Zarina Diyas vs Monica Niculescu, Taiwan Open R2 Preview

Taiwan Open, Taipei City R2 Preview
?? (6) Zarina Diyas vs ?? Monica Niculescu

An interesting second round clash at the Taiwan Open sees the 6th seeded Zarina Diyas come up against Monica Niculescu. This match-up will feature an interesting contrast in styles. The aggressive baseline game of Diyas up and the slice and finesse of Niculescu. The head-to-head record between the pair heading into this match is split at 1 win apiece.

Zarina Diyas made an impressive start to her Taiwan Open campaign on Monday as she claimed a 6-2 7-5 victory over Ana Blinkova. Diyas was striking the ball with real authority from the baseline and moved exceptionally well. Diyas did well to end the match in straight sets as she was behind for the majority of the second set, overall it was a fairly inspired performance by Diyas.

Monica Niculescu had a comfortable start to her Taiwan Open campaign. The Romanian led Ons Jabeur 6-1 4-0 before Jabeur retired injured. This is Niculescu’s first appearance in Taiwan, she will be keen to notch up a few victories this week as she attempts to boost her lowly ranking.

Diyas and Niculescu have split their 2 previous matches. The most recent match between the pair ended in a 6-2 6-2 win for Diyas in Cincinnati in 2014.

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  1. John, don’t you think-

    Zarina Diyas can be beaten by this new & improved Monica Niculescu. You are comparing to the old niculescu of 2 years.

    Old women Vinci & Niculescu have retooled their skills & fitness….hence they are winning big now!

    Elena Rybakina can surprise an out of form Caroline Garcia on home soil! Or Atleast steal 1 set as Elena is in top form, right?

      • If you just watch Niculescu’s game for even 5 minutes you can see that she has improved her serving and returns a lot from 2014 when Diyas the match in 2 sets.

        Besides Niculesu’s form is far better tahn that of Diyas.

        Diyas injury problems keep appearing at regular intervals constraining her movement & power. But I agree that Diyas is a very solid player when healthy.

        But my bet i did here is +1.5 sets Diyas. She is capable of winning a set.

        You said below “I can’t post my actual bets here.. previously they were not the exact same as my advice but from now on they will be”

        Can you please e-mail it to me (even if it is same) if you cannot post it here? I will keep it confidential if you want. I just want to bet on “your winning bets” only and not lose money on the general betting tips you post which contains many losing picks..

        I am doing this betting thing to pay for the cancer treatment of my sick close relative.

        • Hello Jaya, this sounds like a very bad way to pay for something so important. Gambling on sport can never be a reliable way to make money. Espeically womens tennis. lol Cheers

      • As said earlier, Niculescu is the better player and won. As 1000’s of people are betting based on your predictions, you need to do indepth research & analysis besides watching the games and making notes of their strengths & Analysis as I do.

        Niculescu has improved her court movement and defense also. Hence, Niculescu was the only winner and should have been recommended and not

        Not Diyas in 2. Diyas in 3 was a bit more logical but is still a loser. How many people lost money on this Diyas recommendation?

        • If you watched the match you would know that Diyas could have EASILY won. She was up a break THREE times in the final set. The ONLY reason Diyas lost was because she hit stupid unforced errors. Diyas is the better player and I stand by my original prediction. Diyas should have won and is the better player,

    • And no, I don’t think Garcia will lose. It is illogical. but anything is possible, illogical is normal these days so why not

  2. John,

    When are the separate pages for discussion for 2018 Taiwan Open and St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy going to appear?

    This way we can see and post all discussion in one page instead of going and checking multiple review pages.

    Can you also post your actual bets so that we can follow or take guidance from the same.

    Many of your Predictions and betting tips are losing.

    But we can atleast follow your winning bets,right?

    • I’m going to add a comments field to pages shortly

      I can’t post my actual bets here.. previously they were not the exact same as my advice but from now on they will be

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