one asked. You don’t have guts to help people with correct analysis and picks but jump in ONLY to talk rudely and talk smack and wrong things?

    I never said that I am great ever(you said that above). I am just a housewife doing this tennis betting to pay for some medical bills. You may be wrongly thinking that “I am great”. Then you may be hallucinated on some drugs etc. Anyhow thanks for thinking that “I am great” in your mind and telling the world now with this post!

    Finally nobody is bashing anybody. We are just asking for some better BETTOR FRIENDLY predictions, analysis, picks, bets etc….which are professional as this is a PROFESSIONAL WTA BETTING SITE run by A PROFESSIONAL with 5+ years of solid experience. That’s all.

    …..just as the main line of this website says….

    Hit a winner (NOT 50% LOSERS) with WTAAddict!
    Professional analysis, predictions & betting advice.

    No more communicating with you….Jasper Chooooo….a person with fake name. I know who you are though.

    • I think you need to stay away from this site as clearly it is not right for you.

      You are very misguided. You speak of 50%… it’s not about what percent I get right. In march I got less than 50% of tips right but had a very good yield for the month. I will admit my tips have generally not been great overall but that’s just how it is. I can’t predict the future, no one can.

      You have deluded expectations and beliefs. Also I do not have 1000’s on members, I do not make a lot of money from this site either, in fact I make next to nothing after costs.. So you are very wrong and rude to make assumptions about my motives and character. I am just trying to help. You have crossed the line by attacking my character.

    • If you place 10 bets…

      5 bets are placed with 3 units at 2.00 odds and 5 are placed with 1 unit at 5.00 odds, you get a 50% win rate, but +10 units.

      Obviously nobody expects Zarazua to beat Muguruza, but 1 unit may be worth it at 11.00 odds because there’s a higher chance at an upset than what the odds suggest.

  104. Why is there NO Charleston & Monterrey QF Preview’s….this is what helps members here understand the matchup and bet.

    These 1 or 2 liners may not help anyone bet confidently….like the below one….

    Ana Bogdan to defeat Danielle Collins

    1.5 units @ $3.45 (Pinnacle)

    Bogdan’s odds are too high. Bogdan is solid and in my eyes she is fairly evenly matched with Collins. Collins is certainly in better form but that does not guarantee anything. Worth a small play at these odds.

    In fact Danielle Rose Collins can win today….as

    1) She is better rested with a walkover from Tsurenko in last round. Collins will have fresher legs today.
    2) Will have greater crowd support as Mexico is like the holiday home of Americans. So latinos(100%) in Mexico support Americans more than a Romanian.
    3) Collins is in far greater form. Bog has played just 3 matches from February,2018 and she lost one of that match to Eugenie Bouchard. Wow! Who loses to the NO.1 FLAKEY PLAYER IN THE WORLD Eugenie Bouchard??? Bogdan then struggled to beat a doubles player Victoria Rodriguez…and finally stumbled to a 3 set win that too with a 3-set tiebreaker. Collins has 15 match experience winning 12 of them in March and April,2018. So who wins? It is clear who wins or should win!
    4) Bogdan is 1-dimensional. She just hits big flat shots. This cannot ensure her a victory against players with a varied game, higher Tennis IQ and attack that Collins has. But Bogdan is athletic and runs well…so does Collins and 100’s of WTA players.
    5) Collins is the higher ranked and skilled player…everyone knows that.
    6) She is the more aggressive and attacking player putting lots of pressure on Bogdan to run a lot and miss a lot.

    All these advantages can lead to a Collins ML win today.

    This 1-liner analysis may be wrong….

    “Collins is certainly in better form but that does not guarantee anything.” What?

    BETTER FORM means EVERYTHING. BETTER FORM especially the CURRENT FORM guarantees a victory or win. The player with BETTER FORM wins 90% of the time.

    Still I like +1.5 sets Collins to win. Collins ML can win (not recommending to anyone here as Collins can make quite some errors due to her aggressive big shot making.) Over can hit.

    NO R2 and QF previews like the one below…

    ANALYSIS has to be deeper….else LOSES can happen.

    Elena Vesnina vs Madison Brengle, Charleston R1 Preview

    Posted on April 2, 2018
    Volvo Car Open, Charleston R1 Preview
    (14) Elena Vesnina vs. Madison Brengle
    2016 Charleston runner-up Elena Vesnina will begin her 2018 Volvo Car Open campaign on Tuesday with an opening round clash against America’s Madison Brengle. It was in Charleston in 2016 that the Russian’s career resurgence took place as she came through the qualifying draw to reach the final, certainly one of the most important weeks of tennis in the career of Vesnina.

    Vesnina has not had the greatest results in 2018, the Russian has amassed a modest 5-7 win-loss record in 2018 and has seen her ranking slip outside the top 40 for the first time in a while. It was in Indian Wells a few weeks ago where Vesnina lost a large chunk of points as she was eliminated in the third round in her title defense at the BNP Paribas Open. Most recently Vesnina suffered a disappointing opening round exit in Miami where she was beaten by Donna Vekic in 3 sets. Vesnina will be hoping she can ignite her season in Charleston, a special venue for the Russian.

    Madison Brengle’s recent results have been typically unspectacular. Brengle suffered opening round defeats in Indian Wells and Miami last month and is still yet to win a main draw match at a WTA tour level event in 2018. Clay is typically Brengle’s least preferred surface so her fortunes are unlikely to change over the next few months.

    Vesnina has won both of the previous matches between the pair, both in straight sets, both in 2016. A 6-2 6-3 win at Roland Garros and 7-6 6-4 on grass in Eastbourne.

      • Collins beaten easily, wrong again.

        Magdalela your world no.17 pick got thrashed by Vickery. Same happened to your Kasatlina pick. Beaten badly by Georges like in St. Petersburg, IF I am right. bad(1-liner logic…no enough to do any pick. Life not so easy to win with 1 liner logics.) logic backing them.

        I didn’t watch any match till evening or bet anything live bet until evening.

        But it looks like Collins was tired from playing too many matches just like Krystina Pliskova. hence, i think they lost badly. With people attacking me and wasting my valuable time in replying the same i could not complete my analysis or do deeper thinking, before I finalize things.

        I am not finding time to do 100% analysis and talk to other experts. getting no help here. Hence, my analysis is incomplete hence I am calling for discussions to get more info.

        Again 50% of your predictions lost at QF stage. No one can make any profit based on that.

        Above is a pre-eliminary analysis calling for discussion. And I am just a housewife and not a WA tennis professional like you.

        People should join and discuss before match starts (not…..do later) to finalize a logical winner.

        Again 50% of your predictions lost at QF stage. No one can make any profit based on that.

  105. Kristyna Pliskova has great chances of upsetting Anastasija Sevastova.

    Pliskova leads h2h by 1:0 against Sevastova.

    Pliskova is having dream run so far here by beating and upsetting far higher ranked players like Sinikaova, Kvitova and Vesnina.

    Kristyna Pliskova has the same potential as her younger sister Karolina Pliskova. Now it is coming to fruition as she started believing in her capability now and is playing with greater confidence than Sevastova.

    I fear that Sevastova cannot handle the power and the NEW all round game of Kristyna Pliskova.

    Kristyna Pliskova can win ML(not recommending to anyone) and upset the Sevastova who is a far higher ranked player just as was Sinikaova, Kvitova and Vesnina…and all met the same fate.

    But strongly like +1.5 sets Kristyna Pliskova to win.

    What are you betting members? Don’t anyone of you bet or are there NO genuine members here?

    Why is there ZERO discussions here and ONLY 100% attacks (especially by strangers who pop out of the skeleton closets all of a sudden…as if invoked by a wicked witch!lol) with NO help at all to anyone in analysis to bet and win correctly.

  106. There is PART II to this analysis which i don;t have to type it up as I needed to go to the orphanage,shopping for some essentials for family etc. Just back at home.

    But the Summary of part II is if Kristyna Pliskova doesn’t match the returning and movement of Anastasija Sevastova then Pliskova can lose the match. Pliskova needs to maintain the high level from her previous matches in terms of energy levels, accurate power serving and returning and movement else Sevastova can win easily. Sevastova is the better returner with many tricky shots which Pliskova needs to contend with good movement and returns.

      • That is a pre-eliminary analysis calling for discussion as i was short of time.

        So, my analysis is NOT wrong. It is meant for discussion to get more help before finalizing any bet.

        Infact i could not bet or even live bet until evening as I had to rush to the Orphanage where I volunteer.

        As mentioned several times I live bet most of the time after keen observation of who is winning.

  107. John, like your picks for today on first glance.


    Like (14) Kiki Bertens to upset (7) Madison Keys – Bertens is the better clay court player with more IQ than Keys. Bertens is the better returner and mover also. I am also worried about her hip injury. If Berts is really hurt and hampers her movement then Keys should win easily.

    Like (5) Julia Goerges (8) to upset Anastasija Sevastova

    Julia Goerges is playing well here. Her serve and returning improving with every match. If Goerges plays close to her top form, she should overpower Sevastova with her power advantage in everything and avenge last month’s defeat to Sevastova Indian Wells. Goerges will not forget that defeat.

    I also like Sevastova’s confident all round game. Sevastova is also the better clay court player but this semi-fast Green clay @ Charleston is helping hard court layers like Madison and Goerges. But i just worry for her as she cannot handle big accurate power like the power of the old woman Venus Williams (and Goerges is a young and powerful 29 year old who has greater power than the oldy Venus) which makes Sevastova nervous, forcing her to make many mistakes. Sevastova needs to be calm and focused to win.

    Think most matches will be close today in SF’s unlike the QF’s. Real contenders left.

    Still researching. Will do most bets in LB as usual.

  108. John like your pick of a Mugurza win.

    (1) Garbine Muguruza (Mugs) to defeat (4) Timea Babos (Baboon) in 2 sets

    I just like Mugurza ML win.

    “Muguruza is stronger than Babos in all aspects. The Spaniard has not dropped a set on route to the final and has generally been playing at a high level. Now that she is in the final it is very unlikely that her level will drop.”

    …baboon is also playing at a very high level exercising her powerful Hungarian muscles!lol.

    But think the match will be very tight. It could end in 2 tight sets or in 3.


    1) Babos is in very god form currently.

    2) Babos has come thru a very tough draw to the finals. Baboon has beaten 4 tough cookies on-route to the finals, namely Sachia Vickery, Monica Puig, Naomi Broady, (these 3 girls have good power and returning skills. Broady a bit less accurate but a dangerous opponent) and Marie Bouzkova.

    While Mugs has beaten very easy or highly flakey opponents (Ajla Tomljanovic, Renata Zarazua. Alison Riske is a good player but is basically a nice aimless ball pusher/returner without much power) except for Ana Bogdan who is a real tough player with good power and can serve aces like men! But Bogdan makes a lot of mistakes going for her big shots like Collins, Ostapenko etc.

    Mugs beating easy or highly flakey opponents in 2 sets falsely makes us to believe that Mugs is far superior to Baboon and win in 2 sets again. Possible if baboon is nervous of playing in big finals or playing against Top 10 players.

    So, a toughened Baboon should make life difficult for Mugs in the finals today with her good form and push the over.

    Bogdan missed pushing the over by just 1 game. Bogdan in SF vs Mugs was kinda nervous(probably nervous of playing a To 10 player like Mugs) and hit many errors and lost the 1 st set 6-0. Baboon being strong and fearless like an animal should be strong against Mugs from game 1 I think. Let’s see. Still I favour Mugs to win ML.

    3) The 4:0 H2H advantage can be neglected as Baboon has increased her skill level and ranking in the last 2 years after the 4 old H2H wins of Mugs which were all before August, 2016.

    4) Baboon has big power in serve and returns to counter the same of Mugs.

    Considering the above….Baboon will not be an easy match for Mugs. Baboon with her top coaches should game plan nicely to counter Mugs in the final strongly.

    Over should win here. 3 sets or atleast 2 very tight sets possible. Mugs to win ML. Baboon can win if she can outhit Mugs like she did to Monica Puig and Mugs has a bad day on office and becomes error some…which she throws in some days.

    Mugs ML should win finally after some difficulty as Mugs has lots more experience especially in Big matches than Baboon. Mugs also enjoys nearly 15% greater movement advantage enabling her to hit deeper angles.

    Note:- All posts so far and in future is for generating more discussions and info. to enable picking an informed and well analyzed winner later. Hope no one keeps quite now and attack later after the match. Attacking (someone) is easy but being helpful is difficult. Being destructive or negative is easy but being constructive or positive is difficult.

    What do you think of this analysis John et all? Still researching. Need to look at some detailed stats also.

    • Aztech, whom are you talking to?

      When you talk to somebody in a forum or in a group with many people, Aztech, you need to address the person by name. Right?

      I think you are talking to John/wtaaddict, right?

      Even though i started Tennis betting just mid last year and without much tennis experience (just played a few years of tennis in college), 75 to 90% of my own analysis have come true giving me good profits. When I followed the analysis or recommended bets here…I have lost 60% or more times. I am just trying to find some good friendly, and respectful people on this website who will discuss tennis analysis humanely, without being rude to me or putting me down. As an orphan, most of my life I have been treated badly by people until myself and my brother got adopted by a great loving family.

      Just for example:-

      My above pick/analysis of :-(copied from above post of mine)

      1) Like (5) Julia Goerges (8) to upset Anastasija Sevastova…………………………………………………………………………………………..WON

      2) Like (14) Kiki Bertens to upset (7) Madison Keys………………………………………………………………………………………………………..WON

      3) I just like Mugurza ML win.

      4) Over should win here. 3 sets or atleast 2 very tight sets possible. Mugs to win ML.

      Here are a few betslips showing how my analysis/picks/likes are winning big (75 to 85% are winners…)the returns are far more than 18% of some people here.) My local bettors and friends are making 200 to 300% or more profits and they tease me for my low profits and timid/safe betting.

      Below are a few betslips which followed my above analysis. I do bets jointly with my orphan brother who provides me ATP analysis and bets and I give him my WTA analysis and bets.

      04:29 PM [ # 358195814 ] STRAIGHT BET ( Risking: 5000.00 – To Win: 1112.00 ) WIN
      04/08/2018 @ 04:40 PM MU [8861] G Muguruza -450 (G Muguruza vrs T Babos) Score: G Muguruza(2) – T Babos(1) WIN

      04:38 PM [ # 358196847 ] STRAIGHT BET ( Risking: 400.00 – To Win: 520.00 ) WIN
      04/08/2018 @ 04:40 PM MU vrs : Match set handicap[957518] T Babos +1.5 +130 (G Muguruza vrs T Babos) Score: G Muguruza(2) – T Babos(1) WIN

      04:38 PM [ # 358196920 ] STRAIGHT BET ( Risking: 800.00 – To Win: 667.00 ) WIN
      04/08/2018 @ 04:40 PM MU vrs Total and Spreads (Games)[268861] TOTAL o19.5 -120 (G Muguruza vrs T Babos) Score: G Muguruza(15) – T Babos(13) WIN

      04:46 PM [ # 358191848] MUGURUZA, G vs. BABOS, T ( Risking: 900.00 – To Win: 490.00 ) WIN
      04/08/2018 @ 04:49 PM RBL Game HandicapBABOS, T +4.5 Score: () – () WIN

      • Anyone with such reckless betting habits will eventually lose everything. I can tell you that now. If you are going to post your big wins here then please also post your big losses. If you are going to continue to criticize me, I will get rid of your profile. If I am so bad, why do you keep coming back, it makes no sense.

          • Caroline,

            When some immature and highly unprofessional person says something you believe it blindly?

            What if some immature and highly unprofessional person reveals all YOUR brothers, sisters, parents, boyfriends name and their other identities here and on other websites, will you like it? Even if someone knows the identity of your family or relatives, you want them to keep it a secret, right? OR Will you join the perpetrator, laugh with them and call names like “exposed”???

            What “exposed” OR “Nice expose”??? There is no one here naked to be “exposed” except the low level values, unprofessional-ism and immaturity that has been exposed. That’s all!

          • I did not reveal anything! haha. You just did. wow.

            How can you speak of values. Revealing winning bets is not what someone with values would do… don’t you understand?

            I have nothing against you personally but stop talking crap.

        • John, that is what ignorant and immature people think without thinking deeply.

          I have told many times that my brother has accounts with many websites. You came across one of his.

          Myself and my brother jointly bet on many matches by pooling our money to maximize the profits. Hence you saw the same bets posted by my brother. They CANNOT be different when you bet jointly. I mentioned about our joint betting somewhere.

          Myself and my brother have a lot of similarity (talking, writing etc.) having grown together in isolation or in orphanage and went to the same school and college.

          I am copying from my above post about the “joint betting” thing with my brother which I talked here. With the tennis betting profits we also did some real estate investments jointly.

          “Below are a few betslips which followed my above analysis. I do bets jointly (I DO BET JOINTLY) with my orphan brother who provides me ATP analysis and bets and I give him my WTA analysis and bets/”

          IF not also, that is what families do. They pool their resources (time, money etc.) and do works jointly. IMMATURE people misunderstand and GOOD PEOPLE understand and keep quite and will NEVER broadcast to the world the family accounts or relationships, names etc. of siblings to the world. And you call yourself a “Professional”, a WTA professional???”!WoW!

          After my parents died in an accident which made me and my brother orphans, my brother is the only valuable thing I have in my life. I wanted his identity to be kept secret and you inhumanely and cruelly reveal it here without talking to me??? You are such a bad person, both professionally (in tennis) and also in personal relationships. How immature are you john? 25 years immature? One of my kids is not even half your age and they are so respectful and understanding.

          John, if I come to know of your brother or sister or girlfriend from some other website or some other city, I will NOT broadcast it to the world. I will just keep it to myself. This is what any GOOD HUMAN BEING does! leave alone a Professional!

          • I did not know it was your brother, hence why I said it was you. I did not expose anything, you did as you just said it was your brother. Anyone who reads the comments there and reads them here will instantly link the two accounts as the tone in the comments were the exact same. I was merely pointing it out and stating that it is very unnecessary to post receipts of winning bets, no one cares. That’s good for you, but do not boast about it here, unless you also want to post receipts of your big losses, you see what I mean?

            I am not a bad person.

  109. Does anyone like…

    (5) Svetlana Kuznetsova to defeat Mona Barthel in 3 sets?

    Mona Barthel can upset the old, heavy, slow and rusted Russian bear (5) Svetlana Kuznetsova?

    +1.5 sets Barthel should win. But Barthel many times is flakey and makes lots of errors. Actually this is a good chance for Kuznetsova to pick up a win but it won’t be easy. Barthel has got some form and she has power to counter that of the old russian bear.

    Kuznetsova is in a bad form. She is on a losing streak.

    If Kuznetsova has practised heavily behind close doors and brought herself to top form, no one knows.

    I am not trusting Kuznetsova until I see 3 or 4 consecutive wins from her.

    Posting for further discussions.

    What are your analysis on this MU and other matches for today if there are any genuine, friendly members on this website?

    • Mona Barthel upsets the old, heavy, slow and rusted Russian bear (5) Svetlana Kuznetsova as predicted above.

  110. (6) Alize Cornet to defeat (wc) Jill Teichmann in 3 sets?

    Anyone on?

    Jill Teichmann to upset Alize Cornet ?

    Cornet may be tired from playing many matches last week besides the jet lag.

    Like +1.5 sets Teichmann.

    Teichmann is the far better clay court player. Her record shows. Teichmann will win IF she brings her 2017 great clay form. Besides Teichmann has big power which the weak Cornet cannot handle.

  111. (5) Lara Arruabarrena to defeat (Q) Victoria Rodriquez in 2 sets? lol NOT possible.

    Arruabarrena is a weak player and has no power. Arruabarrena is focusing on doubles and she is fit for only doubles!lol

    Victoria Rodriquez is a fast improving player. She has tremendous power and can out hit the softy Arruabarrena and win. I won’t be surprised if Rodriquez wins today.

    Rodriquez has already settled down comfortably on the clay courts of Bogoto with 2 good wins in qualies also.

    But expecting +1.5 sets Rodriquez to win.

    This post is for good human discussion and not for attacks later. Discussions will help me or anyone fix the mistakes in their logic and bet on a final winner confidently. That’s why we all need to discuss openly all match ups in detail.

  112. Mariana Duque-Marino to defeat (7) Ana Bogdan in 3 sets?

    Ana Bogdan should easily win over Mariana Duque-Marino whether she is a local or alien.

    Ana Bogdan is of a completely different class I think. She is too strong for the weak Duque-Marino. Watched her in doubles also. Loses a lot there also.

    +1.5 sets Ana Bogdan should win. Ana Bogdan ML can win(not recommending to anyone here)

    Post for further discussion.

  113. Sorry I haven’t been active on here for a while, everyone. Been busy trying to secure a $600,000 contract to fund a program for children with mental health problems.

    Anyway, haven’t been able to conduct research so I’m just following along with the picks for now.

  114. Claro Open Colsanitas, Bogota QF Match Predictions:
    (2) Magda Linette to defeat Dalila Jakupovic in 3 sets Why???

    I think Dalila Jakupovic can upset the far higher ranked Magda Linette.

    Dalila Jakupovic has the far better current form, better form in 2018 and the better form on clay in 2017 and 2018. This coupled with Dalila Jakupovic’s 3:1 H2H inclusive of winning both the H2H MU’s on clay should enable Dalila Jakupovic to win ML today. Infact Jakupovic should have been the FAV. But like +1.5 sets Dalila Jakupovic to win. Over can hit of Linette plays error free.

    What do think people of this analysis for discusssion?

  115. Samsung Open, Lugano QF

    Elise Mertens to defeat Mona Barthel?????

    3.5 units @ $1.58 (Betfair)

    I think Mona Barthel can defeat Elise Mertens today even though most stats points to a Mertens advantage (H2H and better clay performance in 2017) but both are in in same form in 2018.

    i) Mona Barthel came to the QF through a very tough draw beating a strong Donna Vekic and a super tough Svetlana Kuznetsova who desperately wanted to make a come back with this win but lost after a hard 3 set fight. This shows how strong Barthel is mentally esp. now that she is injury free!

    So, I give a slight edge in current form on clay to Mona Barthel.

    ii) Elise Mertens nearly lost to Marketa Vondrousova after losing the 2nd set and was losing the 3rd set. Vondrousova being inexperienced became nervous in the later half of the 3rd set and lost the lead and lost the set and match. This might not happen with Barthel who is far more experienced and stronger in tight situations.

    iii) I saw the match and observed that Elise Mertens could not handle the huge power of Marketa Vondrousova. Vondrousova lost this match as she goes for her big shots and makes errors. Whenever Vondrousova put a little extra power in her returns Mertens just could not handle the little extra power and ballooned the ball out or into the net.

    Mertens movement was also so poor that she failed to take most of the drop shots of an inexperienced Vondrousova!

    Even Mona Barthel has big power. If she or her team watched how Vondrousova manhandled Mertens yesterday and follows the same blueprint, then Mona Barthel can beat Elise Mertens today. But yesterday has too be consistent and play safe big shots like Sabalenkha is doing. then Barthel can win.

    A win or loss today is on Barthel’s racquet. Barthel being injury free now, if she can play to her potential and hit through or out hits Elise Mertens with her big power advantage then she can win. the million dollar question is will:-

    1) Will Mona Barthel or her team watch how Vondrousova manhandled Mertens yesterday?

    2) Can she remember and use her big power advantage to smash the WEAK powered Mona Barthel out of the park, ok out of Bogota while playing error free?

    If yes, then Mona Barthel wins today.

    As usual Elise Mertens will try to impose herself with her tricky return game (moving the opponent to both corners of their court to find loop holes/weakness.). If Elise Mertens can impose her game and Barthel forgets her big strength (power and size advantage) and allows Mertens to dictate, then Mertens wins!

    Like over and +1.5 sets Mona Barthel to win.

    What do you think people?

    This analysis is for discussion.

    • If Mona Barthel is tired from playing the tough two 3 setters, then the intelligent Mertens will take advantage of a sluggish Barthel and place shots deep into the court and make Barthel run further, gassing her. That is why we have LB for those matches where the fortune can turn in either direction depending on x,y,z etc. factors!

    • If Mona Barthel was not nervous in the 3rd set tie breaker she would have beaten Elise Mertens and the hype Train of Elise Mertens would have been busted!

      hen all kinds of accusations that Elise Mertens is trash, flakey player etc, would have been told to cover her pick.

      Elise Mertens is over hyped. She is just a good player with no power(who can be man handled by big players like Sabalenkha etc.) that’s all.

  116. All stats & clay form are pointing to an advantage for Giorgi to win today. But can she handle the power of the Belarussian?

    Will be close if Sabalenka plays an error free game. Else a 2 set win for Giorgi.

    If Sabalenka is on fire and lands all her power shots, she can blow Giorgi out of the park.

    Something in the middle should happen. Then over should hit. Just thinking loud.

    What are your analysis people?


        They are JUST pre-eliminary or rough draft or initial draft for discussions to get more information…. I quote below the lines from above which says…

        “What do you think people?

        This analysis is for discussion.” etc. etc.

        In this matchup….I liked “Like over and +1.5 sets Mona Barthel to win.” quoted from above post….and BOTH likes won. That is 1) over game 2) +1.5 sets Mona Barthel….BOTH won!

        Reagrding the Giorgi vs Sabalenka match….I was discussing some points and NOT RECOMMENDING ANY FINAL BETS AT ALL. Please read again carefully with a spectacles.

        What i said above came true…

        “If Sabalenka is on fire and lands all her power shots, she can blow Giorgi out of the park.”…and Sabalenkha did indeed blow Giorgi out of the park as I feared.

        I was just thinking loud and wanting somebody to help and clarify many possibilities or outcomes of the match.

        So i wrote above very clearly……

        “Just thinking loud.”….So anything about Giorgi is NOT a bet and was NOT recommended.

        Some of the LIKES I do bet sometimes after lots more research and thought. And my FINAL BETS are sometimes different and a few of them are same esp. the strong likes…not all of them as I keep researching further and discuss with more experienced bettor friends and with NEW INFO. I change some of my bets, REMOVE some doubtful ones and REPLACE it with some SAFE BETS based on lots more new info. AFTER i post here.

        John, how many REAL members do we have here. Why is not even a single soul posting ant analysis or discussing matches?

        The more people post their analysis then tour websites will get more hits and more people will come here and you will get more NEW MEMBERS also.

        If this website (https://melbnet.com/wtaaddict is like a GHOST TOWN…and no one visits this website (except for attacking someone like me who is trying to analyze and learn betting etc.) then you will NOT have any NEW MEMBERS and make any money at all! Then the only way to keep this website alive and running will be to get sponsorship from outside people. These outside people or business people to meet their personal business ends (make more profit…like bookies sponsoring many websites like tennisprediction,com etc.) will ask us to do evil things for them in the website they sponsor. It is like the politicians taking big bribes from the dishonest business men and then passing new laws taxing the people, making people buy Insurance mandatory etc..

        So, to keep the evil business people out (like the evil marketing companies, evil bookies etc.) we need to….

        1) Make CORRECT ANALYSIS/PREDICTIONS and BET RECOMMENDATIONS( 75% or more of them winning consistently) for members here.

        2) Encourage existing members (from the heart) and motivating them to make a lot of posts everyday increasing the number of hits to this website…thus bringing in new members also.

        This will attract NEW MEMBERS and then the MEMBERSHIP FEES will flow in from the individual bettors. This way we DO NOT have to depend on the evil business people (like the like the evil marketing companies, evil bookies etc.) to sponsor out websites and corrupt our tennis analysis and recommended picks etc.

  117. Who is betting on Mertens per…?

    Samsung Open, Lugano Final Match Prediction / Analysis:
    (2) Elise Mertens to defeat Aryna Sabalenka in 3 sets ???

    I think Aryna Sabalenka will defeat Elise Mertens instead of “(2) Elise Mertens to defeat Aryna Sabalenka in 3 sets ” because:-

    1) Elise Mertens is TIRED. Elise Mertens is TIRED from playing 3 doubles matches on clay here @Lugano besides playing 4 singles matches. That is a total of 7 matches in 4 days!

    Aryna Sabalenka has also played 7 matches in 4 days but she has won all her doubles and singles matches in 2 easy sets. So, Sabalenka has used less energy in the last 4 days and has lots more energy left.

    So a big girl with more energy should defeat a smaller and weaker girl with less energy!

    For the same or similar tiredness reason, Ana Bogdan lost to a far lower ranked player Anna Schmiedlova in the QF’s yesterday. But Ana Bogdan’s tiredness was due to 1) Playing 8 matches continuously from Monterrey in 2 weeks. that taxes any body a lot. ii) Ana Bogdan style of playing demands a lot of energy as she hits very hard flat shots with few delicate shots like drop shots or lobs etc. iii) She played 2 matches on 13th which made all the remaining energy drain out of her and she lost meekly to a far lower ranked player Anna Schmiedlova. A fresh Bogdan will beat Anna Schmiedlova in 2 sets.

    There are many indications of Elise Mertens’s tiredness.

    Mertens winning the 1st set (as she is initially fresh for the day) in the last THREE (3) matches. Then due to tiredness Mertens lost the 2nd set in both the THREE (3) matches. She was basically resting her tired body in the 2nd set. With great will power and difficulty Mertens then fought in the 3rd set and scrapped home with a win. The 3rd set was tight in all the last THREE (3) matches and she struggled to win it against 3 inexperienced and nervous players.

    Since all the last last THREE (3) matches ended in 3 setters, Elise Mertens is more tired than Aryna Sabalenka who won all 3 of her singles matches in 2 easy sets. A doubles match for Mertens also went to the 3rd set.

    2) Elise Mertens struggles to handle big power. hence she struggled to beat 3 big powered girls (luckily all 3 were less experienced than Mertens. Hence, Elise Mertens was lucky to scrape through and enter the finals where her road will end today as she is meeting an in-form and a very powerful Aryna Sabalenka, who has sharpened her returning skills a lot by playing in the doubles.

    Sabalenka will man-handle Mertens a bit today like she did to her last few opponents here.

    Because of the above reasons, I expect Elise Mertens to lose today to a very powerful and strong girl (mentally also) today.

    I won’t be surprised if Aryna Sabalenka wins in 2 sets also like she smashed all 3 of her previous opponents in 2 sets here.

    If Aryna Sabalenka is also tired (played the same 7 matches in 4 days here but won by playing 3 less sets than Mertens) then Elise Mertens can win a set or even the match!

    But I like +1.5 sets Aryna Sabalenka to win. Aryna Sabalenka ML also possible but not suggesting anyone here.

    OK, here is another analysis I am thinking of…..where I see an upset Bogoto!

    I think Anna Schmiedlova can upset everybody’s fav Lara Arruabarrena today in the finals. As Schmiedlova has the better form on clay since 2017 and better general form in 2018. Schmiedlova also beat Arruabarrena in 2 easy sets in the only H2H match they played in 03/2014.

    Schmiedlova can either win a set or push the over or even win the match.

    What are your analysis members?

    • If Mertens is so tired, why would she lose the second set and then win the third set? That makes no sense.. you say she is tired so she loses the second set.. lol. You have no proof that she is tired, it is all speculation. Also, she is playing Sabalenka not Wozniacki, this match is not about stamina.

      2) Elise Mertens struggles to handle big power. hence she struggled to beat 3 big powered girls (luckily all 3 were less experienced than Mertens. Hence, Elise Mertens was lucky to scrape through

      You just contradicted yourself ^^^

      Sabalenka is also more inexperienced so how does that support Sabalenka winning. She was NOT lucky. She WAS the BETTER player in all 3 of those wins…

      Schmiedlova does NOT have the better form on clay.. not sure where you pulled that from.

      You may end up right but this analysis makes no sense.

    • Elise Mertens and Lara Arruabarrena are OVER HYPED even if they win today. both are just weak ball pushers like Alize Cornet. They are looking good as there are only weak and flakey players in these 2 tournaments in Lugano and Bogota.

      • Actually Mertens has been underrated all tournament. Mertens should have beaten Barthel in 2 sets, she was the better player across the first two sets.

        • Strong first set had me believing the OVER 22 had a chance. Not to be. How do i get this comment section reversed so that the most recent activity is on top. PM me when you have a moment, ty

  118. John, I haven’t been keeping up with this comments area since Indian Hill. Took a glympse through some previous comments looking for any input into the Arruabarrena-Schmiedlova. Didn’t see much but a bunch of comments from Eddie Mush. Lock that guy up in the bathroom, would ya. I’m just having fun with ya Mush, don’t get all worked up about it, take your heart attack pills and get those damn kids off your lawn or something. Easy duz-it buddy. Ok John, The past couple days have been a fun. Going light with Aruabarrena, then, shifting to Zhengzhou, maybe I’ll find that you’ve already stated this, but what matches stand out as strong upset chance, or a clear domination contender? I’ll Jump back in when I have my breakdown. I like to begin with asking myself, who is motivated to get after it of the experienced gals, who are the standouts from the newbies, and who have injuries or maybe fatigued from recent play that could just as well take an early exit. Thanks in advance

  119. Ah Jaya,

    Discussing tennis tips with you is like dating a hooker: lots of holes and fun to poke at.

    If you want encourage members to post here you can lead by example and post PREDICTIONS. You can still write what you LIKE but because you also say that you will conduct MOTS BETS LIVE (I’m writing in CAPS because you do that – flap knows why), there’s no way to learn about your final prediction.

    You could also own your wrong predictions because you have never admitted you are wrong. What sort of message does that send to the kids you help in the orphanage – a man who refuses to understand his shortcomings. I’m sure God appreciates the occasional act of penitence.


    • This is what mental retarded people do. Attack, make fun, poke or trouble others. (” lots of holes and fun to poke at.”:)

      All this points to a typical classic sign of a brainless, mentally retarded idiot who needs to be put into a mental asylum quickly and away from all humanity. You are really mentally very sick idiot. Every word of your shows.

      The more you talk the more you are exposing to the world what a mental retard you are. So keep talking shit and expose yourself more

  120. John, I haven’t watched the below 4 players recently or most girls in this small Chinese ITF tournament. I need a lot of data before I make a selection to bet. Need your help here. Been busy with other things also.

    Lin Zhu to defeat Yafan Wang in 3 sets???
    Xinyun Han to defeat Danielle Lao in 3 sets???

    So can you kindly compare the playing styles of the above 4 girls?

    What advantage does the lower ranked Danielle Lao have over the home Chinese girl Xinyun Han.

    I know that Xinyun Han is a local girl and is the FAV but couple of people are going for Danielle Lao and they give no proper reason, just saying that Danielle Lao is the more talented has a higher ceiling and can play big and upset more higher ranked girls. They say that Xinyun Han’s advantage is basically more power being a bigger girl (and that can win many matches) and has the complete support of the home crowd.

    If Danielle Lao can play a good all-round game like Elise Mertens even though she doesn’t have the big power of Xinyun Han then Danielle Lao can beat the higher ranked and seeded Xinyun Han today.

    John, how does Danielle Lao play? What is her skill set and what are her advantages over the local fav Xinyun Han?

    John, I have seen in previous tournaments that Lin Zhu though being small has big power and goes for big winners all the time but she is highly erratic. If Lin Zhu is not consistent then how can she defeat the more experienced and more consistent Yafan Wang who nearly upset Angelique Kerber recently?

    What is the playing style and advantage of Lin Zhu over Yafan Wang?

    Awaiting your quick reply.

  121. I like Kostyuk’s odds against Garcia. I think she should at least win a set considering Garcia hasn’t really been in form for 2018.

    Kostyuk has looked solid coming up through the qualifiers too.

      • Yeah, I agree the Kostyuk is still work in progress but I’m using WTA logic which means the player who should win (i.e, Garcia) will probably end up making a meal out of it.

  122. In discussion with my brother….

    Like Karolina Pliskova to defeat Coco Vandeweghe

    Like +1.5 sets Karolina Pliskova, Karolina Pliskova ML 60%

    Over can hit, 3 sets possible

    Polona Hercog ML (60%) to defeat Pauline Parmentier

    Like +1.5 sets Polona Hercog, Over can hit, 3 sets possible

    Will do most/more bets in LB

    • Like Karolina Pliskova to defeat Coco Vandeweghe – WIN

      Like +1.5 sets Karolina Pliskova – WIN, Karolina Pliskova ML 60% – WIN

      Over can hit – WIN, 3 sets possible – LOSS

      Polona Hercog ML (60%) to defeat Pauline Parmentier – LOSS

      Like +1.5 sets Polona Hercog – WIN, Over can hit – WIN, 3 sets possible WIN

      Will do most/more bets in LB – IRRELEVANT HERE

      Just lending a helping hand, bro. 🙂 Good results, Jaya 5 x WINS, 2 x LOSSES

      • Just Saying, Just lending a helping hand, BRO.??? what?

        I am a mother of two kids with one kid got by ceaserian operation. So, don’t call me BRO ever.

        Just Saying, you are turning out into a brainless, stupid fellow…just trying to cause trouble. I have proved 10’s of times before on this website what a brainless fellow you are by misunderstanding and make stupid attacks. It is amazing you claim to work in a scientific firm when you can’t understand simple things and waste everyone’s time. And never seem to learn and understand when people try to explain in simple English and in detail also. You must be retarded.

        If you really wanted to HELP, then you should have posted your analysis explaining why your pick was correct and not mine. but you didn’t post your analysis BEFORE THE MATCH and help me or any other member here. byt after the match you want to attack me and tell like an idiot “Just lending a helping hand, bro.”. How the hell are you helping me NOW (by pointing the so called losses) YOU STUPID FELLOW Just Saying??

        HELP by posting your solid, in-depth, scientific and factual analysis BEFORE the match. that is the ONLY way you can HELP anybody here.

        Now, I will show what a stupid idiot you are.

        1) My 1st statement is just a general expectation. ALWAYS, ALWAYS. ALWAYS So, it is NOT a bet so NOT a LOSS. (Polona Hercog ML (60%) to defeat Pauline Parmentier – LOSS) is NOT a LOSS.

        2) My bets maybe in the last sentence or under the LIKES (Like +1.5 sets Polona Hercog – WIN, Over can hit – WIN, 3 sets possible WIN) but NOT in the 1st line.

        3) In CLOSE MATCHES I very rarely pre-bet money line. I bet in LIVE BET all CLOSE and flakey matches.

        The match between Polona Hercog VS Pauline Parmentier was a very close one. I know this as I observed their past H2H match was an extremely hard fought 3 setter match. So, i don’t touch pre-bet such close matches but was just expecting Polona to win as she was becoming stronger with each match after coming back from injury.

        4) Will do most/more bets in LB – IRRELEVANT HERE. Your commenting is IRRELEVANT HERE as in close matches LIVE BETTING is a MUST. The chance of losing in pre-bet (ML bbets) as higher hence live bet is the ONLY way to go.

        5) Are you stupid. Is this a bet? ————-> 3 sets possible – LOSS

        It is a possibility THAT’S ALL. NOT a bet. 2 sets can become 3 sets and vice-versa. I of all the people here know that and rarely do set betting. I just bet on the over as I very well know that both are good servers and will win many of their service games and that a 3 setter may or may not happen as Pliskova is the stronger player who can break a flakey and less reliable returner (Vandeweghe).

        So, in future if you want to HELP Just Saying, just post your solid, in-depth, scientific and factual analysis BEFORE the match. That is the ONLY way you can HELP anybody here. YOU GOT IT, Just Saying!

        I post my analysis just with the expectation that someone will come forward with their own analysis bringing new points to the table which can HELP me decide a winning bet (not a ML winner). I do lots more analysis after I post here as I don’t get any help from a PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE as this with ZERO MEMBERS having any brains to do a solid analysis and post it BEFORE MATCH!WOW! So some/many of my finals bets are different than my pre-eliminary picks here.

        • Jaya, if you are a mother, calling someone ‘retarded’ is a great way to model exemplary behaviour to your children – they must be so proud of a short-fused gambler who chases their losses.

          • Just Saying, calling “an apple” as “an apple” OR “a thief” as “a thief” OR “a retard” as “a retard” is the CORRECT thing to do. It is the CORRECT thing to show or teach to the children and to the whole world. Telling the world the REALITY (calling “an apple” as “an apple” and a “a retard” as “a retard”) is the CORRECT thing for anyone to do in this world. If you cannot understand this then you are definitely a retard. You have always misunderstood people and I have proved you wrong 100’s of times in my previous posts here. Go and read and FIX your retarded brain.

            You may be a “short-fused gambler who chases their losses” but NOT me as i work with a number of financial experts who scientifically and systematically analyze bets and get up to 90% of their bets correct. Me and they are NOT “short-fused gambler who chases their losses” as we make tons of money unlike you. I am following the PROVEN, SUCCESSFUL system followed by financial experts who have more than 20+ years of experience. So, stop talking stupid, meaningless things just for talking which ONLY retards do. I did NOT communicate with you. So, just get lost. My time is valuable and I need to take care of sick relatives, aging parents and grandparents with health issues besides my family,, orphanage and charities where I am a board member also.

            Just STOP it (all further communications), Just Saying. I have no time for retards like you.

            So, in future if you want to HELP Just Saying, just post your solid, in-depth, scientific and factual analysis BEFORE the match and BE GONE. That is the ONLY way you can HELP anybody here. Nobody has the time to reason and fix your retarded statements and retarded brain. You can go to a good mental hospital and they will fix your retarded brain hopefully. If you want some donation to fix your retarded brain, post your verifiable address and bank details and I will definitely send you some money for your mental hospital admission. YOU GOT IT, Just Saying!

          • Jaya, I’m really concerned for you: you’ve drunk way too much Kool-Aid and you need treatment for your histrionic personality disorder.

          • With every post you are going off topic all the time and not sticking to the point as you don’t have any point or logic. Jumping to new and irrelevant topics all the time. Besides attacking people who are NOT communicating with you. Only mental lunatics do that.

            All this points to a typical classic sign of a brainless, mentally retarded idiot who needs to be put into a mental asylum quickly and away from all humanity. You are really mentally very sick idiot. Every word of your shows.

            The more you talk the more you are exposing to the world what a mental retard you are. So keep talking shit and expose yourself more.

          • Jaya, you flatter me with your esoteric logic and humble sense of self-worth. This will be my last post on this matter in the hope that you seek the help you sorely admonish. See you in Valhalla. 🙂

  123. I think…

    Kiki Bertens will upset Maria Sharapova today.

    Bertens is not only a clay court expert but prefers the fast kind of clay courts where her deadly topspins work better. Hence, Bertens won the Charleston Open recently and is in terrific form. In the final you saw how Bertens dismantle a power monger like Julia Georges who was terrorizing everybody until that fateful finals in Charleston. The same can happen to Sharapova today…dismantled and left mangled and beaten. The only weapon Sharapova has is her flat powerful hitting and she has not changed her game for the last 20+ years!lol An intelligent clay court player will easily counter the brainless power game of Sharapova and win today.

    “I don’t think Sharapova will be too bothered by the power of Bertens and Sharapova will be able to put Bertens in uncomfortable positions” from analysis here.

    “”I don’t think Sharapova will be too bothered by the power of Bertens”

    Sharapova besides being being bothered by the power of Bertens needs to be worried about the intelligent returning of Bertens which will make Sharapova flatfooted 100’s of times and you can watch with your own eyes today!

    I won’t be surprised if Bertens beats up Sharapova in 2 sets! But I strongly like +1.5 sets Bertens to win today though Bertens can will SU also. Will do 75%+ of my betting in LB as usual.

    I won’t be surprised if Bertens is Bertens wins the Madrid Open Title also as no one left in the field now has the combination of POWER+INTELLIGENCE+MOVEMENT+AGGRESSION of Bertens currently.

    Karolina Pliskova CAN take out a fighting Halep today. Not 100% guaranteed as it depends on Pliskova bringing her A game of the last few matches especially her improved returning skills. If it fails then Halep wins.

    Karolina Pliskova can upset Halep today because:-

    1) recently won the title in Stuttgart Open title

    2) is on 8 match winning streak and her current form is better than that of Halep

    3) Halep has beaten only CANS so far in this tournament…ie., Ekaterina Makarova (not in form and no good on clay), Elise Mertens(is a dead beater as she is tired from playing tooooo….many matches recently) and Kristyna Pliskova( is a poor returner. Poor returners and movers don’t stand a chance against halep)!

    4) Sr. Pliskova has greatly improved her returning and movement skills. If Pliskova leaves behind her greatly improved returning and movement skills at HOME then she has to go home.

    5) the fast clay courts of Stuttgart and Madrid Open favors the big hitters with good returning skills like that of ka. Pliskova. Hence, she has the greater chances of beating Halep today. On a traditional slow clay courts Halep will have the edge.

    Like +1.5 sets Pliskova and Halep to win. Over can hit. 3 sets possible.

    BOL to all

    This post is for further discussions only NOT for silent attacks after the match is done. If you want to attack, attack with your analysis now before the match starts!lol Doing more research before I place my final bets which may be slightly different than the above.

    • You know what, Jaya. I agree with you. Bertens is one of the best clay court players on tour and she seems to be constantly under-rated by bookies. Plenty of value with her.

      • Thanks Just Saying for siding with me on this.

        I am going by what my analysis is leading me to ie., Bertens. Win or lose(lose 10 to 25 % of the times. I win 75% to 90% of the times when I do 100% solid research. But not an expert by any means.) I stand by Bertens here. I will bet 75% of my money in LB as usual.

        BOL Just Saying.

  124. The 6:1 H2H advantgae of Halep can be conveniently ignored as we are taking of Halep taking on a new beast ie., Ka. Pliskova who is not the same player who was beaten 6 times before. This new beast is in terrific form than Halep on a surface which favors the power mongers with good/OK returning and movement like Kavitova. I will handle this match in LB as I said before that Pliskova has to bring that new beast(power and good movement and returning) onto the court today else Halep will send he back home to get that new beast the next time around!lol

  125. Karolina Pliskova wins in 2 smashing sets as expected above!WoW!

    Halep S. (Rou)
    0 4 3

    Pliskova Ka. (Cze)
    2 6 6

  126. +1.5 sets Bertens (real big bet) wins as discussed above.

    “…But I strongly like +1.5 sets Bertens to win today though Bertens can will SU also. Will do 75%+ of my betting in LB as usual.”

    Not worried if Bertens wins the match (as my main bet has won) as she is injured. Her shin is injured which compromised her movement in the 1st set and make many unforced errors. Else Bertens would have won in 2 sets as discussed above (“I won’t be surprised if Bertens beats up Sharapova in 2 sets! “). But with an injury no player can win in 2 sets especially against a powerful and experienced opponent like Sharapova.

    Rooting for Bertens whether she wins the match or not.

    • Yes, Bertens win the match in 3 sets (even though injured) also making the small Bertens ML bet also win!

  127. Do you all think that: –

    (14) Daria Kasatkina will defeat (10) Petra Kvitova in 3 sets?

    I am debating a lot as my analysis is pointing to a Petra Kvitova win because of:-

    1) Greater current form of Kavitova

    2) The Madrid courts favoring good returners with BIG power which Kavitova is having.

    3) Kavitova is the higher ranked player with more experience and skills.

    Just worried how Kavitova will handle the 10’s of balls that Dasha will throw back at her. If I was Kavitova, I will smash those balls quickly for winners into deep corners of the court and not get into lengthy rallies like Mugs was doing.

    Like +1.5 sets Kavitova to win. Kavitova should win ML. If she is on fire(finds he shots cleanly) then i won’t be surprised if Kavitova smashes Dasha in 2 sets also.

    Whom are you betting people?

    • Kavitova wins (in 2 sets not in 3) as expected above!

      Huge bet of +1.5 sets Kavitova and small bet on Kavitova ML wins.

      “Like +1.5 sets Kavitova to win. Kavitova should win ML. If she is on fire(finds he shots cleanly) then i won’t be surprised if Kavitova smashes Dasha in 2 sets also.”…Yes, Kavitova smashed poor Dasha in 2 sets!

      • Jaya, what country are you betting from? I seem to be asleep when you’re awake.

        Glad Bertens ML won – thought she would be able to win.

        • Just Saying,

          I am also really glad that Glad Bertens ML won. made a lot of money in WTA with Bertens, Garcia, Pliskova, and Kavitova.

          I am from USA.

          Are you from Australia? Which city? I am from near St. Louis.

          • I tried to multi Bertens, Garcia, Kvitova and Halep together. Failed on the Halep leg – should have faded on Pliskobot

            Yep, down under, from Melbourne. Most tennis matches on at this time of year occur when I’m asleep so live betting is not an option for me.

          • Jaya I’m glad you found the opportunity to brag about your wins, haven’t heard from you for a while, does this mean you went through a rough patch?

          • No John, in fact I went through a great patch! I was busy the past few days with other things so could not post any analysis.

            Thanks for wishing and hoping that I fail.

            I always pray that every bettor wins *whether they are friends or not friends) whether I know them or not. Even though I had a misunderstanding with Just saying, I wished him BEST OF LUCK. that is how I have been bought up by my teachers, adopted parents etc. They taught me to be a real sportsWOMAN (sportsMAN) as i played multiple sports along with my brother. I have been well taught to wish everyone prosperity and success. And to congratulate ones opponent on their win and never talk ill of them directly or indirectly or do STEALTH ATTACKS ( For example:- “while, does this mean you went through a rough patch?”). This shows CHILDISH IMMATURITY. How young are you John? 20 to 25 years old. One of my college going son is close to your age and has so much culture and maturity as my self and my husband brought him up well with guidance from my spiritual and religious adopted parents.

            Being a WTA professional or expert you are like a teacher and should set an example for all your members IN FAIRNESS and ACCURACY in WTA PREDICTIONS & ANALYSIS besides show the HIGHEST LEVEL of personal professionalism(understanding, helping, respecting all,, congratulating on your members success…as their success is your success indirectly showing that you have taught them well over the years with the art of tennis predictions etc.).

  128. Members what are your bets and analysis for today?

    Was busy since evening. had to drive to pick up my kid from dorm for summer holidays. Got just 30 minutes to do some analysis.

    Expecting Karolina Pliskovato upset Petra Kvitova

    Like the bets +1.5 sets Karolina Pliskovato and over to win

    Petra Kvitova faced and won against weak opposition at Prague and here at Madrid. Is more error prone with erratic returns.

    Kiki Bertens can beat Caroline Garcia.

    Like +1.5 sets Kiki Bertens to win

    Still researching

    • Petra Kvitova can also win a set if she serves well. Pliskova has 80%+ 1st serve percentage which can translate to a win coupled with her improved movement and return game. Like over also to win if Petra Kvitova does not do many errors.

      Kiki Bertens can beat Caroline Garcia if she is not troubled by her ankle and shin issues. Kiki also has some hip issues.

      If injury free then Kiki should win this match. She is the better clay court player and all stats point towards a kiki win.

      BOL to everyone.

    • Been live betting Kavitova since set 1. Kavitova will win. Pliskova looks tired, not aggressive and making lots of mistakes. +1.5 sets Pliskova loses.

      Went big on Kavitova in LB with more than 75% of my funds. Went with Bertens big in live bet also.

      • Wasn’t able to bet live on Bertens (good looking people need sleep too – lol) but I took her at a -6.5 games handicap to win over Caro paying $6 and it won.

        Bertens keeps impressing me with her 2018 performance on clay but Kvitova is also in red hot form. Torn about who will win. Head says Kvitova but heart says Bertens.

          • Cheers.

            It was Berten’s form in Charleston that convinced me she is finally over her injury. She also played pretty well against Serena on hard court which unexpectedly grabbed my attention.

            That said, Petra is playing superbly and when she does lose, it’s not by much.

          • This match is difficult to call as both have great current form. hence either can win. It depends who can impose their game today.

            It will be a match between the experience and lefty power of Kavitova VERSUS the Intelligence (clever returning and serving), all round clay court experience of Bertens and FRESHER LEGS which gives her the 5% edge over Kavitova. Both can win 1 set if both play at their highest level. There is a chance that Kavitova can gas out playing 10 matches back to back WITHOUT any rest. Bertens is a lot fresher and stronger considering that she had nearly a month’s rest to recover after winning the Charleston Clay Open. Thinking of +1.5 sets Bertens and over as of now. Doing more research before finalizing my bets.

            I like both players as both have made good money for me so far. Will root for both but my heart lies with the underdog (Bertens) in any competition or in life-Win or Lose! Kavitova can win if any of Bertens’s ankle, shin or hip injuries reoccur which will slow down her movement. To return Kavitova’s powerful deep placed serves and powerful ground strokes you have to be fit with good court movement.

            Will do more than 75% of my bets in LB as usual.

            BOL to all

          • +1.5 sets Bertens and over WINS!

            “Thinking of +1.5 sets Bertens and over as of now. ”

            +1.5 sets Kavitova also wins!

            “Both can win 1 set if both play at their highest level.”—. Yes, BOTH played at their highest level!

            Now it will be a Dogfight for the 3rd set. Will the big (under) dog (Bertens) win the 3rd set?

          • Well done to Kvitova. Stayed away from betting as I was too emotional over who I wanted to win. Emotions and wagering don’t mix.

  129. Kiki Bertens defeatst Caroline Garcia in 2 easy sets.

    +1.5 sets Kiki Bertens and ML wins.

    Just saying what did you bet today. I know you are down under in Melbourne. Wake up now and make some money!lol

    • Hey Jaya, i did bet on Bertens in the end for her to win with a -6.5 handicap. Risky bet but it paid off. BOL to you.

      • Congrats Just Saying on that daring bet. It could have gone either way.

        What are you betting on today.

        • Thanks, Jaya. I went -6.5 HC on Kontaveit against Wozniacki and it won.

          Jaya, I’ve changed my betting strategy. I’m making good money from other sports so I’m now using some of those winnings and going for risky, large odds on WTA. I’m only betting small stakes but when the ticket wins, it pays very well.

          I realise this is not a smart strategy, and I don’t recommed anyone do it, but I’m betting for fun because I’m making lots of money through my regular job.

          Happy to always discuss and support your tips (when I’m not asleep lol). Hope you and everyone else is winning Jaya. 🙂

          • I wouldn’t call it luxury; I’ve spent a few years struggling to build up a good bankroll. Now that I have, I can afford to be a little more lax in what I stake on. But yeah, the comfort level has certainly increased. 🙂 I am still frugal with most wagers but I also subscribe to your idea that you can win if you look for value.

            It also helps that WTA players frequently throw up random, terrible performances that even the bookies don’t expect to happen (e.g., Halep’s first set bagel last night).

  130. Need to start betting on McHale to lose a set 6-0. Starting to lose count on the number of times she is bageled lol

  131. Once again we’re on opposite sides in a play which I am firmly decided, while fairly unsure elsewhere. What stood out to me as the most comfortable play in terms of value in the first round, is Cornet over Errani. I need to look a bit further to see what might have Cornet the underdog here, and I’m basing my lean on what I observed as terribly below average ability in the most fundamental categories recently, strength being one. I felt like her ball was constantly returned with a bow on it. I could see Cornet beating her one handed. Lol. Doesn’t hurt she’s in front of her home crowd. What am I missing, anyone? Why is Cornet the underdog? I see a blowout for Cornet, done in under an hour.

  132. Anyone think Mertens will take a set off Halep? I have $50 on Mertens to win outright so looking for strategies to fade (other than a ML bet).

    • No one Just Saying as Mertens is a far weaker version of Halep. None of the people I knew bet on Mertens.

      Sorry I didn’t check your message yesterday else would have warned you NOT to bet on Mertens.

      Have a strong feeling that Madison Keys will outhit Putintseva and win. Like the over to win so far. Keys is in good form and her power and experience might make the big difference in her win. Just hope she keeps her errors to a minimum. If Putints can handle Keys power and return a lot of balls at tight lengths preventing Keys from smashing winners (and making her go for risky shots and make her lose her confidence), then Putints can win. This clash of styles and strengths calls for a decider to shake out a winner. Giving Putints a 51% edge. Still like the over to win comfortably.

      Still researching. Not finalized.

      What are you betting on today Just Saying?

      Even though I am not active posting my analysis here(my life has become a lot busier) I am as usual betting soundly and making good money.

      BOL Just Saying

      • Hi Jaya,

        I didn’t actually bet on Mertens (I had a bonus bet on her to win outright from several months ago). Instead, I was looking for the best strategy bet on Halep to maximise a return because, like you said, Mertens wouldn’t win.

        I like Mugs and Halep to win tonight. Interestingly Mugs has never beaten Sharapova but that was from 2013/2014. Think the over will hit for Mugs/Pova

        If Halep loses to Kerber I’d be shocked. But then again, this is WTA

        • Just Saying, both of today’s matches are tossups and that player who can implement their game plan with fewer errors and more desire to win will win! Looks like a tounge twister!lol

          BOL Just Saying.

        • Both Mugs and Halep get it done. Under hit for Sharapova and Mugs.

          Muguruza looking strong to take the title.

          • Yeah, she is a fighter but I’m just really feeling the way Murguruza is playing this tournament. Happy to be wrong as I would like Halep to win this thing. 🙂

          • I would love to see Halep win, who wouldn’t?

            Heart aside, I do think this is a good match-up for Halep on clay. Yes Muguruza is playing great but has she really been challenged?

          • Is it a prerequisite that she needs to be? Perhaps she hasn’t because she has steamrolled every opponent (regardless of their ability).

            Head says Mugs, heart wants Halep – at least one of these will be satisfied tonight. 😉

  133. Hi all,

    Even though I like Mugs very much, my analysis is pointing to a Sharapova win. Virtually every factor or stat. points towards a Sharapova win today.

    This sentence from the analysis here I think is wrong. “Mugurza has a heavier game and has greater stamina. ”

    Mugs has poor stamina. she fades badly in the 3rd set starting in the 2nd set. In most of her loses, Mugs has done badly in the 3rd set.

    S’pova is the far better clay court player-

    1) As can be seen in her 3:0 H2H adv. with 2 wins on clay
    2) Has lot more clay matches under her belt with a 14% GREATER WIN % on clay!!!

    On top of that S’pova is in tremendous form on clay. Just look at her smashing win over Pliskova losing just 3 games. Everyone had Pliskova winning that match in rd3.

    Mugs wins here at Roland garros are nearly useless as she beat 2 OLD BEARS 1) A Russian bear called Svetlana Kuznetsova 2) Am Australian old bear called Sam Stosur and she beat a weak & low ranked player called Fiona Ferro.

    S’pova beat a very tough Donna Vekic besides smashing World No.6 Pliskova in 2 easy sets. Finally beat Richel Hogenkamp in 3 sets who plays tough on clay and has quite some experience on clay. Being 1st rd. nerves were at play here, else 2 sets win would have resulted.

    Mugs beat Donna Vekic in 3 sets @2018 Madris Open whilst S’pova beat Donna Vekic in 2 sets here. So, you know who is the stronger player!

    Sharapova has a better W/L rec. on clay in 2018 of 11/3 vs 8/3 for Mugs. Hence, Sharapova is in better form on clay.

    I can go on and on and all research points to a Sharapova win.

    Mugs looks great against weak players (like the 2 above old bears) but struggles when someone can pressure her with lot of power like Sharapova does, which causes Mugs to panic and hit a lot of a lot of forced errors considering that Mugs is uncontrolled and overly aggressive …trying to hit every ball for a winner like Ostapenko. Sharapova also does the same many times. With both players committing a lot of errors and with both in good form, the over should hit easily.

    Is anyone else betting on Sharapova?

    But as of now like the OVER and +1.5 SETS Sharapova to win. Mugs can also win a set.

    This match will also will be a test of who can grunt louder which Sharapova will win handsdown easily with her ear damaging, blood curling cry with each serve or shot!lol

    I like the over in the Halep vs Kerber match which is also a tossup. If Kerber, the bigger girl with bigger muscles and equally good movement, plays a close to error free game then her more powerful better lefty returning game can overwhelm the smaller player Halep.

    Halep always becomes worried about her No.1 ranking (“Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown”, from Shakespeare’s play Henry IV, Part 2!lol) and becomes nervous in big matches like today’s vs Kerber and can lose. But I always root the underdog or the smaller player(halep) even if I don’t bet on them.

    I won’t be surprised if Sharapova wins in 2 tight sets or in 3 sets.

    Research ongoing. Not finalized the winner yet. Just like the overs so far. As usual will bet 75% in LB.

    What are you betting today, betting friends?

      • Sharapova got creamed because she screamed harder than Mugs and won the screaming or grunting contest!lol

        Lost the over but overcompensated with LB on Mugs as stated above. If Sharapova played with fewer errors then the over should have hit like their H2H matches did.

        Sharapova made too many errors. One cannot win big matches by being so inconsistent and making tons of errors suddenly in 3rd rd where she beat Pliskova with very few errors. Sharapova you need to be consistent.

        Sharapova, Stop screaming or grunting and put all that energy into playing clean safe shots, then you can become top 10 again!lol

  134. Is anyone betting on Danka Kovinic to defeat Magda Linette again today?

    Magda Linette not in form and nearly lost to a lowly ranked Anhelina Kalinina yesterday.

    What are your other bets for BOL?

  135. Is anyone betting on Sloan Stephens to win today’s FO finals?

    All are star struck and fixated on the H2H wins of Halep completely forgetting that is a completely different fighter than the one who lost in the previous matches. This is a new Stephens who has adapted to the clay courts superbly bringing all her strengths from the hard courts.

    Halep has the Grand slam finals playing advantage as against only nervousness and losses in all GS finals for Halep. Besides as not to lose as No.1. Stephens seems to have all the skillset of Halep but having the advantage of a better powerful serve and forehand. Halep’s backhand seems to be slightly better.

    I have observed and told many times that Halep cannot handle big power like that of Ostapenko when she lost in the 2017 FO finals or when she lost to Karolina Pliskova in the Madrid QF’s or to vandeweghe in the Stuttgart QF’s etc. Stephens seems to have a slight power advantage over Halep besides being the stronger and fitter athlete with greater endurance.

    I however see that Halep has improved a lot by being more aggressive and hitting shots with more power (seems to have worked on her strength) going for the lines and opening up the court quickly. Stephens does the same also. Hence, I see a long fight match with the more consistent player with fewer errors to come out the winner. I like the over to hit so far. Like both to win 1 set also. 3rd set is a tossup. Not decided on a winner but giving 51% edge to Stephens due to her GS experience, coolness under pressure and power advantage. Will bet on the winner in each set individually in LB as usual.

    Who you got friends? What is your analysis?

    BOL to all.

    • I know the whole world is betting on Halep or wanting halep to win (inclusive of the bookies but expecting the opposite) but I do my one analysis without getting getting influenced by anyone.

      I like the over to hit so far. Like both to win 1 set also. 3rd set is a tossup. Not decided on a winner but giving 51% edge to Stephens due to her GS experience, coolness under pressure and power advantage. Will bet on the winner in each set individually in LB as usual(with 75%+ money).

      Who you got friends? What is your analysis?

      BOL to all.

    • Halep wins the 2nd set.

      OVER and +1.5 sets Halep wins as predicted above ” I like the over to hit so far. Like both to win 1 set also.”

    • Congrats to simona for winning the 1st Grand Slam of her life. Hope many more follows. She fought hard and richly deserves it!

      All 3 pre-bets won though (besides 10’s of live bets) as detailed above. Great day.

      John congrats on your Halep win prediction. You got many,many correct predictions as of late.

      • well done Jaya. Happy for you.

        I took Halep ML and -3.5 games HC, and Stephens +1.5 – didn’t disappoint!

        So happy for Halep. Hope there’s more of these to come for her.

        • Congrats Just Saying on your Halep win and Stephens +1.5 win. You should have posted your bets here before match for everyone to benefit/profit.

          What is HC in -“3.5 games HC” in your above post???

          • No problem Just Saying.

            We are all here to help one another when we have some good pick/analysis.

            What did you bet today and plan for tomorrow?

            BOL Just Saying

  136. John and others….

    who wins between Zidansek T. (Slo) vs Linette M. (Pol) in the BOL finals???

    Think the over will be a winner.

    Want the underdog Zidansek T. (Slo) to win but the experienced Linette M. (Pol) can’t be discounted as she picked up her form steeply from rd1.

  137. Yesterday (June 19) I went with Kasatkina, Tsurenko and Buzarnescu (added them together in a multi).

    Haven’t had much time to look at what’s on tonight but I like the looks off Kvitova, Rybarikova and Osaka.

    Tossing up whether to go +1.5 sets with Cornet and Jakupovic (probably won’t though).

    BOL to you Jaya.

    • Rybarikova comes up with the win. Always good to fade against Kiki.

      Jakupovic wins the first set and then Osaka retires. Shoulda gone with my gut and taken the +1.5 with her. Glad I avoided Cornet; she usually follows up a good win with a loss.

    • So Kvitova wins in emphatic style. 2 outta 3 win, that’s fine. Take the losses as well as the wins

      Gonna go with Buzarnescu to win a set against Svitolina – odds are at $2 which is pretty good.

        • Buzarnescu for the win. Wish I had also taken the ML.

          She faces Kvitova next. Not sure if she can win a set off her but the odds are much higher, so tempted…

          • Yeah, on second thought, I don’t have much hope for Buzarnescu against Kvitova. Kvitova has been in suburb form this tournament.

            Might avoid this – no value staking with Kvitova here.

  138. John nice analysis of the 2 matches posted.

    Can you quickly post the analysis for the remaining 2 SF matches ie., between

    1) Kiki Bertens vs Julia Goerges
    2) Serena Williams Camila Giorgi

    Why will Camila Giorgi defeat Serena Williams the consensus FAV to win per everyone I have talked to so far?

  139. J Ostapenko can upset A Kerber and

    Julia Goerges can upset Serena Williams today.

    Both have many distinct advantages. No time to list them all.

    Both can win today but have to battle the experience of their older veteran opponents (Kerber & Serena) with their many advantages and keep their error counts low and play with confidence just like Kevin Anderson played and beat Roger Federer yesterday. Both Ostapenko and Goerges have severe power advantage (like Anderson had over Federer.) over their older opponents besides good current form on grass to test them and beat them also.

    Both these young girls besides good form on grass love playing on grass and have adapted their game for grass besides developing an all round POWER game to beat most opponents especially today’s older opponents.

    Serena has not faced and beaten any TOP 40 ranked player here at Wimbly and hence looked so far unlike Goerges who has beaten 2 TOP 40 ranked players in Barbara Strycova ranked#23 and Kiki Bertens ranked#20. 2 players are in the 50’s & 70’s in ranking.

    I won’t be surprised if these 2 young/younger players win in 2 tight sets but I like the over to hit in both the games. 3 sets possible in both the matches.

    My analysis for each match is very lengthy and have no time to type out my 5 pages+ long analysis for each match. Hence posted only a small summary above.

    Betting friends, whom are you betting? What are your analysis?

    BOL to all.

    • Still researching before taking a final decision.

      Will do more than 75% of bets in LB as usual.

      BOL to all.

      • John you are right, Serena and Kerber Finals will be great fun to watch. Both will fight tooth and nail to win.

        I was doing more research(July 12, 2018 at 9:10 am
        Still researching before taking a final decision.)

        to decide this point….% of UNFORCED ERRORS as stated in line 4 of above post….

        “Both can win today but have to battle the experience of their older veteran opponents (Kerber & Serena) with their many advantages and keep their “error counts low” and “…researched with friends and all were not sure whether they(Ostapenko and Julia Goerges) can keep their unforced error count low as in previous rounds….else hey would have won big! Hence went 100% in LB in Ostapenko match and 25% prebet serena and 75% serena in LB.

        John congrats on your confident Kerber and Serena analysis and picks….and congrats to all bettors of Kerber and Serena!

  140. Wimbledon – Final
    Angelique Kerber to defeat Serena Williams?????????????????????????????????
    1.5 units @ $2.75 (Pinnacle)

    Who you betting guys?

    I think Serena has more weapons (crushing backhand, forehand, overhand, net hand/net play etc. etc.) than Kerber to take her down again in the finals today in either 2 tight sets or 3 sets (as Serena is 75% of her peak fitness so far. Will be 100% by US Open time.). Like +1.5 sets Serena (big) to win besides Serena ML. Over is possible.

    Serena is the FAR better grass court player with an 89.38% win rate compared to a measly 70.65% for Kerber. Her winning 14 titles @Wimbeldon (7 singles, 6 doubles and 1 mixed doubles) shows that Serena is so comfortable on grass in Wimbeldon like a fish is in water!lol

    Serena has consistently beaten Kerber is 2 easy sets in all her 6 H2H wins showing the huge difference in skillset, power and experience between Kerber and Serena. Kerber can’t match the 23 Grand Slam experience of Serena and other tournament wins of all kinds of surfaces.

    Serena has the advantage of the wily and intelligent Coach Patrick Moratoglu’s training and game planning (besides the help of other coaches) for beating Serena’s opponents. That is an unfair advantage for Serena.

    Like +1.5 sets Serena (big) to win besides Serena ML. Over is possible.

    Checking some vital stats of both Serena and Kerber before making a final decision.

    Will do more than 75% of my bets in LB as usual. BOL

    • My bad. Didn’t think that Serena is so rusted after her fantastic performance vs Julia Georges yesterday.

      That’s why I do most of my bets in LB. That’s is where I make my profits. I am also rusted after my 2 weeks+ gap break like serena!lol

      John congrats on your Kerber win prediction.

  141. Bucharest SF Match Predictions:
    (1) Anastasija Sevastova to defeat (8) Polona Hercog in 2 sets
    (2) Mihaela Buzarnescu to defeat (4) Mihaela Buzarnescu in 3 sets

    John how can Mihaela Buzarnescu defeat herself? Ha,ha,ha…That is Bizarare(nesque)lol

    (2) Mihaela Buzarnescu to defeat (4) Mihaela Buzarnescu in 3 sets

    It is possible if Buzarnescu can hit a ball and quickly jump over the net and return the ball from the other side of the net. So if Buzarnescu can jump back and forth then she can play tennis with herself and beat herself also!lol

    I know it s a typo!lol

  142. Marketa Vondrousova will defeat Mandy Minella and not the other way around.

    Vondrousova has beaten stronger opponents and is the more higher ranked, skilled athlete with more power to seek and destroy the old woman Minella(older by 13 years)!

    Plan to go big on +1.5 sets Vondrousova. Vondrousova ML should also win. Over possible.

    This is an easy prediction/pick(Vondrousova) to win!

    Let me know friends if you have a different analysis and pick? I might change my decision if I like your solid analysis.

    What you betting on today?

  143. Why will Abanda win, john?

    …because of better form? It is of low level.

    Maria has higher level form, experience and skills…though she makes many errors also but less than Abanda!

    Chicago 125K – QF
    Francoise Abanda to defeat Tatjana Maria
    0.5 units @ $2.85 (Pinnacle)

    In other Chicago matches anything can happen. All flakey players. Over should win in those cases!lol

    • In the remaining 4 matches, Barthel should be a clear winner as she is the far better hard court player with big experience, with bigger wins over top players like her win over the highly ranked/rated and in form opponents like Zarina Diyas and Lin zhu compared to Dayana’s wins over lower ranked or out of form opponents(parmentier=out of form)!

      Similarly based on the hard court experience, Lepchenko should win. Over should also win here as this will be a tight match.

      Vickery should win with home court & crowd support but blinkova is a true fighter and her current match stats are better than that of vickery. This should be a tough fight with over a winner.

      Lets see what the tennis gods have for us as many of the above players are inconsistent!

  144. John, do you really think that Osaka will win today?

    Naomi Osaka to defeat Serena Williams
    1.5 units @ $3.34 (Pinnacle)
    Prediction: Naomi Osaka to defeat Serena Williams in 3 sets

    I am 90% sure that Serena Williams will WIN today’s USO finals.

    Going Serena ML and +1.5 sets Serena.

    Serena was unfit, overweight and badly lacking match practice in March, 2018 (as she had just come out of her self-imposed, child birth leave) and lost 6-3, 6-2 to an young, fit and hungrier Naomi Osaka. Many people are blindly betting Osaka seeing the WRONG last H2H 2 set win of Osaka!

    The Serena of September, 2018 is a completely different animal than the one we saw in March, 2018 (weak, unfit, overweight, slow moving, erroneous etc.) when she lost to Osaka. Serena is a MONSTER now as she has regained 60 to 75% or more of her normal top form! With just 60 to 75% Serena has become a killer now. Just imagine what she will be (esp. on hard & Grass her fav surfaces) in the coming few months when she will try to be close to 100%…you guessed it right…will be a MURDERER!lol

    Serena has many advantages to win today!

    1) She has MORE power and accuracy leading to greater 1st & 2nd serve points won. Has 6 TO 10% advantage currently.

    2) Serena is the better and more accurate returner coupled with her greater power (than Osaka) with a 6% TOTAL POINTS & TOTAL RETURN POINTS WON advantage.

    3) Serves nearly double the aces as Serena is really a very powerful woman!

    4) Now with Serena in revenge mode (to avenge her March, 2018 loss) will be more a powerful, deadly and efficient killer!

    5) Serena hits more than double the winners on both wings. Serena hit 31 winners (vs. A. Sevastova) to a mere 13 by Osaka vs Madison Keys in the SF’s!

    6) Serena will have 100% home crowd support being an American and loved by all Americans! They will virtually will and push her to victory today!

    7) Serena has more GRAND SLAM experience and will be cool, calm and collected today. But Osaka will be super nervous (she is nervous all the time actually) as this will be Osaka’s 1st Grand Slam Finale!

    8) Serena has really beaten the tougher opponents so far. Osaka has beaten players who have NO significant power (Sasnovich, Glushko, Siegemund) or NOT good on hard court (Glushko, Siegemund) or are low level hard court players (Glushko, Siegemund) or TIRED-N-INJURED (Lesia Tsurenko) or have poor returning skills (like Aryna Sabalenka and Madison Keys comparatively to Serena), hence Osaka won her last 6 matches here even though her form has been poor currently. So her 6 wins here look impressive on paper but it is NOT actually!

    Serena’s wins are far better and commanding! Look at the thrashing Serena gave to her elder sister Venus (6-1 6-2) who was in good hard court form and loves to play on hard esp. on US soil! Venus had beaten Serena 6-3, 6-4 recently also in 03/2018 at Indian wells. Look at what happened to Venus in the REVENGE match?

    Look at the thrashing Serena gave to Karolina Pliskova 6-4 6-3 who is a top ten players and a very good hard court player.

    Look at the thrashing Serena gave to Anastasija Sevastova 6-3 6-0 who is HOT literally and also on the hard courts! Sevastova destroyed the defending US Open Champ Sloane Stephens in 2 easy sets!

    I can go on and on…but the above analysis is enough for you to see that Serena will win today. Going Serena ML and +1.5 sets Serena. Serena can win in 2 sets or in 3 sets if Osaka stops her nervousness, reduces her error count and fights intelligently as Serena is a master of game planning her opponents along with her super brilliant Coach Patrick Mouratoglou! Osaka has to really step up her level to be competitive today else she can get smashed by Serena.

    Friends, do your own further research before betting…and let me know her quick if I missed any points or have any different analysis or points.

    BOL to all Serena lovers and bettors!

      • Congrats John on picking Naomi to win so confidently!

        Never thought Serena will play so badly after playing so well upto the finals besides arguing with the umpire in the 1st set and upsetting herself. A cool mind is needed to win Championships or titles!

        My 6th sense was constantly bothering me and asking me the question repeatedly (which I kind of ignored.a bit…my bad) that if Naomi can beat Serena so convincingly @Miami in 2 sets(6-3,6-2) then why can’t she win at least a set now @USO on similar hard surface even though Serena is far more fitter than in March,2018! I bet a little on +1.5 sets Naomi for my 6th sense sake. But very, very disappointed that serena lost…a match which she should have won after having improved so much and putting so much effort into it.

        John will you be posting predictions for the below events?



  145. Mertens played really well in this tournament. With consecutive wins over Kerber and Halep. She is in excellent form. Let’s see how she performs at Indian Wells. Osaka wilber tough to beat.

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